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Lacrosse Unlimited

Lacrosse Unlimited is an online American store selling lacrosse sports equipment and gear from top brands often at lower prices. The categories of products include Sticks, Lacrosse Equipment, Apparel, Footwear, Goals and Walls, Lacrosse Balls and other products. Sticks include Women's Lacrosse Sticks, Men's Lacrosse Sticks and Custom Dyed Heads. Lacrosse Equipment involves Women's Equipment, Men's Equipment, Youth Starter Sets and Helmets. Apparel includes Collegiate Apparel, Women's Apparel, Men's Apparel and Hats. Footwear involves Socks and Cleats. The company offers a fast and convenient way of ordering items online. The shipping across the country takes from three to seven days. Lacrosse Unlimited accepts credit cards but does not accept cryptocurrency. The headquarters of the company are based at 73 Route 111; 363 Smithtown Bypass; Smithtown, NY 11787; United States. Their phone number is (631) 366-5299 and business website is Lacrosse Unlimited features good customer service department that can be contacted by writing an email to You can always track your order through the site. Returns and exchanges are active. To correctly evaluate the level of customer service, quality and availability of the products as well as their accessibility, let us take a look at what actual customers are saying about their experience of dealing with this online store.

Customer Reviews - Does Lacrosse Unlimited Really Work?

During our research of Lacrosse Unlimited we have encountered a great number of customer reviews about this online store and we are happy to announce that the majority of them are highly positive. The customers are pleased with the enormous selection of gear and equipment specially designed for lacrosse. For example, one woman reports that she is rather knowledgeable about lacrosse gear and she has found a lot of high quality items on the site. She is also happy with the fact that the stuff from the company is not very expensive when compared to the stores of the kind. She says they sell high-rate products from top brands often at lower prices than the brands do themselves. The customer has come to the website several times in order to pick up some stuff for her hockey player son. Recently she bought a lacrosse rib guard and mouth guards for her son who got a contusion on his back from hockey. The woman's daughter plays lacrosse too and she has come to the store to buy her stick restrung in Smithtown Red White and Blue. The price was about $35, which was very reasonable. The shipping took only a couple of days. The woman was also pleased with the customer service saying that the people working there are patient and knowledgeable about what they are selling. Most of the stuff sold at is much more expensive in other stores but this specialty store guarantees high quality of the items you can trust. So, if you need something right now, the customer recommends Lacrosse Unlimited.

This sports store offers a wide variety of lacrosse items which are associated with high customer reputation on third-party websites. Let's take Under Armour NexGen Youth Lacrosse Gloves at the price of $39.99, for example. They feature exposed foam "T Piece" construction on hand back made to promote flexibility and protection. There is also dual cavity compression mold for additional protection. The gloves are lightweight and provide excellent fit, since they are manufactured from high-quality leather, elastane and polyester. Internal HeatGear liner provides great moisture transport to keep your hands dry and cool. One customer says in his report that he purchased Under Armour NexGen Youth Lacrosse Gloves for his 11-year old son who is fond of lacrosse. They were amazing and fit perfectly. They are absolutely worth the price. Another popular product from Lacrosse Unlimited is Overtime Backpack - Camo available in the following colors: grey, black and navy. This backpack features fully vented zippers to air out any unpleasant odors, stick loops and an adjustable strap for easy carry. The size of the item is 25"H x 17"W x 6". One female customer says in her testimonial on Amazon that she bought this backpack for her son who absolutely loves it. The product arrives as described - it is large, functional and looks great.

Highlight Lacrosse Unlimited Cleats are highly popular among people who go for lacrosse. They are priced at $129.99 on Amazon and differentiate themselves from other models with super-highness. At the same time they are ridiculously light and have high quality. The cleats are more breathable and comfortable than before as they feature an all-new cleat plate tuned up for improved movement in any direction. The upper part is woven with TPU hot melt frame for better stability and comfort. Secondary cleats engage provides an extra bite for better acceleration and razor sharp cuts. Form-fitting CompFit ankle construction gives the wearer a snug feel for an additional boost of stability and speed. The cleats feature triangular studs for better traction in all directions. Many customers are pleased with Under Armour USA Jogger Pants ($44.99 on The wearers appreciate the fact that these pants are lightweight and made from ultra-soft cotton blend fleece. The surface of the material wicks moisture and dries fast. The waistband is stretchy and has external draw-cord. There are also tapered leg fit with ribbed cuffs and open hand pockets. The pants are manufactured from 80% cotton, 20% polyester. Let us take a look at the testimonials left by the actual customers of Lacrosse Unlimited.

"Earlier I used to visit my local Lacrosse location quite frequently but I have not been there for some period of time and recently have visited it again. To tell you the truth, I was pleasantly impressed by the unbelievable selection of lacrosse cleats, equipment, and clothing items. The manager was knowledgeable and friendly to show me all available options. I was looking for the mouth-guard for my daughter who is wearing braces. The rep was very professional and offered me the right item. My daughter was pleased with the mouth-guard I bought for her. It is definitely a nice specialty shop where you will not get lost in the hunting section."

"The last thing I purchased from Lacrosse Unlimited was an Overtime Backpack - Camo. I am happy with my purchase. The bag is roomy and much more durable than the Warrior and Nike backpack gear bags. I only wish a low anterior expansion to fit the helmet a bit better. I would also like a plastic hook to hang on a chain link fence. Overall, I am satisfied with the store and I highly recommend it to all of my friends who go in for lacrosse."

"Recently I bought Lacrosse Unlimited STX Lacrosse Hammer 500 EnduraForm Unstrung Head for my son who plays lacrosse in college. He likes to use this head instead of the team head simply because he likes it. It features proprietary formulation for better toughness in different temperatures. The item has New Speed Scoop design to improve ground-ball play by reducing drag and increasing scooping. C-Channel technology reduce stress and provides additional stability and strength. Three-sidewall brace increase stiffness and durability. There is also an additional Strike Plate on the sidewall for better checks."

My Final Summary

Lacrosse Unlimited is an online store where you can shop for a wide range of sports accessories and apparels. The company was founded in 1990, so it has great experience for offering high-rate lacrosse equipment and gear. Lacrosse Unlimited's headquarters is based in Hauppauge, New York, USA 11788. There are also numerous stores across the country. The founder and CEO of the company is Joseph DeSimone who has an approval rating of 70% at present. In general, the company has an estimated 63 employees and an estimated annual revenue of 7.3M. This is a great marketplace for people and their children who play lacrosse. The major advantages include a great selection of lacrosse items, reasonable prices, good return policy, and certainly high quality of the staff. Taking into account everything we have learned about this online store, we do recommend Lacrosse Unlimited.

Lacrosse Unlimited Pricing and Rates

All of the products can be purchased directly from the official store Since the Lacrosse Unlimited offers a wide selection of items for lacrosse, we are going to take a look at the prices of the most popular products only. Under Armour Command 2.0 Lacrosse Head - White Unstrung is priced at $90.00. STX Lacrosse Hammer 500 EnduraForm Unstrung Head, White, can be bought for $88.21. The price of STX Eclipse II Lacrosse Head - Strung is $145.99. You can purchase Under Armour NexGen Junior Complete Lacrosse Stick-Black/Neon Green for $39.99. The price of Under Armour NexGen Junior Complete Lacrosse Stick-Black is $39.99. STX Surgeon SC-TI +Raw Lacrosse Shaft is priced at $100.00. STX Surgeon SC-TI Lacrosse Shaft - Platinum costs $100.00. The price of STX Lacrosse Alliance VTF Composite Attack Handle is $119.99. You can buy Cascade CPV-R Lacrosse Helmet with Black Face Mask (Choose Your Shell Color) for $139.99. Maverik M4 Lacrosse Gloves are priced at $129.00. The cost of Lacrosse Unlimited Maverik Max Speed Shoulder Pads is $89.99. STX Lacrosse Cell 4 Men's Lacrosse Elbow Pads can be ordered for $59.99 instead of $65.00 (8% off). Under Armour Strategy Youth Lacrosse Starter Set W/Complete Stick costs $199.99. The price of Lacrosse Unlimited Purple Plaid Lounge Pants is $19.99. You can buy Women's lacrosse shorts for $24.99. Smile Girls' Lacrosse Tee costs $17.99. The price of Lacrosse Unlimited Maryland Lacrosse Crew Neck Sweatshirt is $39.99. Lacrosse Unlimited Zombies Boys' Lacrosse Shorts with deep Side Pockets are priced at $34.99. The price of Highlight Lacrosse Cleats is $129.99. You can order Under Armour Highlight MC Lacrosse Cleat - Black/Metallic Silver for $99.99. Under Armour Highlight MC Women's Lacrosse Cleats - White/Silver can be purchased for $119.99. The price of New Balance Burn X Mid Lacrosse Cleats is $89.99. You can buy 6-Pack of Lacrosse Balls for $18.00. 12-Pack of Lacrosse Balls is priced at $33.00. Lacrosse Unlimited Bucket of 36 Balls costs $100.00, while a Bucket of 50 Balls is priced at $135.00. At present, Lacrosse Unlimited Case of 120 Lacrosse Balls NOCSAE Certified can be purchased for only $199.20 instead of $360.00. STX Backyard Goal with 2mm Net Included costs $139.99. You can get Lacrosse Rebounder Wall Ball Return - Lacrosse Training Equipment for $199.99.