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Finding a reputable payday lender seems almost impossible, but the chances do exist. LendUp claims to be a good choice for people who don't want to be trapped in debt through fuzzy terms and high interest rates. In general, it is a socially responsible direct lender that promises to help you create your credit, and get more money over time. If you work hard but find yourself trapped in the short-term debt, pay attention to LendUp and its unique system that allows you to get payday loans quickly, and to earn points while repaying your loan, referring friends and taking education courses. This is like climbing the ladder because the process involves four tiers. Silver presupposes borrowing up to $250 for 30 days. You will need to repay it all at once. Gold requires borrowing up to $500 for 60 days. You can make multiple payments. Platinum presupposes borrowing up to $700 for 6 months and doing multiple payments. Prime requires borrowing up to $1,000 for 12 months with multiple payments.

As soon as you reach the Prime level, you can inform the major credit bureau of your repayment behavior and be eligible for APRs of 29%. To apply for a LendUp loan, you'll have to take three steps. First, apply online in just five minutes. The direct lender uses a proprietary algorithm to give you an instant response. You can deposit money directly into your bank account in just 15 minutes. The company promises that their loans have no hidden fees, as well as feature clear conditions and terms. You can either pay your loan in advance, or the money will be automatically withdrawn directly from your bank account. You can choose either of these options. LendUp hase created an appropriate environment to work with their clients and to deal with unexpected issues if such happen. These include loan extensions up to 30 days, for instance.

Customer Reviews - Does LendUp Really Work?

LendUp has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, TIME, Inc., and other mass media. The company has been in business since 2012 but it is not listed with the Better Business Bureau. However, there is a great number of online customer reviews. Most of them carry a positive character, while few contain some complaints. We have read a lot of testimonials during our research and concluded that people are generally satisfied with the company and its services. Some of the most common compliments cited wonderful customer service, fast and easy application process, and an ability to contact your expert any time. At the same time, some of the complaints cited difficulty reporting your loans to credit reporting agencies. With this said, LendUp appears to respond customers' complaints quickly.

One satisfied customer from Texas applied for a loan from the company and was approved within minutes. He says that addressing LendUp was the best decision he has made this year! The personnel of the company are very prompt, reasonable and professional. The man would definitely encourage other people to use their services. He says he will continue using their services for a very long time. Another client reports that he hasn't had any issues with the company. He has less than stellar credit and could not qualify for a loan through any other place. He could borrow from the other place no more than $200. But LendUp was amazing, especially with their minimal charge. They sent the man numerous reminders when his payment was due. Each of them was asking if he needed an extension. The staff seems to want him to succeed. The man has already had a few loans with LendUp and has paid them all back without any issues. He says he would recommend this company to anyone who needs cash.

There is a supposition that all the negative reviews have been written by people who were paid for doing so. So, they are fake and should not be trusted. Most people are pleased with the willingness of the company to give cash to almost anyone who ask them about it. They deposit and deduct it when they say they will. The staff appears to be very reasonable. This service is just right for people who need a reliable help from a reputable lender. For you to decide whether the company is worth working with, I suggest reading some more reviews from people who have used their services.

"I had a very good experience with Lend Up. Their official website was easy to navigate. Every time I needed help, I called them and they answered very quickly. They are very careful and helpful. I hope they will increase my credit score like they promise and my rates come down. I am happy that they gave me a load despite my bad credit. I am trying hard to get through this difficult time in my life. I will cooperate with them again if I need help."

"I have no complaints about Lendup at all. My credit has been increased after it was reported to the bureau. I have never had any problems with getting money or paying it back to the company. As I have nothing but good to say, I do recommend LendUp to everyone. It is a great way to get low-interest loans for a short term. They have wonderful customer service too. Thanks for everything."

"I have good experience with LendUp and no complaints whatsoever. I have been with them for two years already. They have an easy and fast online application. I found the direct deposit very convenient too. If you pay back the funds on time, there is no dilemma. I try to pay my bills on time. Now they give me up to $1,000 whenever I need it. LendUp has been reporting my payments to three bureaus, that's why now I have "credibility" with other lenders and companies too."

My Final Summary

As it was already mentioned, LendUp is a short-term payday lender that claims to be socially responsible and reputable in the country. They charge very low interest rates for their loans, which differentiates this lender from other competing payday lenders such as Rapid Loans Direct, CashAdvance.com, Greenlight Loans, and others. As a specialist I would not recommend to address those companies. LendUp does seem to have a more professional, kinder, more attentive and gentler approach to every client, as well as to payday lending. They offer 30-day extensions and always pay attention to your individual situation.

The company is associated with a great number of positive users' reviews. People report in their testimonials that they are impressed with the speed of the application process. They tend to get their funds within several hours already. Separate attention should be paid to the perfect customer services offered by the company. The staff proves to be very helpful in any situation. Thus, if you need a short-term payday loan, LendUp may be a solid choice for you. Taking into account all pros and cons, I can certainly recommend this company.

LendUp Pricing and Rates

LendUp charges diverse APRs for their loans depending on some factors, including your credit score, term of loan and amount of loan. At the time of writing this review, APR ranged from 199.53% to 748.77%. When you reach the Prime tier, you will have access to APRs of 29%.