Kumon Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


Kumon is the largest after school reading and math program that has been in business for more than 50 years and has locations in 48 countries of the world. Each location has a professional team of instructors who will gladly help to speed up your child's learning through their individualized and well-planned instruction. The professors are able to find an individual approach to each student for them to progress at their own pace, despite their academic level. The school offers structured self-learning reading and math programs for individuals starting from age three through high school. Kumon claims to provide your child with long-lasting advantages, including a spark for critical thinking, a pattern of academic success, and boosting their self-confidence. Actually, a lot of students study at this school above their grade level, which can help them to find a worthy place in today's competitive world. At the core of Kumon's methodology there are worksheets, which are able to effectively involve your child into the process, and to keep them relevant in the world.

According to the company's official website, their math program was developed on the basis of mathematical skills necessary to study calculus. Their reading program aims to reinforce induction, interpretation, reasoning, and persuasion skills. Your child will be responsible for doing seven assignments during one week (one per day). Each assignment takes about 30 minutes. Five of them will be completed at home with your guidance and the other two will be completed at your local Kumon center. There is no need to worry about tutoring your child at home, as their worksheets provide concepts in a comprehensive way. Thus, your child will be well aware of the fundamentals before taking the next step. The school's materials are built to improve the student's knowledge received in school, not to replace it. The first Kumon Center was opened in 1956 in Osaka and it became internationally known by 1958. This school has already helped millions of students all over the world. Is it the right choice for your child? Let's find out.

Customer Reviews - Does Kumon Really Work?

If you look online for this school's reviews, you will find opposite opinions. While some reviewers love and just adore Kumon, others are not pleased with it for some reasons. For instance, many of the parents who were interviewed seemed satisfied with their child's progress at school. The majority of the professionals approved real usefulness of the programs in the modern world. This kind of tutoring appears to be very beneficial for young children who learn a lot about math. Many franchisees think that the company offers a reasonable approach on all arithmetic levels. What most customers like about Kumon is that there is enough correspondence between school grades and Kumon levels. The studying process is usually fun and interesting; however, your child may need to work hard to master math. Your child will be able to experience fast progress in their knowledge to meet your expectations.

Teachers at the school are qualified to teach math up to the highest standards. A lot of memorization is involved to make your child remember the material better. The methods applied at Kumon are effective and unique. From the company perspective, the school is based out of Teaneck, NJ, and has an A- Better Business Bureau rating. There are only three closed complaints; however, the company tried to respond them. By the way, none of those complains referenced the company specifically. Kumon's reading program is made to help students improve their reading abilities in a comprehensive way. Every student has to work through a number of assignments. For instance, they learn to make sounds first. Then, they learn to form words with these sounds. After that, they connect words into rhyming phrases about familiar objects. Next, they form sentences. Your child will learn how to form paragraphs and to understand the main ideas of statements, by creating compound and complex sentences. It is very important to develop a relationship between sentences in a paragraph, and then between paragraphs. Kumon's reading program then moves into the summary, where you child will improve their ability of logical thinking and reasoning, as well as develop their analysis skills. It is a wise idea to take a look at the real users' reviews left online.

"Kumon offers excellent programs that guarantee success. This is what I saw with my child. I was very impressed that the program helped my child to advance in studies in the pleasant educational environment. I am pleased with the diversity and challenge set before my child. All this encourages my child to work hard while studying. I am very pleased with this school and I would recommend it to others."

"My daughter Angelina is in fifth grade, and she attends Kumon center for reading and math. Within the last year she has got an A in math and she is really proud of herself. I am amazed with her progress and I do recommend this awesome center to all children. I am pleased with the entire staff at school. They have described the structure of doing work in detail to me. What is even more important is that the school has provided my child with confidence and showed her concealed abilities of hers."

"I worked at kumon for four years and I saw the process of teaching from inside. The teachers are highly skilled to teach reading and math in an interesting way. The school is designed not only for the rich and famous but also for ordinary people. You may ask for financial support. Children need to work hard in order to get the desired knowledge. The school appears to be worth the money it costs. I love it."

My Final Summary

Kumon is not a scam for a few reasons. The company has been in business for more than fifty years and has a number of centers that operate independently under the supervision of hardworking franchisees. You can see a great number of supportive customer reviews online. Just like with other legitimate business, opinions may differ, but the number of unsatisfied users is very low. Based on the professional feedback, it appears that this school focuses on reading and math. Students tend to learn the material very thoroughly before moving on. Besides, they are often expected to complete quite difficult tests in order to get to the higher levels. According to the customer feedback, the company's approach was so successful that more and more people Kumon. With this in mind, I do recommend this school.

Kumon Pricing and Rates

Most educational centers are franchises, which means that they have different owners and operate independently. So, prices may vary significantly. You are expected to pay $95 - $125 per month, per subject. In addition you will be charged a $30 - $50 one-time registration fee. As soon as your child is enrolled into school, they will take a no-cost assessment that is vital for determining their proper starting point. You will have to visits your neighborhood Kumon center twice a week for your child to complete their assignments. You can contact their customer support to get more information on the topic, for example, that your child will be required to spend about 30 minutes in class. This time can vary depending on your their progress. The more problems and questions your child will have, the more time will be required.