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Lindora Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Lindora Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More!

Like Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig, Lindora is another company that provides weight loss programs through clinics and online. The company has been in business since 1971 and has several weight loss centers throughout Southern California. They focus on weight control and have been successful in helping people to lose large amounts of weight (over 100lbs), based on the pictures on their official website. By the way, the site is very complicated and hard to navigate due to many different sections and sub-sections. However, it contains information on all areas of the company including the company's history, their philosophy, clinic locations and the programs provided. Apart from being so difficult the site is quite professional, which is another drawback for plain clients, though. The company makes exaggerated claims about the results you are expected to get with the diet.

Ingredients of Lindora - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

Lindora weight-loss program can be used by men, women and children offering these categories of people long-term weight loss. The company provides a 10-week program through its Californian clinics. There is also a customized online program for people who do not live in the vicinity. The program involves a special diet designed to help you lose about 10% of your body weight in just ten weeks, or 2-5lbs per week. It is a rather safe amount of weight loss. According to the official website, the actual Lindora online program is quite comprehensive. It comes in a number of different packages, based on your individual weight loss goals and budget. The program is very expensive, according to the customer reviews.


The diet of the program is based on a low carbohydrate and high protein plan, but not as extreme as the Atkins plan. To get everything you will need you have to subscribe to the online program. You are expected to receive daily meal plans and menus, online food logs, fitness and exercise advice, action plans, and access to the Lindora community forums. Additional services and products may include food replacement products (protein bars, shakes, and puddings), one-on-one coaching with a Lindora nurse practitioner, as well as dietary supplements and vitamins. The official website does not provide any details on what exactly you are supposed to do or eat.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

It is difficult to say anything about possible side effects of the Lindora weight-loss program without seeing what exactly it suggests; however, before starting any new program or diet you are recommended to consult a doctor. It is especially important for people who have severe obesity, suffer from any chronic diseases or take any medications on a regular basis. Be careful with your health. There is a great number of customer reviews about the program we are discussing today. There are both positive and negative opinions. While some dieters have noticed certain improvement in their body shape and health in general, others found it completely useless. Let us take a look at separate customer testimonials found online.

One woman reports that the price of the Lindora weight-loss program is very high. And the medicine that comes with the program may be harmful for the human health. But the customer focuses on the people who work over there more. She says that they don't have any responsibility about discussing with people their health issues or risks and they don't care about appointments or schedule. The only person who took care of this customer was a woman with the name Margarita. The customer also complains about the workers of the company saying that they often put her on hold for over 40 minutes and when she called them back they hung up on her. The woman had to call the management to take care of her problems. She doesn't like these people and is going to find other place to go.

Another woman tells about her visit to the clinic when a lady named Tiffany helped her. She was unhappy with her service to say the least. The assistant could be more compassionate and kind-hearted. She was, on the contrary, very rude and kept insisting that the woman buys things that she did not need. Tiffany didn't even allow her to get a word in edgewise and kept talking about herself all the time. It seems that Lindora has unprofessional nurses! It needs to train them better. The customer service skills are very poor. The woman does not recommend seeing this nurse named Tiffany.

The third customer claims that the center's location is just horrible. The man faced zero support unless they were trying to sell him something. The receptionist weighed him in and took his blood pressure, which he appreciated a lot. Then the nurse came in and gave him a booster shot and sent him on his way. There was no discussion of foods to be eaten, how to follow the program correctly, or anything of the kind. The man would be glad to have a little support and get some knowledge on how to lose weight in a healthy way. He did lose some weight, but he doesn't think that it was due to the people who work here. The customer does not recommend wasting your time or money! Here are some of the actual reviews left by the Lindora dieters online.

"I would rate Lindora below a zero but it is impossible. I am disgusted with the how the company's staff conduct business! They persuaded me to sign a contract and only after that they told me that single programs could be still bought. The woman who signs a contract thinks she is selling a car! She misinformed me just to sign me up, which was disgusting. They apply a "take it or leave it" approach and are sure that they are always right. This place sucks and their workers are liars! I will not recommend this location to anyone I know."

"I am not pleased with lindora at all. Lindora ownership has changed recently and the formula has been changed too. It is not the same and what is more important it causes side effects. I bruised instantly and failed to lose any weight with this formula. B12 and booster shots are horrible! I felt like being tortured. I am going to call the health department to investigate their new formula. Do not be tricked, do your research before using the service of these irresponsible people."

"Lindora staff are ridiculous. I went to the center before my wedding in hope to shed the 10 extra pounds. They told me this would cost $1000 and that I needed to sign up. I left thinking they are ridiculous. I reached out to other weight-loss programs and wasn't ripped off by these people. I will never go to a Lindora clinic again and I do not advise anyone to do this. Don't waste your time and money."

Where To Buy Lindora?

The cost of the 10-week online program is claimed to be $99.00. But in reality you will pay at least $345.00 for meal replacements, six coaching sessions, and vitamins. Some customers report being charged even more. Be careful with this company. It is too expensive compared to the competition.

My Final Summary

Lindora does not seem to be a reputable or respected company. It has a number of drawbacks. The official website of the company is very complicated to use and does not contain important information about the programs offered. The website does not give any examples of the types of meals recommended on the plan. The cost of the program is very high, especially if you are using all the services they have. The company's staff is rude, dishonest and cunning, according to the real customers' testimonials left on third-party websites. The only advantage of Lindora is that it has been in business since 1971. Taking into account all pros and cons of this weight loss program, I cannot recommend Lindora.