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If you have problems due to the tremors, especially when you are eating, you can benefit from a really effective product known as Liftware. It is a small, battery powered stabilizing handle able to sense tremors and stabilize itself in an intellectual way to help you move your food from the plate to your mouth. It is easy to use and portable, so you can take it with you wherever you go. The device features a number of various utensil attachments, including everyday spoon, soup spoon, and fork. According to the company, you re guaranteed to eat with confidence again due to these tools. The stabilizing handle has been clinically proven to provide a 70% decrease in tremor for performing various tasks linked to eating. All of the functions can be found in one small device that easily fits in a hand of any size. Liftware features a battery that is expected to last 3-6 meals before being recharged. There are also dishwasher safe attachments and a wipe-clean handle.

But can this device really make you feel confident when eating? Will you enjoy the foods without worrying about spoiling your clothes? Let's try to answer these important questions by taking a look at how the device works. Actually, the Liftware handle features two major parts. The first one is a small onboard computer with specially designed sensors able to distinguish between intended movements of the hand and undesired tremors. Then this computer operates two motors inside the handle. The motors make it move in the opposite direction of any tremors that are well detected by the device. This creates counteracting of the tremor's movement. The Liftware Spoon is a cross part of the handle. The opposite end of the handle is a utensil attachment that may include a soup spoon, everyday spoon, or fork. When you attach a utensil to the device, it automatically turns it on, and if you place it face down, this will put it to sleep.

Customer Reviews - Does Liftware Really Work?

Customers appear to be pleased with the Liftware and its functions. According to many users of the device, it gives them an opportunity to relax when eating and to enjoy a conversation with their close people during dinner, instead of thinking about tremors. This new appliance claims to remove the frustration out of the eating process in an effective way. The customers like the fact that the battery operates for the period of time enough for 3-6 meals. When the time comes, you can recharge the stabilizing handle by simply plugging the cradle into a computer or an outlet. Then just attach the device to the charging cradle. There were 23 Liftware Starter Kit customer reviews on Amazon at the time of our research. This site gave the product an average rating of 4.5 stars with the common compliments citing the ability to eat freely again, its portability, ease of use, and the emotional boost. Most of the customers report that they had a higher sense of self-esteem. One customer even mentioned that he was able to eat cereal with the help of the handle for the first time in many years.

There are only two complaints citing that the handle had a too big size and that the Liftware lasted only about a year before losing its ability to hold a charge. In addition to Amazon, there are short online articles available on the Internet. These were published in such publications as Gizmodo, CNET, Gizmag, and others soon after the handle was released. It is important to mention that the device got its start in April 2014 when its Indiegogo campaign attracted more than $17K. The original goal was just $7,500. The company behind the device is known as Lift Labs. The handle was acquired by Google in September 2014 and released already in November. It should be mentioned that Liftware was clinically proven to function well. In 2013, the device was reviewed in a big clinical study, where eleven patients performed three tasks including eating, holding, and transferring objects. According to the study, tremor amplitude was decreased by an average of 72% in holding, 76% in eating, and 71% in transferring. These results mean that the Liftware handle is really effective for making eating easier. Let us take a look at the actual testimonials of people who have tried the device in their own life.

"Liftware works for me just perfectly. I recently received the package and immediately tried it out. I can say that it reduces shaking by 60-70%. It is significant improvement for me since my tremors are severe. It was very difficult for me to eat but with this handle I feel much more confident. I would certainly recommend this product to all people who have the same issue."

"I was afraid to order liftware for my 78 year old father because I had some doubts whether it would work and that he would be embarrassed. I was wrong in both issues. It proved to work nicely for his tremors and my father is less embarrassed when eating now. He doesn't spill his food any more. We even made a video when he used the purchase for the first time. I have posted it, so you can see him using the LiftWare spoon as compared to using his standard spoon. There is big difference!"

"I bought Liftware for my grandmother who suffers from a neurological disorder that makes her hands shake. She felt very frustrated because of her inability to eat properly. Now, she is very happy as she can eat her favourite foods as well as those she used to love before her disease. She absolutely loves her new spoon and I am happy that we finally found a solution to the problem."

My Final Summary

According to the manufacturer, Liftware is the most effective for those people who have mild to moderate tremors, defined as such between 4 and 12 Hz postural tremors in the upper limbs. The device helps to avoid regular spilling of food while eating. As there are different kinds of tremors based on such factors as exercise, sleep, medications, stress, and more, it is recommended to experiment with finding the proper grip that would work best for a definite kind of tremor.

If you would like to ensure that Liftware will work for you, you can download a special test online. It is designed to help you find out whether the stabilizing handle is suitable for you. According to numerous positive reviews about the product, Liftware has big marketing potential. It appears to be changing the lives of many people suffering from tremors due to different reasons. It was also clinically proven to work. Taking into account all this information, I would recommend Liftware to usage.

Where To Buy Liftware In Stores?

Liftware products vary in price. Starter Kit (soup spoon attachment, stabilizing handle, charging cradle, wall charger, USB cable, and storage pouch) costs $295. Fork Attachment is priced at $19.95. Everyday Spoon Attachment costs $19.95. You can buy Soup Spoon Attachment for $19.95. The product comes with a 30-day refund policy that can be extended to 60 days in certain conditions. You may need to pay a $100 restocking fee too. Besides, Liftware has a 1-year warranty against defects in workmanship and materials. To request a refund, ask your questions or process a warranty claim, there is an opportunity to contact the customer service by calling at (415) 894-5438.