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Lemonaid Health Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Lemonaid Health Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More!

If you need help of a doctor, there is an online doctor's office called Lemonaid Health. It is claimed to help people to get affordable and convenient care, regardless of insurance. The service features a telemedicine business model that provides each patient with pharmacy delivery, a guaranteed two-hour response time, same-day doctor visits online, and Android or iOS app access. According to statistics, over 17 percent of American adults and children are uninsured. Lemonaid promises to help you avoid the necessity to book an appointment with your local doctor, sitting in a waiting room, driving to and from the office. There is too much hassle, especially when it comes to regular medications for hair loss, birth control, acne or cholesterol. Will Lemonaid Health really provide you with great medical care at a reasonable price? We will have to give an answer to this question before you schedule an online visit. You will have to weigh all pros and cons to make a more empowered decision. The company behind the service, LMND Medical Group, Inc. (dba Lemonaid Health) is based out of San Francisco, CA. It was co-founded by Chief Medical Officer Jason Hwang, President Ian Van Every, and CEO Paul Johnson in 2013.

At present, the company offers treatment services, online visits, lab tests, and prescription delivery in eighteen states (CA, AZ, CT, GA, FL, IL, MI, MD, MO, NY, NJ, OH, PA, OR, RI, VA, SC, and WA). The team of six CA-based doctors in San Francisco includes Dr. Matt Walvick, Dr. Davis Liu, Dr. Vijay Bhat, Dr. Gerri Davis, Dr. Ruijun Chen, and Dr. Vladimir Dzhashi. There is an official website, according to which one needs to keep their primary care provider (PCP) informed of their state of health. This can be done using their summary of care is available through your account or the app. Alternately, the company can send the summary to your doctor. To get the service, you will need to click the Start Visit button on the company's home page, and select the necessary service. You may be required to answer a few health questions (e.g., symptoms, medical history, current drugs, allergies, etc.), choose your prescription delivery method, take a picture, and to wait for a confirmation. Be honest when answering these questions.

Customer Reviews - Does Lemonaid Health Really Work?

Lemonaid Health

Lemonaid Health has a very limited number of customer reviews on third-party websites, which is a bad sign. The procedure of signing up for the service is long and time-consuming. After submitting your Visit request, the staff of the company will review it within a few hours (up to 5p PT). In some cases, the company requires a video visit, which might be medically necessary to get an accurate diagnosis. If the doctor prescribes you any drugs, Lemonaid Health will send your drugs to the pharmacy in your states where their services are offered. The medications for hair loss, erectile dysfunction, and birth control drugs may be shipped to your door for free.

Here are the treatment services offered by Lemonaid Health. Birth Control is offered to women ages 18-49. They provide one-year prescriptions for over 100 different brands of birth control pills, Xulane patch and the NuvaRing birth control ring. Generic finasteride, 1 mg,is prescribed for hair loss. The company provides Zyban or Chantix to those who want to stop smoking. If you have Acid Reflux you will take Zantac and Prilosec. Acne may be treated by a wide variety of prescription medications, including oral antibiotics and skin creams depending on your issues and medical history. You may be prescribed a three-month supply of a single drug or a combination. Erectile Dysfunction can be treated in men ages 30-66 who are prescribed generic sildenafil, 20 mg. Urinary Tract Infections require a seven-day course of the antibiotic Macrobid Flu. You might be also prescribed antiviral medicines like zanamivir (Relenza) or Oseltamivir (Tamiflu)which can reduce the time you are sick. Sinus Infection requires a 10-day course of the antibiotic amoxicillin. Doxycycline is prescribed to patients who are allergic to this antibiotic. High Cholesterol can be treated by statin prescriptions, including branded (Altoprev/Mevacor, Pravachol, Zocor) or generic (Lovastatin, Pravastatin, Simvastatin) medications. Cold Sore requires prescription of anti-viral drugs like Valacyclovir 1g (generic of Valtrex),Acyclovir 400 mg (generic of Zovirax), and Famciclovir 500 mg (generic of Famvir).

As it was already mentioned, there is a limited number of customer reviews about Lemonaid Health online. Between iTunes and Google Play, we encountered a few dozens of customer reviews who had together given it an average rating of about three stars. The most common complaints related to difficulty of use, low service speed, and high price. Many people indicated that the services did not meet their health needs. Let us take a look at the actual customer reviews available online.

"I applied for Lemonaid Health to get birth control prescriptions online. They offered me a too limited birth control selection that I couldn't find what really met my needs. Their services in my state are also very limited. I would have to drive more than 100 miles to the closest pharmacy they work with. I cannot recommend this service to anyone."

"I searched to LemonaidHealth to see what they offer but I was very disappointed. Their prescription drugs are extremely limited. And I have to pay for them. It is much better to go to the traditional doctor who will examine you properly and give you the right diagnosis. This service is not as convenient as promised."

"I am not pleased with Lemonaid health at all. They offer too few services, Lemonaid app does not work properly and the customer service is poor. I wanted to talk to my doctor via the video visit but I was told that it was not necessary. I need to see a person who makes online prescriptions for me. Health is not a joke!"

Where To Buy Lemonaid Health?

Visit fee is $25 for the doctor's evaluation. You can make the payment online on the home page or within the app using a debit or credit card. The cost of lab tests and medications are additional. These are priced as follows. Finasteride (90-day supply) costs $90. Birth Control pack is priced at $9/ without insurance at Walmart; $125-$150 for three patches, $15-$190 per ring. Sildenafil is $2 per treatment (20 mg). Macrobid (seven-day supply) costs $25, without insurance. Sinus Infection drug is priced at $4 at Walmart. Some statins cost $40-60 for a year or $10-15 for a three-month supply. Cold Sore medication can be bought for $40 - $70 for suppression and $10 - $15 for immediate outbreak. No prices are listed for Zantac/Prilosec, Zanamivir (Relenza) and Oseltamivir (Tamiflu), Chantix/Zyban. Lab fees are as follows: A1C: $9.16, STD: $28.16, Blood Type: $36.11, Cholesterol: $17.81. Health insurance does not cover the fee for the doctor's evaluation. If Lemonaid doesn't give you a prescription, you will be refunded the $25 fee.

My Final Summary

The telemedicine and telehealth industry has just entered the market so it is in its infancy stage. It is not a proven or cost-effective method of providing healthcare services.it requires more research. In this way, Lemonaid Health and other telemedicine companies lack many healthcare aspects. The services of the company we are discussing today are not available in many states. Their price, as well as the price of prescription drugs is too high. According to the online customer feedback, it has many drawbacks the major one of which is the lack of services, medications and locations throughout the country. The only advantage of Lemonaid Health is that they offer delivery of certain medications directly to your door. Mixed online customer reputation and insufficient refund guarantee do not allow me to recommend Lemonaid Health.