Leslie's Pool Supplies Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Leslie's Pool Supplies

Leslie's Pool Supplies is the leading store selling in residential and commercial pool supplies in the whole world. It offers the best selection of pool chemicals, pool cleaners, and pool equipment. This is a great local neighborhood pool store offering also a wide choice of pool and spa accessories, cleaning substances and pool floats and inflatables. The company claims that they have the solution to all of your spa and pool needs. You can find numerous stores across the USA each of which offers Free In-Store labor on repairs and Free In-Store Water Testing. You can benefit from the Leslie's Rewards Program for savings and special offers. It is convenient to shop online, in stores, or through the Leslie's Pool Care App that can be downloaded in a fast and easy manner. The online store offers an opportunity to shop by the following categories: Chemicals, Pool Pumps, Pool Cleaners, Pool Motors, Parts and Hardware, Salt Systems, Toys and Games, Solar Covers, Winter Covers, Pool Closing, Safety Covers, Above Ground Pools, Jacuzzi Equipment, Outdoor Furniture, Filter Cartridges and Manufacturers. Business website of the company is lesliespool.com and their phone number is (916) 789-4153. The address of the headquarters of Leslie's Pool Supplies is 6726 Stanford Ranch Rd; Ste 9; Roseville, CA 95678; United States. To find out if this store network is really worth your attention, it would be a wise idea to read some of the actual customers' testimonials.

Customer Reviews - Does Leslie's Pool Supplies Really Work?

We have found a great many reviews from shoppers at Leslie's Pool Supplies store. Most of them are pleased with their experience saying that the service and prices are always good. The company seems to have awesome management at a corporate level and the representatives of the customer service departments are all knowledgeable and responsive. The majority of shoppers highly recommended the store to their family members and friends. One man reported, though, that he had an issue at the local Leslie pool store near Plano, TX. The customer wanted to benefit from the advertised deal but the store's rep said they didn't have any. In addition, he said they would be happy to order but the customer would have to pay shipping. The man didn't like the idea, so he contacted the customer support of the company; however, he was not completely satisfied with the response. The customer then decided to contact Leslie corporate to inform them that he didn't find their policy fair. The man left a voice mail for the woman who was the CEO but he did not expect nothing special. In two days, on Monday, the CEO personally called the customer's house and spoke to his wife. He said he would use her husband's voice mail to teach their employees how to treat customers. In addition, he offered to deliver them the product for free. It was a solar pool cover that cost more than $200! The CEO even gave them some helpful recommendations on which cover to choose for their pool that was kidney shaped. The customer was more than satisfied and promised he would be the client of Leslie's Pool Supplies forever! The customer even sent him a book called "Raving Fan: A Revolutionary Approach to Customer Service" by Ken Blanchard. Even though he never expected Leslie Pools to respond, his overall experience turned out to be the best one in his life.

Another customer of Leslie's Pool Supplies at Roseville location reported that she had her last experience with the store about a week before. Her assistant named Phillip went above and beyond her expectations. The woman pulled up with a water test, but since it was quite late already the doors were locked. She was about to leave when the rep caught her attention and let her in. He had already closed so the customer didn't really expect mush help but he took care of her needs right away. Even though it was already time for Phillip to go home, he stayed to test the woman's water and to make sure that her pool was ready to go. He provided her high-quality customer service. The woman felt thankful to Phillip for his help. There is one more positive review from a client of Leslie's Pool Supplies. It was left by a man who boasts having a fantastic experience at the Moore plaza location. The store's rep Jeremy Ramirez and manager were knowledgeable in helping the customer with his pool vacuum. He was amazed with those two professional guys. Earlier the man hated keeping up with his pool and spending a lot of money on it. The reps knew what to suggest the man and how to help him to save his money. He confessed he couldn't say enough good things about the store's staff. His Aquabot was properly fixed and the man is grateful to Leslie's pool. He would recommend this store to all of his friends.

Another male customer highly recommends Leslie's Pool Supplies at Roseville location. He has been there many times and every time he was pleased with the perfect service provided by Cliff. This is a courteous and professional representative of the company who provided the man with the necessary service on his Zodiac pool sweep. In fact, the man was impressed that he was able to fix it pretty fast, which saved the customer a lot of time and prevented him from coming back to pick it up at a later date. One female client visited the store for water testing for her pool and spa. The woman was pleased with customer service. A technician came to her house to check the pool and spa. He was friendly and knowledgeable. Another good worker of the store is a young lady named Jennifer. According to one client, this awesome person has dealt with his pool and tried to make the unbearable bearable. She has kept his pool clear with her wise pieces of advice. It was also a pleasure for the customer to deal with her. Let us take a look at some more testimonials left by actual customers of Leslie's Pool Supplies.

"I am happy with Leslie's Pool Supplies first of all because they have excellent customer service. I arrived at the store in Enfield CT. because I had a problem - my pool water was cloudy and I did not know what to do with this due tot he lack of experience in the sphere. The staff of the store was extremely patient with me as a demanding client. Mike and Franco discussed with me the best plan after testing my water. Now my pool is absolutely clean! I like this kind of customer service!"

"Jenny at Roseville location of Leslie's Pool Supplies is the most helpful and pleasant person I have ever dealt with. She was alone in the store when I came in; however, she took her time to answer all of my questions. In addition, she has to answer phone calls and help other customers in the store. She was so friendly! She helped me to find the proper type of shock for my pool and referred a pool service. She was kind to let me know what free water testing service they had in the store. I will certainly come back to the store if I need anything related to the pool."

"I recently had a water test at Leslie's Pool Supplies in the Diamond Bar location. There was Robbie at the time. I had positive experience with him. He turned out to be a methodical person in doing water tests. He was knowledgeable in the process and explained the final results to me. He should definitely have higher salary and a better position in the store. I hope this will happen soon in his career."

My Final Summary

Leslie's Pool Supplies is one of the largest sellers of swimming pool supplies and products linked to the swimming pool in the whole world. The store sells the wide range of such supplies for proper pool operation as cleaning devices, chemicals, parts and equipment as well as safety and recreational products for pools. There are also items for the spa, patio and backyard on sale. The company boasts having over 900 stores in throughout the U.S. with more than 2,400 employees. Leslie's employs hundreds of seasonal employees during its peak season. Leslie's has about 700 items in each store. Leslie's Pool Supplies also sells its own brand of pool pieces of equipment and supplies. The company has its headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona, and its strongest stores are based in California, Arizona, Florida, Texas and Georgia. According to the customer feedback, the majority of shoppers love customer service at Leslie's Pool Supplies. They say, the company has knowledgeable staff, high-quality products and reasonable prices. If you decide to order anything online, you will certainly receive your purchases in time. With all these positive features in mind, we certainly recommend Leslie's Pool Supplies.

Leslie's Pool Supplies Pricing and Rates

The store offers a great variety of different items, so we will take a look at best sellers only for you to have an image of the price policy of the company. Suction Side Pool Cleaner can be purchased for $199.99 instead of $329.99. Value Bundle, Power Powder Plus Bags can be currently bought at 20% OFF. Leslie's Chlor Brite Granular Chlorine Pool Sanitizer (6 Pack) is normally priced at $34.99 but now it can be bought with the discount of $7.00. The normal price of Leslie's Fresh N Clear Chlorine Free Pool Shock (6-Pack) is $34.99 plus discount of $7.00. Leslie's Power Powder Plus Flagship Pool Shock and Super-Chlorinator, (6 Pack) is priced at $35.99 and currently it comes with the discount of $7.20. Value Bundle, Power Powder Plus Buckets can be purchased with 20% OFF too. Other discounted products include 3 Inch Economy Line Chlorine Tablets and Pump2Pour nICE Coolers. Thus, nICE 22 Quart Cooler in White is priced at $129.99. nICE Assorted 45 Quart G2 Cooler costs $162.99. The price of nICE Assorted 20 Quart Cooler is $99.99. nICE 1 Gallon Pump2Pour is priced at $69.99.