LegalZoom Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


LegalZoom in an online legal documents service meant for individuals and small businesses. It was founded by attorneys with the goal to make vital documents that provide legal protection in an affordable way. The company offers a wide variety of legal documents that cover a number of areas, including starting and operating your business, real estate planning and personal planning. For instance, some of the most popular documents include Incorporation, forming an LLC, Operating Agreements, Annual Reports, By-Laws, Patents and Copyrights, Trademark, Nonprofit 501(c)(3) Applications, Wills and Trusts, Divorce, Bankruptcy, Real Estate Lease, as well as other real estate documents. According to the majority of customer reviews, LegalZoom is an affordable company that works in a fast way. They employ professional and courteous lawyers who know their stuff. They have a reasonable fee structure, and the customer service is very client friendly. The process itself is very simple and the customers seem to be satisfied with their experience.

The implementation process with LegalZoom is very straightforward. First, you will need to select the document you need. Then you will have to answer a guided online questionnaire. If you need help, contact the customer support service directly via email or phone provided on the official website. After your questionnaire is completed, the company's Document Assistants will review your answers, and ask for additional information from you, if needed. Once everything is done, your documents will be printed out and sent to you. LegalZoom can even file documents on your behalf with the proper government agency. The company will explain the whole process and specific requirements for every document you need. LegalZoom has in-house attorneys who guarantee high quality of work, and the website offers a lot of useful information in terms of the documents. As many users of the service say, if you need a lawyer, just go to their website and fill in an easy form, detailing your contact info, name, what services you need. Your representative will immediately contact you. Is the process as easy as claimed? Is the service worth addressing? Let's try to answer these questions by looking at the actual customers' reviews left online.

Customer Reviews - Does LegalZoom Really Work?

You can encounter a great number of customer reviews about LegalZoom. What people appreciate most of all about the company is that it offers many different innovative features that simplify the usage of their web services. They enable users to perform their tasks in an easy and simple way. People like their website design a lot, but it could be improved even more. It is professionally made enough for separate individual and small businesses. They have probably hired highly experienced web developers to make their website functional and attractive. Everything is clearly labeled, so that the users can easily find what they need from the website. The real customers support the opinion that the LegalZoom website has a good look. It is fun to use because it offers many different ways to perform any of your legal matters. One site user reports that he has learned about the service on the Adam Carolla show and some other shows. He is happy with an ability to meet his legal needs for a good price. It is not required to pay by the hour like with other expensive legal matters. The whole process is efficient and quick. Besides, if you have a legal question they can help you online almost immediately. It is simple.

The customers are pleased with the fact that LegalZoom has an extensive choice of services on their website. It is easy to navigate and to find the necessary things. One user writes that it took him only twenty five minutes to have everything done he needed. The website also provides plenty of important information. Live chat is easy to find and use. The site is associated with few complaints. This is one of the best websites some of the customers have ever used, which is why they recommend it to everybody. It allows incorporating quickly without hassle. All of the services seem to have been anticipated and the company's professionals are always ready to assist you. Let's take a closer look at what real customers think about the service.

"I had a good experience with LegalZoom. There were a few issues I am not sure about, but I completed the process successfully. The website was easy to use, but I had minor issues that were resolved after I called the customer service. The representative assigned to me was really professional and polite, so the whole process was rather smooth and fast. They filed my documents for me and now I am a registered LLC. I am ready to give them five stars. I will use them for other services too."

"I addressed Legal Zoom to have a trust done. Putting a home in the trust may be very expensive and I realized that. It is not uncommon for trust attorneys not to inform about that. The company's representative asked me whether I wanted to put my home in the trust. I was pleased a lot and liked our cooperation from the beginning to the very end. It was really easy and fast, even though, I don't know whether the trust will work. My successor trustee will inform you about this."

"What I liked about Legalzoom was the fact that it was easy to locate which legal services I needed. The website is very neat, so I can navigate it without any problems. I was surprised with a great amount of legal experts who are open to help their customers any moment. I wanted to set up a will, and I was assigned an expert almost immediately. The process was easy and fast (less than 25 minutes). My expert spoke very clearly and went through all the legal proceedings. I understood my rights and was ready to set up a will."

My Final Summary

LegalZoom offers a lot of advantages. The company deals with a large selection of legal documents that cover most personal and small business needs. They are rated "A" by the Better Business Bureau. Their service is easy to use and provides fast successful results. All services come with a satisfaction guarantee. It means that if you are not satisfied with the services for any reason, the company promises to provide you a refund, correct the problem, or offer credit for future orders.

With LegalZoom you may be sure that your documents will be filed correctly. There is a great number of positive reviews about the service. It is said on the official website that more than 80% of customer feedback is positive. People like responsive customer service, online connection and phone support. They are also satisfied with the costs when compared to independently hiring an attorney. You can save up to 85%. To my mind, this company can handle all of your needs, so I can recommend LegalZoom with confidence.

LegalZoom Pricing and Rates

Based on the documents you need, pricing can range from a few hundred dollars to the thousands. If you need to have a document treated and have some questions, you can get help from an attorney within the company's network for a monthly subscription plan that costs $12/month for individuals, and $24/month for businesses. These plans cover a one half an hour consultation per legal matter. If 30 minutes are not enough for your matter, you will be billed standard hourly rates with a 25% discount.