Lashnetics Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Lashnetics Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


Not all people are pleased with their eyelashes, which are specialized hairs growing from the eyelid. Their major function is to protect eyes from small debris like sand and dust. They close reflexively when touched, providing better protection. Different factors can influence lash health, such as mineral and vitamin deficiencies, certain diseases poor grooming habits and the use of some medications. The modern market offers a number of options to make your eyelashes healthier and more beautiful. One of them is Lashnetics. Actually, these are lightweight magnetic eyelashes that can be applied without the use of adhesives or glues. There is little information about the company behind the product, but the official website is (registration date of June 2017). It can be concluded that both the company and the product are new on the market.

Lashnetics is a magnetic option, which means that micro-magnets are responsible for holding lashes in place until they are removed. According to the manufacturer, you will need to spend less time on applying these eyelashes when compared to traditional extensions. Instead of using adhesives or messy glue, Lashnetics false eyelashes use micro magnets. This allows applying them in just a few seconds, without damaging your natural lashes or irritating your eyes. To use them, you will need to place one lightweight fiber strip over your top lash, and place the bottom portion underneath. These small magnets are attracted creating a sandwich with your natural lashes in between. As a result, you have a thick, long, and luxurious look. According to the official website, the "budge-proof" technology will secure these lashes in place until you decide to remove them. But are Lashnetics a safe and reusable method of creating high-quality results. We will cover these points to answer this and more questions.

Customer Reviews - Does Lashnetics Really Work?

The manufacturer claims that Lashnetics can often provide the fullest results. However, in reality there is no guarantee that they will look naturally. It is difficult to say whether these eyelashes can be applied to thin human lashes. Remember that magnetic options are much heavier than traditional strips. It means that you will need more natural lashes to support them. If your natural lashes are too sparse or thin, they might not hold Lashnetics. These lashes can provide shadows for a more whimsical look; enhance your makeup cat eye effect. It is important to take your eye shape into consideration when buying false eyelashes (Lashnetics or any other options). Longer lashes are perfect for those with deep set eyes, wispy and winged are suitable for round eyes, and lashes that taper at each end can create depth for the owners of hooded eyes.

It should be kept in mind that placing the first lash on top of your natural lash requires dexterity. The second lash should properly align with the upper lash. The process may be difficult for some consumers. Some users find the sensation of wearing these artificial eyelashes uncomfortable. While some individual get used to the feeling within several days, others do not. Such people need to look for some other options available on the market. It may be easier to place the lashes when holding them with a pair of tweezers, but remember that the lashes may be magnetically attracted to the tweezers. You will need to hold them correctly or use plastic tweezers. There is a learning curve when you are applying or removing the lashes. It also requires precision and dexterity. Lashnetics are new on the market, judging from the website registration date (June 2017). It could be test marketing, so delivery may take a few weeks. You will need to weigh all pros and cons of ordering the product. The modern market offers a number of other options which would cost less and ship faster.

Actually there are professional tips for purchasing magnetic eyelashes. These are expected to help you avoid lash glue and to be simpler to apply, but the major task of yours is to get them straight and close to your lash line. This can be achieved only with the use of strong and thick natural lashes; however, the application process may be much more difficult and longer than with traditional lashes that are simply glued on your eyelids. It is not recommended to apply mascara to your magnetic eyelashes, since this could ruin the expensive magnetic lash strips. It also adds weight to the eyelashes and puts a strain on your lash follicles. For some people these magnetic lashes will not look well, especially for blonde women. They are more suitable for the owners of natural dark and thick eyelashes. Lashnetics are still usually used by Asian, blonde, and aging women who are actually are not perfect candidates for these. Let us take a look at the testimonials left by real users of Lashnetics.

"I am not able to apply this Lashnetics. They will hold together but they cannot stay on my lashes for too long and it seems like I need to use some glue. This defeats the purpose. I really thought I would love these lashes and I am really disappointed. They only stick at the magnet. I cannot use my purchase. I wouldn't buy these eyelashes again and I don't recommend them to other women."

"It is very difficult to put lashnetics on. In fact I failed to put these false lashes on. I had them hanging on half lashes. Besides, they are too stiff to mold around lashes. I returned them. Do not buy the product; otherwise you will waste your money. It also has terrible quality. It does not even include any instructions!"

"Lashnetics came in a well-designed box but had no instructions, even though they are too hard to put on. First I needed to apply one lash on top of my own lash and then I had to put the other one underneath for them to stick together with tiny magnets. They looked good, but would not stay on. I think the magnets are too weak! By the way, I thought these eyelashes would be longer."

My Final Summary

There is a great number of artificial eyelashes available on the modern market. It seems that magnetic eyelashes have gained popularity among customers within the last several years. Lashnetics have a higher than average cost; however, they do not justify their price in most cases. Many people who have purchased these eyelashes are not satisfied with the quality and efficiency of the product. Allstar behind Lashnetics offers a 30-day refund policy. It means that if you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can request your money back. Taking into account everything we have learned about these eyelashes, we would not recommend buying them. We have encountered some other magnetic lash brands. The bottom line is that, you should look for eyelashes of some popular and reputable brands.

Where To Buy Lashnetics In Stores?

You can order and buy the product directly from the manufacturer through Allstar Products Group. Two Lashnetics sets (one bold and one natural) cost $19.99 plus $4.99 shipping. Each order comes with a bonus compact with built-in mirror. All magnetic eyelashes come with a 30-day money back guarantee. To request your money back, you will need to call the customer support at (866) 879-3790.