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Do you like to enjoy a glass of wine from time to time, but you don't know what to do with the rest of the bottle? There is a solution to this problem. The Kuvee Smart Bottle claims to slow the process of win's losing its initial taste. This gives an opportunity to leave the rest of the bottle for the next meal. This has become possible due to the smart dispensing system with the use of valves that serve to block air from getting into the bottle as you pour wine. As oxygen cannot affect wine, its taste stays as great as the first. You can store an opened bottle of Kuvee Wine up to a month compared to the standard three days. So, you can enjoy your favorite wine even after you come from a business trip.

Kuvee is a two-part system that includes the Kuvee Smart Bottle and Kuvee Wine. The first acts as a dispenser and has a shape of a wine-bottle shaped sleeve. The problem is that it cannot be used with any wine sold at the store. It can be wine from well-known California wineries bottled in special 750ml bottles. These have a plastic bag insert to hold the wine, as well as a rubber and plastic top valve to prevent oxygen from entering the bottle. The wineries that are partnered with Kuvee include Seghesio Family Vineyards, Round Pond Estate, Bonny Doon Vineyard, B.R. Cohn, Girard, Atlas Wine Co., Pine Ridge Vineyards, and Schug.

Customer Reviews - Does Kuvee Really Work?

There are not so many user reviews on the Kuvee Smart Bottle as it is a relatively new product. Customers like that it has a great number of wine partners which were mentioned higher. The Kuvee company is actively growing their list of partners at present. Besides, there are currently 48 varietals from each winery. The California-based company started functioning in October of 2016, but the sales were limited to California and Massachusetts at first. The matter is that the Kuvee team wanted to start slowly in order to ensure a perfect customer experience. Nowadays, residents of other states can also attend their wine markets all over the country.

The Kuvee Smart Bottle is a great product for a daily wine drinker. However, the chance that your bottle of this tasty wine won't stand for three days is rather high. The Kuvee Smart Bottle does not only extend the shelf life of one wine selection. Due to the unique canisters containing wine, you can consume one selection and pop another into the dispenser. This can be done at any moment allowing each person at the table to drink what they wish. As a host you won't have to worry that anything will be left. Making each bottle last longer isn't the only advantage in Kuve Smart Bottle. This wine dispenser is equipped with Wi-Fi and a color touch-screen that will give you information about your selection, including how many servings remain, what wine is in the bottle, the wine's story and origin, preferable food pairings. You can order more wine and rate it directly on the bottle.

The users like that with the Kuvee Smart Wine Bottle you can enjoy your wine in an exciting way. You can start by choosing a bottle from a long wine list, click the chosen drink into the bottle and then pour. If you want to switch wines, eject the wine from the Kuvee bottle and choose another one. Finally, you can savor your wine without having to use one bottle first to avoid spoiling the taste. It is perfect for cocktail parties as you can serve many different bottles with no risk of wasting any. One of the greatest advantages appreciated by the users is the possibility to shop and order new wines directly from the Kuvee bottle's interface. The concept is really clever as your wine does oxidize more slowly. CNET has given Kuvee a 6.1 rating. You can get one dispenser and four wine refills for just $199 on this website. Most users' testimonials have positive character but it would be wise to take a look at the actual reviews left online. Here are some of them.

"I like my new purchase very much! The KuveeSmart Bottle performs as claimed on the official website. It is very easy to use this bottle. You will just need to insert your chosen canister and pour. To switch wines, you can eject the canister with one touch of a button. You will need to charge the bottle for use; a full battery lasts for six hours. The electronic bottle will go to sleep when not used. It is recommended to leave your bottle on the charging dock after use. It will always be ready to use again."

"Kuvee Smart Bottle is a highly beneficial thing in my house as I like to meet guests often. One of the greatest features of this bottle is that it can be connected to Wi-Fi in my home and offer a number of opportunities like ordering wine online. I like that there is no need to place your bottle in the fridge. It should be treated like a smartphone, with no need to be washed or cooled."

"I am very pleased with my wife's gift and she likes that it is really easy to clean. All you will have to do is to wipe your Kuvee SmartBottle down with a dry cloth. If you need to clean the spout, just remove it with a counterclockwise quarter turn. The spout can be washed and rinsed with warm water and dish soap. When it is dry, reinsert the spout and turn it back into the bottle with a one-quarter clockwise movement. That's all."

My Final Summary

Even though the Kuvee Smart Bottle has just entered the market, there are not many user reviews available. However, the device has been tested by CNET's David Priest for several days. It was found out that it was really effective. The man states that the wine didn't change its smell and taste within this period of time. The experts from the local winery confirmed the results. The wine had the same quality as if it was newly opened. A writer for Technobuffalo also tested a Kuvee and informed about positive results. He found that their shelf-life claims accurate. A bottle of Ancient Oaks pinot noir had the same fresh taste as two weeks later.

Summing up, it is necessary to say that the technology used in the Kuvee Smart Bottle is really exciting and will be highly appreciated by anyone who likes wine and new gadgets. The Kuvee Smart Bottle delivers fresh and tasty wine within thirty days after opening the bottle. The company offers a wide selection of wines which can be ordered online. It is always convenient to do in the comfort of your house. I can certainly recommend Kuvee Smart Bottle to buying.

Where To Buy Kuvee In Stores?

The Kuvee Smart Bottle is currently available for purchase from the official website of the company. Additionally, it can be also found on a number of reputable retail stores and even traditional local stores. The cost of the bottle may differ from store to store but usually it is arouns $200. Kuvee Smart Wine Bottle costs $199 instead of $230 on ideaing.com. You can also receive the following wines: 2013 BR Cohn Cabernet Sauvignon, 2013 Schug Carneros Pinot Noir, 2014 Cartlidge Browne Chardonnay, 2014 Pine Ridge Chenin Blanc + Viognier and others. Those wines are competitively priced at the same cost or less, as you would find them in local stores. The shipping times vary by location. It is interesting to mention that the canisters are recyclable and environmentally friendly. If you are not happy with your Kuvee Smart Bottle, you can return it within 30 days of buying. Just contact their customer service.