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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Kid Cuisine

Kid Cuisine is a company that makes frozen food specially for children. It is the only national brand selling dinners that are made and marketed for latchkey kids. This is a brand of packaged frozen dinners meant for the little ones. The foods are marketed by Conagra Foods, created in 1990. The company can be contacted in the USA (1-877-CONAGRA) and Canada (1-800-461-4556). They claim their meals are loved by kids very much because they are manufactured by people who like making children happy. Kid Cuisine products can be found at local supermarkets at a discount about a third of their regular price, so one can pick a few boxes up. Most people consider such big discounts a bad sign of things, but those who like Kid Cuisine products are happy to have an opportunity to buy them at a lower price. Discounted products are not necessarily low-quality products. Maybe, these meals are often discounted because it would be unwise to keep them on the shelves for too long. Hunger is a good reason to purchase frozen dinners. All you will need to do is to put your meal into the microwave oven.

If you are a busy mother who has no time on cooking, Kid Cuisine foods can be a great idea how to feed a hungry child. Kids like processed chicken nuggets in the form of insects. They are like fresh and flavorful. There is nothing bad about this meal as it mainly consists of white chicken breast nuggets. Children do not seem to mind the fact that they are shaped like a butterflies, caterpillars and some other insects. Several years ago, it was decided that macaroni and cheese had to be 95% water and 5% soggy meal-worms. The company tries to do their best to stick to the standards and promises to be accurate within the next ten years. Kid Cuisine meals are quire diverse in character and always come with some sort of sauce or decoration. The manufacturers seem to have positive intentions, which can be understood from the presence of mazes and other games on the boxes for kids to play. It is a wise idea to read the actual customers' testimonials in order to understand whether these people are pleased with Kid Cuisine meals.

Customer Reviews - Does Kid Cuisine Really Work?

During our research we have encountered a great many testimonials from actual buyers of Kid Cuisine meals. They appear to be satisfied with the quality of food, its price and customer service. All American Fried Chicken comes with corn and chocolate pudding with a stars sprinkle packet. The meal is rich in seven vitamins and minerals, as well as protein. The meal has been inspected for wholesomeness by U.S. department of agriculture. It contains 530 calories, 800 mg sodium (33% DV), 5 g sat. fat (25% DV) and 21 g sugars.

One of the most beloved meal is Kid Cuisine Friends Forever Macaroni and Cheese Frozen Meal With Corn and Pudding (10.6 oz.). It contains real cheese and macaroni in the shape of SpongeBob and SquarePants. This easy meal for children also includes some corn as well as strawberry pudding with graham sprinkles. It does not require to be cooked. You should just heat this meal in the oven or the microwave within a few minutes. From the first spoon of macaroni with cheese, children enjoy the tasty goodness of a creamy combination. Each child likes savory corn. A chocolate brownie finishes this classic meal be it lunch or dinner. According to the customer reviews, Kid Cuisine Mac and Cheese Meal is loved by majority of kids. There is hardly a child who does not like macaroni. For parents it is important to know that this meal contains a lot of protein and calcium. There is real cheddar cheese that promotes the health of kids' bones. This meal is ideal for an after-school snack, as you kid can microwave it easily in the microwave oven. Kid Cuisine Mac and Cheese is made with wholesome ingredients, without any artificial preservatives. It is a good option for children who like chicken nuggets, hamburgers, and pizza. There is a safety warning saying the meal contains eggs, wheat, milk, and soy.

One woman reports that he 5-year old son loves Kid Cuisine's All American Food. She remembers that she also ate it when she was a child. She liked it the way her some loves it now. Most of all, though, the boy enjoys the chocolate pudding. The woman often buy Kid Cuisine's cheese pizza for him. Another young man says in his testimonial that he has eaten those meals before. When he was a little boy he liked the bright colors of the packaging. Kid Cuisine Friends Forever Macaroni and Cheese Frozen Meal With Corn and Pudding is his favorite meal. The young man highly recommends it to every child.

Another popular Kid Cuisine meal is Bug Safari Nuggets that has a high customer rating. According to the customer reviews, kids seem to like it a lot. Adults who have tried it say that it is quite tasty, not dry and reasonable priced. It comes with a ketchup packet as a cool addition to children. Kid Cuisine Bug Safari Nuggets are appreciated by the majority of kids. And many parents admit they like to buy this kind of food for their children because it is fast and easy to prepare when they have not time. One woman reports that she is not a big fan of these nuggets but her children love them. The customer buys these every couple of months for them. I think it is a good idea. In general she considers Kid Cuisine to be relatively healthy. At the same time, it is very cheap and nutritious. Let us take a look at some actual customers' testimonials dedicated to Kid Cuisine.

"I am absolutely satisfied with the Kid Cuisine products. I bought several meals for my kid and she eats all of these with great pleasure. She loves them really. The food from this brand seems to be better than fast food and at the same time it is quick and easy to cook. You can fix lunch or dinner when you don't have time, energy of the necessary ingredients for cooking a meal. I would remove some fat from these meals, though. My daughter has never had any stomach problems after eating these foods. That's fantastic!"

"What I have noticed is that some Kid Cuisine meals don't look exactly as depicted on the site. It concerns the characters (Frozen instead of Kung Fu Panda). Our meal came with vanilla pudding instead of fruit snacks. Vanilla pudding was very hot after cooking, but my child ate it. In general, my son enjoyed the meal, so I would still recommend Kid Cuisine."

"When I was a child I used to eat Kid Cuisine Bug Safari Nuggets and I loved them. Today I buy these and many other foods from the brand for my own child. It seems my daughter likes the fact that the nuggets are shaped like insects. She is just crazy about a brownie. All I want to say is that there is no need to be afraid of frozen food. It is like a magic stick for me when I have no time for cooking."

My Final Summary

Food is very important for children and their parents. It is the time they can share to share their smiles, emotions, stories, wishes and possibilities for tomorrow. Kid Cuisine can help you to enjoy more time with your kids. Instead of cooking meals and snacks you can simply serve them. Most foods from the brand are made from whole grains, wholesome ingredients, protein, calcium and other vital minerals. Children love these meals for many reasons which are not limited with taste only. Kids prefer to combine the process of eating with playing, so they may have fun with the games that come on the back package of the meal. Your child will get the most out of every day. Kid Cuisine food is high-quality and much fun to eat. Children will enjoy dishes while their parents serve balanced nutrition. These foods are a great source of Calcium and protein, as well as vitamins, fiber, minerals, and other important nutrients. Kid Cuisine helps you to simplify mealtime with a wide choice of entrees that are fast and convenient to prepare. The company does everything to meet kids' needs and desires in food, but at they same time many meals are full of vegetables. If you are looking for easy meals for your kid, you will certainly benefit from Kid Cuisine.

Kid Cuisine Pricing and Rates

At present, the company's official site sells the following foods: Bikini Bottom Chicken Breast Nuggets, Cheese Pizza, Oh Buoy! Chicken Breast Nuggets, Bubble Popcorn Chicken, Friends Forever Mac and Cheese, Mini Corn Dogs, Reduced Fat Pepperoni Pizza, Spaghetti with Mini Meatballs. The price of Kid Cuisine Bug Safari Nuggets on Amazon is only $1.67 for two meals. It can be purchased at Stater Bros. Walmart offers Kid Cuisine Bikini Bottom Chicken Breast Nuggets Meal With Macaroni and Cheese Corn and Pudding (8.8 oz) at the price of $1.84.