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Kin Insurance

Kin Insurance is a special company that offers homeowners cheap insurance policies and discounts due to its partnerships. It may not be a good choice for people who wish to bundle insurance policies, but it is great for the majority of homeowners, especially those who appreciate convenience. This is the reason why Kin Insurance reduces common pain points for its clients, like excessive questioning during the quoting process and long phone wait times. In addition to convenience, the company also offers some of the best homeowners insurance quotes to policyholders. This startup home insurance agency was founded by Sean Harper. According to the creator of the company, all you will need to do to get a quote is to leave your address in the quoting system, while other insurance companies will ask you to answer numerous unnecessary questions before giving you a quote. Kin Insurance provides comprehensive explanations for all coverages, saving your time on addressing the agent with questions you may have.

If you need personalized help from an agent, the company offers it online. You are not expected to face long wait times before talking to an agent. This problem is effectively alleviated with a digital chat function. However, the drawback of Kin Insurance is its limited availability. This is a quite new company, so it only offers homeowners insurance in some states only including Florida, Texas, and Illinois. However, it offers affordable rates, so there is no need for multi-policy discounts. Unless you need in-person assistance from your insurance company of you want to bundle insurance policies, Kin Insurance is a perfect home insurance company. It offers fast home insurance quotes at lower rates. It is vital to discuss the service in more detail and to take a look at the actual customer reviews available online.

Customer Reviews - Does Kin Insurance Really Work?

Kin Insurance is a rather new entrant into the field of home insurance, so it offers standard coverage options but what makes this company unique is that its policies come with replacement cost coverage unlike actual cash value. So, if you need to file a claim, you will be reimbursed for the cost of your loss without deduction for depreciation, so you can potentially save thousands of dollars. Kin Insurance does not feature a long list of endorsements, but it does not miss anything vital. If you are looking for a very specific coverage, you should pay attention to a Progressive home insurance policy. Let us take a look at the most notable endorsements and coverages. Identity Fraud Expense is an optional coverage that can be used by those who are afraid of becoming a victim of identity theft. What will be covered involves expenses linked to your identity being compromised, such as credit report costs, attorney expenses, and notary fees. This coverage connects you to an identity fraud specialist who will help you to restore your identity. Another option is called Scheduled Property that, unlike a standard homeowners, insurance policy provides coverage for such expensive items, as antiques and jewelry. These items are covered only up to a definite limit. This optional coverage lets you increase the limit on definite items. You are advised to add this coverage to your homeowners insurance policy if you have personal items that cost over $1,500.

Kin Insurance offers some standard coverage options. Your Home is a part of your Kin Insurance policy that pays for rebuilding or repairing your home's physical structure. Other Structures is a home insurance policy that covers detached structures, such as a fence or a garage. Your Personal Items is a policy that covers destruction, damage, or the theft of your possessions. Loss of Use reimburses you for high expenses linked to living far away after a covered loss. Medical Payments is a policy that covers medical bills in case if you suffer an injury on your property. Personal Liability is a coverage that protects you from claims made against you for property damage.

There are many customer reviews about Kin Insurance online. Most of them are positive. The most common compliments refer to great rates and professional personable agents who can be reached via online chat, by email, or phone. This company is an insurance agency in fact. It partners with Velocity Risk Underwriters who gave them an A rating for the benefits they offer to their customers. It is the highest rating which means that the company is able to meet its financial obligations. A lot of customers praise separate agents from the company. For example, one guy reports that he loved working with a man named Alex B! He is not only a professional in the field but also an awesome person. Another man worked with Ian Akers who did what he promised he would do. It was a perfect kind of service, and the guy hopes to work with Ian in the future once again. Becca is another efficient and helpful representative of the company, just like Jacob who is always ready to give you all the answers. Most clients are pleased with the pricing, response time, and ease of Kin Insurance. Let us take a look at the actual testimonials from real customers of the service.

"I have insured eleven homes since 1959 with different companies all over the country. I have never had any excessive storm damage but a few minor claims. I secured a binder on my twelfth home with Kin Insurance. I was amazed with my knowledgeable and responsive insurance agent named Joshua Poulter. He provided me with an in-depth review of my desired coverages and consulted me in all of my questions. I feel extremely valued."

"I like Kin Insurance. The rep I worked with was very knowledgeable about the products they offer including optional insurances. I checked with People's Trust to compare it with Kin. I found out that the latter offers more insurance options. I needed to consider my budget too and the rep was very helped in that matter. I did not know that there is insurance that can cover items in my shed. Thank you for great service!"

"Kin Insurance is a wonderful company that made the whole process easy and fast. They offer the lowest prices in the market, so that I managed to save money. Their staff are knowledgeable too. They have a lot of experience in the industry. I worked with Josh Poulter who suggested me good coverage at a reasonable price. I do recommend this company."

My Final Summary

Based on what we have learnt about Kin Insurance, it appears to be suitable for people who wish to get homeowners insurance quotes easily and quickly. The company provides inexpensive basic homeowners insurance coverage. However, it is not the best variant for those who want to combine many insurance policies, as well as homeowners who want to talk to an agent in person. We have encountered numerous customer reviews who praise the company's agents saying that they are helpful. These professionals will sell you the policy that meets your needs at a price that is 15% lower than that of other quotes. The agents are responsive and will happily answer your questions. Most customers are pleased with the excellent service. If you need homeowners insurance, I truly recommend Kin Insurance company.

Kin Insurance Pricing and Rates

The company offers some of the cheapest home insurance quotes available over there. Signing up for a policy on the official site, the company's quoting system will look for available discounts for you. Kin Insurance policyholders can get a water leak detection system called FLO for free, and if they install it, they will also receive a $50 annual discount on their homeowners insurance policies. You can get a home security system monitoring your home for fire and carbon monoxide (LiveWatch) for free. Its installation will make you eligible for savings of about $100 per year on home insurance policies. MyStrongHome provides policyholders with financing for better opening protection and a new roof. It also provides financing for home improvements that can lead to cheaper home insurance quotes.