Kids Live Safe Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Kids Live Safe

Kids Live Safe is a company whose mission is to keep your child safe from possible sexual predators. They do this by providing you with a list of sexual offenders living in the closest radius of your address, as well as the ability to get Emergency Profiles for your kids, sending you email alerts, and more. The company is based out of Santa Barbara, CA and holds an A-rating with the Better Business Bureau. There are only 21 closed complaints over the past several years. Kids Live Safe has been in business since 2009, thus has a number of online reviews from real user. The testimonials appear to have a mixed character and contain a few complaints the most common of which reference the confusion with the 7-day trial. Nevertheless, the majority of reviews appear to be positive. The customers are satisfied with the service; find the official website easy to use and the customer service very responsive and professional

Kids Live Safe offers parents child protection tools that are web-based and promise to provide comprehensive solution of the issue. Thus, the company offers four major services. First, it provides the ability to find sex offenders by name and by map view. Second, they send you email alerts with the physical descriptions, pictures, names, and addresses of sex offenders who moves within five miles of your home. Third, you get a chance to create an Emergency Profile for your kids in case if any of them ever gets lost or abducted. This profile can be emailed to authorities instantly. Fourth, you are provided with the software that is able to filter wrong online content, monitor gaming and internet usage, and even real-time reports. All alerts are pulled from state, federal and local databases, and include sex offender names, photos, addresses, offenses, descriptions, and more.

Customer Reviews - Does Kids Live Safe Really Work?

There is a great number of customer reviews about Kids Live Safe online. The company appears to have a very positive overall online reputation among users. People are pleased with the general idea of the service and feel grateful to the company's founders for their desire to protect tier children. They are satisfied with the customer service of the company, saying that the personnel are very professional, responsible and attentive. So if you face any problems or issues, just call them and your difficulties will be immediately resolved. According to numerous customer reviews, the company offers great safety to their children. One client says that it is especially important when Halloween is right around the corner. They provide a good insight to the world around their children. One user says that his nine-year old grandson likes to ride his bicycle a lot, including into the forest. The man has always been worried about his grandson, which is why he decided to order Kids Live Safe. That way, he is no more that worried about the boy as earlier.

Their official website will be especially useful for parents who have been sexually abused in their childhood. According to statistics, 1,5% of population in some are sexual offenders and most are over 50 years of age. Another advantage about the service is that it can be used via app that helps users to keep their children safe and all the offenders away from their kids. By the way, the app can be used from a smart phone or a tablet. However, one customer complained that the app could not accept his password and he had to reset it three times before he succeeded. In any case, if you experience any similar issues, just call the customer service to have your situation resolved. One woman even writes that she was planning to cancel her enrollment and the company's representative that she spoke to was so kind and polite that she changed her mind. She was offered a reasonable option. The customer was highly pleased with the service and recommends Kids Live Safe to everyone who is worried about their children. The woman was satisfied with the representative's efforts to help her and kind service. There are many other people who highly appreciate the help and service of the company. All of these people are satisfied with the professional staff and the ease of app. They even agree to lower the price if the customers ask them about it. However, cheaper service does not mean less effective. Do the customers really love it? To understand this, let's read some of the actual customer reviews left online.

"I had great experience with Kids Live Safe. It was my friend who recommended this company to me. I used it to search different neighborhoods of mine to ensure that none of them can potentially harm my children. My housing search showed that one of my neighbors was a sexual offender, so I called the police immediately. The information on the website was easy to understand and showed up quite quickly. I would definitely continue using this service and recommend it to my friends with children."

"KidsLive Safe is not just a theoretic company, the service really works! I have reviewed several diverse web-based child protection tools available on the Internet and I found this one to be the most effective for a reasonable price. I have two children who like to spend a lot of time online and outdoors, so with this website I feel much safer. I do recommend this platform to all of my friends."

"I signed up for Kids LiveSafe a month ago just to show my son that there is a type of people who exist in this world and can be dangerous for him. He is fourteen and he loves the fact he knows those people's faces and their addresses. So he now has a good idea of what people to avoid. I am satisfied with the results of using this website and I am grateful to the founders of the company. The website is very easy to navigate and use."

My Final Summary

Kids Live Safe is a wonderful way to help you to keep your children protected from sexual abusers. These people need to be known, so we can feel safer and peaceful about our kids. The company offers a number of advantages. It provides the ability to find sex offenders in any area you may live in using state, federal and local databases. The website provides pictures, addresses, names, distances from you, as well as crimes of sexual offenders. You will be able to get email alerts if a sexual offender moves within five miles of your house. You can create an Emergency Profile for your child and implement filtering software on your kid's computer. The company is associated with mostly positive customer reviews online. The only disadvantage about Kids Live Safe is that they offer no refunds. The most common complaints reference the confusion with the 7-day trial. Taking into account all pros and cons of Kids Live Safe, I would certainly recommend them!

Kids Live Safe Pricing and Rates

A 7-day trial membership to the official Kids Live Safe website costs only $1. If you don't cancel your membership before the trial expires, you will be billed $29.97 each month on a constant basis. According to the terms of the company, your membership can be canceled any time. To do this you will just need to call the customer service at 800-301-5905. It should be remembered that no refunds are provided.