Kinsa Thermometer Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Kinsa Thermometer

Kinsa Thermometer is a simple, safe and smart thermometer for all ages that can be used orally, rectally and underarm. It uses the latest technology to take accurate readings in just a few seconds. It is professional, durable, easy and comfortable to use. It does not require any batteries, so it will never die. The thermometer works with free application available on iOS and Android. The tool helps to keep each family member's health under control. Besides, it comes with personalized guidance on reducing negative health symptoms, taking medications and more. This thermometer is recommended by pediatrician, which backs up its accuracy and reliability. It functions as effectively as other leading digital thermometers, but has additional functions.

Kinsa Thermometer is the latest thermometer on the market, and can be a much-appreciated gift for adults. This thermometer takes accurate underarm, rectal and oral temperature readings. Compatibility with all iPhones 4 and up (including iPhone 7) as well as all major Android devices makes it suitable for the wide variety of users. Kinsa plugs into your Android or iOS phone, giving a reading on the free app. As you see the reading in a few seconds you are provided with information on what to do next. This personalized guidance will help you to soothe symptoms until you can see a doctor. Is it really an efficient thermometer? Can it be safely used by children? To answer these and more questions let us take a look at the real users' reviews available online.

Customer Reviews - Does Kinsa Thermometer Really Work?

There is a great number of testimonials from the owners of Kinsa Thermometer. Fortunately, almost all of them carry appositive character. The users are happy with the quality, functioning and effectiveness of the device. They also highly appreciate additional features of the product. One woman tells in her testimonial that when they had their daughter they asked doctors and nurses what the best thermometer was to get. They were surprised with the fact that no one could clearly give them an answer. It was their friend who recommended them the Kinsa Smart Thermometer. They were happy to get it. This tool is awesome, according to the woman's words. It allows you to take temperatures in three different ways; oral, underarm, or anal. What is important, it saves all the information on the phone, so if you go to the doctors or hospital you will be able to provide all your temperatures with symptoms and times. The device enables you to make profiles for your family members. It is easy to use. All you will need to do is download the app and plug the thermometer into your phone's headphone jack. You can play a bubble popping game while waiting for the temperature readings appear on the screen. Usually, the whole process takes less than a minute. The game is a good distraction for active toddlers. The profile features Sesame Street characters that will be highly appreciated by children. Most users do recommend Kinsa Thermometer.

Another advantage about this thermometer is its reasonable price. Anyone can afford this device. You won't need to spend $50 or $100 on the device. Few digital thermometers available on the market really work. One man reports that they have had five digital thermometers in their family but none of them worked well. The man is in a constant state of hypothermia. 94 to 95 F is a usual temperature of his body. He has had problems with digital thermometers all the time. The batteries were always dead when he needed to use a thermometer. One time, a new digital thermometer said that their son had a temperature of 102 F. The man took him right away to the doctor because he seemed to be ill and was shocked to learn that he had 104.5 F. That was what the traditional oral thermometer showed, but it took too long to get a reading. That case made the man start looking for a worthy thermometer. The Kinsa Smart thermometer appeared to be a great option. It never lies and is reasonably priced. The user downloaded the app and set up Kinsa on his iPhone 6s easily. Kinsa is fully compatible and gives an accurate reading quickly. It is easy to see on the phone display. The day he set it up, the man took his temperature and got a reading in just ten seconds of 98.2 F. He then went to his doctor, and the doctor's office got an identical reading of 98.0 F. Kinsa is easy to use, and requires no batteries. Its price is under $20. The man suggests everyone getting it. He is satisfied with the product.

Another customer supports the opinion that Kinsa Thermometer is a great purchase! He bought it as a baby shower gift and the baby's parents said that it often comes in handy. It is also easy to use with a baby! It is necessary just to download the app, plug in the thermometer and it will send the reading directly to your phone. It does not only tell what type of fever an individual has but also gives some tips how to reduce the symptoms. It is a huge relief for any mother. The man and the baby's parents do recommend this thermometer for any family. It is priced reasonably and provides accurate, fast, and easy to see reading. One customer was surprised that when he bought an iPhone 8 (iOS 11.2.2) Kinsa turned out to work perfectly with it. She was ill for the whole week and used this thermometer every day to track symptoms and confirm her fever. It was a good reference when the woman finally was able to get out of her bed to see a doctor. She showed all the Kinsa temperature readings at the doctor's office and was able to receive adequate treatment. She definitely recommends the Kinsa thermometer to everyone. Let us take a look at the actual customer reviews available online.

"I have had my Kinsa Thermometer for over two years already. I use it almost every day to keep a track of my temperatures for my cardiologists and for my primary care. It is easy to do because I don't have to write anything down. All I have to do is plug it in, check my temperature, and clean the thermometer. I would like, though, to replace it with the wireless Kinsa thermometer because my iPhones doesn't have an audio jack. I have had to use an adapter."

"Kinsa Thermometer is so easy to use! I simply downloaded the app from the Google Play store and connected the Kinsa thermometer to the black calibration device. Then I connected that to the headphone jack on my Smartphone. I followed the directions on the screen and thatís all. The tool is easy to use. I don't have to worry whether it works correctly. I am pleased with my purchase."

"I don't think that Kinsa Thermometer was meant to be used with kids only. Personally I use it for myself and my family members. It is very convenient to use and shows the body temperature extremely fast. It helps me to track the state of health of my children. So this is a perfect device. I do recommend it to everyone."

My Final Summary

Kinsa Thermometer is a smart phone thermometer that will make you feel secure when taking your own temperature or the temperature of your close people. Unlike old thermometers, this one can be trust based on what we have learnt about it. It appears to work as advertised by the manufacturer and to meet the expectations of most users. It provides the desired accuracy and usefulness. It allows you to keep track of the whole family. It works well with compatible smartphones. The company behind the product offers amazing customer service. The thermometer is easy to set up and use. You will just need to download the Kinsa app from the Google Play store, connect your thermometer to the included black calibration device and connect it to the headphone jack of your Smartphones. Run the calibration as described on screen. Finally, put the calibration tool back into the container for the thermometer. Since most users are pleasantly satisfied with Kinsa Thermometer, I do recommend this product to buying.

Kinsa Thermometer Pricing and Rates

The device can be bought from the official website of the manufacturer or from some retail stores online. Amazon offers Kinsa Smart Stick Digital Thermometer at the price of $16.98. This is probably the cheapest option available online.