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Lava Lunch

Lava Lunch is a neoprene tote bag with a double heat-reflective lining that promises to keep your food hot for several hours, especially when used in combination with microwavable heat packs called Lava Rocks. Due to this, Lava Lunch provides you with fresh and hot lunch anywhere you are at any time. This lunch bag is going to save you a lot of money on visiting restaurants. According to the manufacturer, it is made from an organic material developed by NASA that has an ability to absorb heat after just a few minutes in your microwave. Then it works by releasing this heat slowly inside your bag. The company says that you can use your Lava Rocks thousands of times. They won't leak, even if punctured.

Lava Lunch has two compartments; an upper section for cold foods and a larger bottom section for hot foods (along with your Lava Rocks). This product allows you to bring hot nutritious foods together with cold beverages at a time. Isn't it exciting? Especially when you need to bring your lunch to work. It is difficult to eat lukewarm sandwiches and drink coffee every day. This lunch bag gives an opportunity to consume fresh and healthy food anywhere you are. Besides, this will save you a ton of money every month. But what do real users of the product think about it? Let's take a look at their opinions.

Customer Reviews - Does Lava Lunch Really Work?

There were not many online customer reviews for this product at the time of our research. However, those reviews that are available for this neoprene lunch tote are mostly positive in character. People like its design and performance. They claim that it works as advertised on the official website. Sometimes, Lava Lunch can be out of stock. You need just to wait for a few days and it will be available again. Similar models from other brands can be found online but I am not sure how effective they are in maintaining stable temperatures of your foods. With this said, the product appears to have mainly positive online customer feedback, with the most common compliment citing its convenience of use and ability to keep foods warm or cold (as needed). However, a few consumers complained wish it to have a larger size.

Despite the lack of users' testimonials online, Lava Lunch represents true concepts for keeping your meals at a constant temperature. It means that the product is able to provide a heating or cooling source, and supporting constant temperature of foods using insulation. It seems that the bag has no flaws in its construction that is properly insulated. It will certainly work to keep your foods hot or cold for a few hours, but there are some doubts that you will see steaming foods after several hours spent in this bag. However, I don't think anyone really needs this. Some of the heat in its bottom section will make its way to the top. By the way, if you want some foods to be kept very cold, you will probably need to include a freezer pack.

Lava Lunch has the dimensions of 11"x8"x5" on the outside and 6"x8"x5" on the interior. It is made from neoprene and foam insulation and is completely free from any toxins. The product comes with two Lava Rocks, which need to be heated up in the microwave for about one minute for an 1800 Watt before usage. To use it, cook the food, place it into the container, and put it into the Lava Lunch. Stainless steel will provide optimal performance, by the way. Then, heat the Lava Rocks, place them into the side pockets of the bag and put your food container inside. When you want to have lunch, you will be able to enjoy your food that will stay warm for a few hours. Lava Lunch bag can be used without Lava Rocks to keep your foods cold. It is a wise decision to have a look at several actual testimonials left by real users of the product online.

"I love my Lava Lunch box very much. I bought it a month ago and since that time we are inseparable. I take it with me wherever I go. I can enjoy fresh home-made food at time. The box keeps my lunch hot for four hours. I just have to open it when I want to eat. No more cold lunches at work! I found this box online, ordered it and it arrived in just a few days. This is my best purchase online. I only wish it was a little bigger."

"I bought two Lava Lunch boxes for my kids. They study at school and take some homemade food with them. I am calm about the health of my children because I know that they eat healthy food. I am happy with my purchase and I love it very much! By the way, such a box is just perfect for taking lunch on winter days. It keeps food warm even outdoors."

"I am forty and I have two children who are students already. I have always been a fan of home-made food, so I taught my children the same principles. They have always taken food with them to school. Now, I have bought Lava Lunch for them. It is the best lunch box I have ever had! It works just fantastically as it is able to keep food warm for a few hours! Both of my children are happy with the product. Excellent!"

My Final Summary

As it was already mentioned, Lava Lunch is a perfect lunch box that is able to maintain stable temperature of your foods. It has no design flaws and is made of high-quality materials, which guarantees that your meal will stay warm for several hours. This may be not so important for people who work in an office and have access to a microwave, but this product will be highly appreciated by those who work outside (e.g. tradesmen, construction workers, etc.). With this product you may be sure that your food will still be warm by the time you eat it. Besides, you will be able to eat something better than a cold sandwich. Hot home-made food sounds more appealing to most people. Parents may not worry about their finicky children who don't have access to a microwave oven at school.

Lava Lunch does not use any toxic materials, while its Lava Rock is biodegradable. Remember that individual results may vary, depending on the outside temperature, ambient temperature, and onset temperature. Most tests showed that food stays warm for four hours if the temperature of the environment is about 10-20 degrees Celsius. Most customer reviews of the product are positive in nature. The users like the idea; however, some of them find the interior too small. In this case, you may need to get two boxes. If you are interested in Lava Lunch, it is better to use containers 6"x8"x5" or smaller, stainless steel is better. It keeps hot food hot and cold food cold. Taking into account pros and cons of Lava Lunch, I can undoubtedly recommend this lunch box to buying.

Where To Buy Lava Lunch In Stores?

You can find the product on its official website, as well as from some retail stores online. Lava Lunch totes are available in purple, black, and blue colors. One unit costs $24.95. For this price, you are going to get one Lava Lunch and two Lava Rocks. If you find out that the product is out of stock, contact customer service at 844-281-1529 in order to get more information on how to buy the box.