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It is likely that everyone of us experiences some form of identity theft in our life. Fortunately, there are numerous identity theft protection services nowadays. But which one is really worth your attention. I am sure you can benefit from LifeLock significantly. It makes it easier to notice the earliest warning signs of an identity assault. The company provides help in securing your identity up to the highest standard. LifeLock gives its customers a sense of confidence to feel freedom of life. This is a leading provider of protection services against proactive identity theft. The company also offers credit worthiness and identity risk assessment for enterprises. It was founded in 2005, thus the company has enough experience in leveraging unique data, identity protection, proactive identity alerts, providing identity threat detection, and comprehensive remediation services. LifeLock can boast more than 3.6 million members. The number is so high due to their ability to provide their consumers with peace of mind.

As far as it is known, identity thieves tend to sell personal information on black market websites all over the world. I am glad to inform you that LifeLock patrols more than 10,000 criminal websites. There is no free alternative to this benefit. The staff of the company will alert you if your information is used. It would be helpful to know if your information is out there. Another benefit offered by the company is reduced pre-approved credit card offers. The latter can provide information to identity thieves. Due to the work of LifeLock your name will be removed from different pre-approved credit card mailing lists. The next benefit is online access to your annual credit score from a leading credit bureau. The company even provides lost wallet protection. If you have lost your wallet, they will help to cancel or replace driver's licenses, credit cards, insurance cards, Social Security cards, and more.

Customer Reviews - Does LifeLock Really Work?

There are many users' reviews of the LifeLock operating online. The overall customer reputation appears to be very positive. People appreciate certain features of the service, for example, that the company addresses change verification. Usually identity thieves divert mail in order to receive some financial information. But the service informs you of any changes in address requests. They also provide famous "$1 Million Total Service Guarantee" to the victim of identity theft when being a LifeLock member. The company is ready to spend $1 million to on lawyers, investigators and accountants who will promote your recovery (for Ultimate Plus membership). Under the Stolen Funds Replacement, the company will reimburse the funds up to $25,000 for Standard membership. Check the policy for conditions, terms, and exclusions at

Signing up for the official is similar to enrolling in any online service. You will just need to enter your contact information, credit card information, and billing address. You can also add family members whom you would like to protect too. LifeLock immediately collects this data. As soon as you sign up, the company will prompt you to verify the email linked to the account. Usually it takes up to 24 hours to switch on completely. You can launch a wizard on the official website to allow it gather more information. The wizard also provides you with all the features of the site, which is important for you to interact with the service. If you wish to do it all at once, you will want to gather your bank account information, driver's license, credit cards, insurance card, phone number, email address, address, and your mother's maiden name. If someone tries to open a bank account with your Social Security Number, you will be alerted immediately. LifeLock can also help you to get new insurance cards and driver's license if you lose your wallet. You can enter up tofive bank accounts, five credit cards, two addresses, two phone numbers, two email addresses, and one maiden name for your mother. You can review your transactions from within the site, but the greatest advantage offered by LifeLock is that they observe any unusual activity in terms of your account and credit information. Custom alerts can be set for transactions above a definite dollar amount. Let us take a look at the actual users' reviews about the company and its activity.

"LifeLock advertises a lot and does what is promised. I am completely satisfied with the service. I called the customer service several times and the representatives have been very patient and professional every time. They answered all of my questions and resolved the issues I faced. It looks like they have chosen the right personnel who know their job. I have peace of mind and feel more comfortable that my personal information is being monitored. I hope, everything will be fine. Thank you."

"A friend of mine has used LifeLock for a few years already and he recommended me to do the same. I am happy with how they work. I am sure that my information is well protected. Somebody tried to get my credit card a month ago but the company reacted very quickly to stop the threat. They really helped me to straighten that out. I am especially pleased with the work of Tanya and Jennifer. The company has a fantastic team of employees. They are kind and very attentive. I have recommended LifeLock to my friends. I appreciate their service very much."

"LifeLock has helped me a lot. My credit cards have been pirated a few times and I experienced an identity theft issue a month ago. The company helped me to avoid serious problems by blocking all of my credit cards. I can say that the team at the company has been nice and courteous. I had excellent experience and continue recommending it to everyone. The only problem remained is that I mailed them a package but they didn't get it. The next day the package was found."

My Final Summary

LifeLock is associated with a number of advantages. First of all, they have wonderful personnel who provide 24-hour support. If you have any problems or issues, just contact their great customer service and get free consultation. The company provides thorough bank account and credit monitoring that increases the level of security of your personal information. LifeLock provides public record information and credit reports. It monitors different websites to check whether your personal information is for sale. With this company you can enjoy great recovery support in case if you have become a victim of a theft while being a client of the service.

Another advantage of LifeLock is that its official website can be reached though mobile app. In this way, you will be able to receive mobile alerts in case if anything strange happens to your personal information. You can add your family members to your account to have them protected by the service too. Another big advantage of the company is that it has been in business for seven years already, which means that it has enough experience and good reputation among customers. Taking into account all pros and cons, I do recommend LifeLock to usage.

LifeLock Pricing and Rates

The company offers a three-tiered system. LifeLock Standard costs $9.99 per month ($109.89 annually), LifeLock Advantage plan can be used for $19.99 per month ($219.89 annually), while LifeLock Ultimate Plus will cost you $29.99 per month ($329.89 annually). There is no free trial period.