Lash Magnetics Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Lash Magnetics Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Lash Magnetics

Lash Magnetics are eyelash extensions that work by being held in place by micromagnets and can be used many times. These magnetized eyelashes click on in a few seconds without any glue or adhesives. The official website of the product is It was registered in August 2017, which means that both the company and the product are quite new on the market. The official website describes some basic features of the product. These include ability to apply the lashes in a few moments, reusability of the product, compatibility with all eye shapes, and comfort. According to the manufacturer, Lash Magnetics will not harm your lashes or irritate eyes. Besides, they are promised to save your time and money.

The product consists of small magnets designed to hold upper and lower lashes together. At first, you will need to apply the upper lash on top of your natural eyelashes, and then connect the bottom lash to the upper one. They are expected to remain there all day long. To remove Lash Magnetics, you will need to squeeze both the upper and lower lashes between two fingers and pull them off. You can use them over and over again. Customer reviews about the product are quite mixed because they are not as easy to apply as advertised by the company. The most difficult task is placing the top lash while trying to grab the lower lash. Remember that you can't move your eyes and eyelashes during the process. It will take some practice to align the two lashes properly. Magnetic lashes give a different feel than natural eyelashes, which can be uncomfortable for some consumers. These lashes can be also placed with a pair of plastic tweezers. Metal tweezers will stick to the magnets.

Customer Reviews - Does Lash Magnetics Really Work?

Instead of a strip lash that you stick to the lash line with glue, Lash Magnetics features two separate bands of lashes with a tiny magnet attached to the center. As it was already mentioned, the "top" lash clings to the "bottom" lash through your natural lashes. If you wish you can use mascara with them too. There are limited reviews from real users of this exact product online. However, those ones we have encountered do not appear as enthusiastic as desired. The customers report that it is really tricky to master the application procedure. It is a difficult process, especially if you have never used artificial lashes before. These magnetic lashes do not always look as expected. Some customers report that they are too small for their eyes and are almost invisible. The owners of short and thin natural eyelashes say that they are simply unable to use Lash Magnetics. They start falling down or hanging just after application. But what's the sense of buying magnetic eyelashes if you already have think and long lashes?

The manufacturer offers two different sets of eyelashes in one box - natural set and bold set. The latter may look too unnatural, based on customer reviews. Some users confess in their testimonials that both types of lashes to not blend in seamlessly. The only way to conceal the visible border between natural and artificial is using a layer of mascara. This will provide a fuller intensity; however, it can be too weighty for your lash follicles and may even damage them. Not all users appreciate how Lash Magnetics feels on their eyes. It is generally heavy and uncomfortable to wear these eyelashes. You may have tight sensation, which can be annoying, especially if you are having a hard working day. What is good about these lashes, though, is that they are glasses compatible. However, it is better to avoid them while wearing your eye lenses. You will also have to consider your hair cut and hairdo not to sweep the eyelashes away accidentally. According to the manufacturer, you can use LashMagnetics no matter your eye shape. Remember that no matter which lash style you will choose it needs to sit more towards the outer corner of your eyes. It is high time to take a look at the actual customers' reviews about the product online.

"Lash Magnetics will not fit everyone. If you are nervous or your hands are trembling, do not even waste your money. Save your nerves because you are likely to fail applying these lashes. Who cares that you cannot stop moving your eyes or blinking. The only thing I liked about this product was fast shipping, nothing more. This product can be used only by professionals."

"My box with LashMagnetics was sent fast and it arrived within ten days. The eyelashes I received turned out to be too long for me, so the difference between my natural eyelashes and artificial ones is too visible. I had to cut them a little but their look was spoilt completely. They are too thick and look unnatural. By the way, when I was applying them, one magnet fell off. I am disappointed with my purchase."

"Lash magnetics are extremely difficult to apply. I think one need to learn this art for many days. I have watched some videos on youtube but in vain. They did not help me and I failed in applying these eyelashes; however, I would recommend you roll them into a circle so they will regain their shape. Second, stick them on your eyelashes covered with mascara, so your eyelashes will be tougher and will work out better."

My Final Summary

The bottom line is that magnetic lashes from Lash Magnetics are associated with a number of drawbacks. They do work for some people, but they are not suitable for everyone. In order to apply these eyelashes, you will need to have all the necessary technique and dexterity. Not everyone possesses these abilities due to these or those reasons. Thus, if your eyes are trembling or you cannot stop moving your eyes for at least ten seconds, this product is not for you. Many women who have tried these artificial eyelashes do not like the sensation of wearing. It is really very different from that when wearing standard artificial eyelashes. What users don't like about wearing these eyelashes is that they are too heavy on eyes. Besides, if you want to get a more natural look you will need to cover them with mascara, which will add even more weight. This can be harmful for your natural lashes.

It is necessary to say that Lash Magnetics cannot be used by the owners of thin or short natural eyelashes. Magnetic lashes simply won't be able to hold on them. What is good about this product is that it does not require the use of any glue. Magnetic lashes are also reusable, according to the manufacturer; however, their quality leaves much to be desired. A few users reported that the magnets tend to fall off really fast. It should be mentioned that the official website for Lash Magnetics was registered in August 2017, which means that the product is new at the market. We have not tested the product ourselves but we rely on the available reviews from real users of the product. Usually, the purchase ships quite fast. Taking into account everything we have learnt about Lash Magnetics, I cannot recommend this product to usage.

Where To Buy Lash Magnetics In Stores?

The product can be ordered on the official website of the company. One set of Lash Magnetics costs $19.99 plus $5.99 handling, thus, the total cost will be $25.98. Your box will include a natural set and a bold set of eyelashes. Each order also comes with a bonus mirror and travel compact. This is a mandatory double offer. Nothing is mentioned about return policy.