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LightStream Loans

If you need a car, house, or student loan, there are many options for you to choose from. You may also face unexpected medical bills. In this case, LightStream Loans will provide you with loans ranging from $5K to $100K. These might have required collateral. These may include Home Improvement (landscaping, kitchen and bath remodeling, swimming pool, solar), Vehicle (classic car, new or used car, auto refinance), Recreation (fractional properties (timeshares), boat, RV/trailer, motorcycle), Family Life (education, adoption, fertility, wedding, medical), Almost Anything Else (credit card/debt consolidation, aircraft, horse, dental). It is very easy to apply on the official LightStream's website. The staff will email you back within a few hours. After being approved, you will log in to your account, provide the necessary information, electronically sign your loan agreement, and select your monthly payment dates and funding. If you do everything fast, you will get money in your account in just one day.

LightStream differentiates from other lenders due to its low interest rates on unsecured personal loans. This company could be a good fit for people with the credit score higher than 660, those who have several years of credit history with accounts, credit cards, auto loans or a mortgage. It can be suitable for those who have stocks and bonds, a retirement savings account, or other ways proving the fact that you can save money. You may have a co-signer with a lower credit score. Typical APR varies from 2.29% to 17.49% with autopay; and from 2.79% to 17.99% without autopay. You can borrow from $5,000 to $100,000. There is no origination fee. LightStream was founded in 2005 and was acquired by SunTrust in 2012. But you don't need to be a SunTrust customer to get a loan.

Customer Reviews - Does LightStream Loans Really Work?

There is a great number of positive testimonials about LightStream Loans on different websites online. What customers like most of all is the fact that interest rates are very low on unsecured personal loans. Thus, the company can truly compete with more traditional lenders offering loans that require collateral. The company's model is based on one principle: your purchases determine the interest rate. You can buy almost anything from a horse to paying fertility bills. However, the company doesn't give money for business or college tuition. It is mentioned on LightStream website that that a loan taken to pay off your current debt is riskier than that for buying a new car. It is necessary to emphasize that no other online lender has interest rates based to a specific purpose.

LightStream offers Rate Beat program that allows you to shop around using a decreased interest rate. It is quite easy to apply for a LightStream loan on its official website. You will need to state the purpose of your loan. There is a list of potential interest rates for you to see before applying for a loan. One can apply on their own or with a co-signer. There is a number of certain loan requirements. You need to have minimum credit score of 660. It would be better for you to have a few years of credit history and good payment history. You will have to supply the company with a valid MasterCard or Visa credit card for verification purposes. It is claimed that LightStream doesn't store your card information in their system or share it with anyone. Minimum income is not specified. You will have to use the money for the purposes you have indicated in your application.

Most customers of the company appear to be happy with their loans, whether you look on, Credit Karma, LendingTree, or any other website. LightStream Loans has a mostly positive reputation among users. Most compliments reference the ease of use the company's services from application to funding, solid service and competitive interest rates. We have encountered multiple reviews that reported that it was the easiest loan they have ever taken. At the same time, there are some complaints citing being turned down. Let us take a look at the testimonials of some reviewers.

"I am completely satisfied with Light Stream Loans. The approval process was really fast and easy. Within a few days I saw that the money was deposited to my bank account. Customer care was responsive and helpful and I really appreciate their efforts to answer all of my questions and resolving some issues. I didn't have to deal with big banks that do nothing but try to sell you their loans with high rates. This company has a low interest rate which makes the loan easy to pay off. It was a pleasure to buy a new car. I will do business with this company again."

"I have 800+ FICO and was looking for a used car loan for $35k. Lightstream Loans met my needs and I started to cooperate with them. The online application process was straightforward and easy. I received loan approval after two hours. Funding into my bank account was fast and flawless. This is the best lender on Earth. I would recommend this company to anyone who needs money."

"I applied for a LightStream Loan online on Tuesday and was approved by Friday. All I had to do is to answer several questions about my recent credit apps, current debt balances, and why I needed money. Interest rate was only 3.99%. The funds were deposited to my bank account next week on Tuesday. Overall, I had excellent experience with the company."

My Final Summary

A lot of lenders have emerged over the past several years but few of them deserve your attention. LightStream is the company that can be trusted for several reasons. The personnel try to make the lending process as easy as possible. You can use the funds for any of your needs except education. Another great advantage of the company is their lower rates, no prepayment penalties or fees. This gives an opportunity to customers to save some money. A lot of clients have found their customer service helpful and honest.

LightStream is associated with a great number of positive users' reviews. In general, the company has a solid customer reputation. People say that it does what it claims. They offer a Rate Beat program and $100 satisfaction guarantee, which is a really unique phenomenon in this segment of the industry. Based on lower interest rates, the company definitely seems to be more focused on meeting their customers' needs, not just earning money. The company reveals all the necessary details about their loans on their official website. Pay attention to the requirements for applying for a loan. Taking into account all pros and cons, I can undoubtedly recommend LightStream Loans.

LightStream Loans Pricing and Rates

The LightStream home page mentions 1.99% APR, but this is only for applicants with excellent credit applying for an unsecured dealer-used auto loan from $10,000 to $24,999 with a term between 24 and 36 months. What you will pay is mainly based on what you are going to use the money for, as well as on your repayment term and credit score.