LiveWave Antenna Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT USE LiveWave Antenna Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

LiveWave Antenna

LiveWave Antenna is an HD TV antenna that can plug into your wall and transmit many local stations available in your area. The antenna features an unusual shape, which makes it different from competing antennas (usually square in shape) which feature telescoping metal receptors. The manufacturer and seller of LiveWave is the company called Swell Ecomm Enterprises. The company also offers MindInsole, a line of foot care products that deal with dynamic shoe insoles and compression therapy. Both of them are As Seen on TV products. This information can be found in the company's terms-and-conditions fine print on the official website. If you have seen this antenna via online ads or on TV, you were probably interested in its unique shape. According to its site, the antenna is very powerful but whether it is really so, let us find out further in this testimonial.

We have researched a lot of different TV antennas available on the market and almost all of them promise to provide you with HD channels absolutely for free. It means that you only need to put the antenna in your outlet and connect the coaxial cable into your TV and the antenna. Then you need to activate the auto-scan feature and wait when your TV uses the antenna to find available local TV stations. When the scan is complete, you can finally watch TV. LiveWave is different from these HD antennas in the fact that you can turn your home's electrical system into a huge antenna by plugging it in your home. At least, this is what you can read on the official site of LiveWave Antenna. We contacted about a dozen TV installation businesses in the country and were told that there is no plug-in antenna that is able to turn your home's wiring system into a huge antenna. According to a reputable shop owner, one can use your home's ground system as an antenna but only theoretically. There is risk of electrical complications. LiveWave antenna is claimed not to interfere with your electrical power, so there is no chance of a shock hazard.

Customer Reviews - Does LiveWave Antenna Really Work?

As you can see, there is conflicting information regarding the LiveWave's ability to make your home's wiring system a big antenna. In general, HD antennas can only provide your TV with local free channels. They are not able to capture premium channels like ESPN, HBO, Bravo, etc. It means that you would have to pay additionally for a cable package. The functionality of your antenna depends on where your home is located in relation to TV towers and whether there are any obstacles such as buildings, trees, or walls. Another factor to pay attention to is that TV antennas are tuned to specific frequencies that provide you with local TV stations. According to one expert, the main drawback of the LiveWave Antenna is that the electrical wires it connects to are not tuned for TV stations. So, the method of turning your home's wiring into a huge antenna may fail.

LiveWave Antenna is associated with a great number of customer reviews. Few people are satisfied with this antenna, which is a bad sign. The most common complaints refer to poor performance of the product, low functionality and expensiveness. Let us take a look at some reviews. One man reports that the antenna provides only three channels, so he was not able to finally get rid of his satellite dish. He hooked the LiveWave Antenna up to his TV and could pick up only three channels. The man was deeply disappointed. By the way, he lives in the country. Another guy writes in his testimonial that the antenna offers no channels and the company behind it has no proper customer support. To his mind, this antenna is total crap. After four attempts to contact the manufacturer of the product in order to return it for a refund, the guy has gotten no response. Now he tries to spread the truth about this company and product all over the web. He recommended potential buyers to stay away from this product.

One man from Nebraska, a retired communications engineer, reports that LiveWave Antenna is a scam. It does not work as claimed. House wiring cannot pick up TV signals unless the transmitter is really close to your house. With this antenna you might get one or two local stations, but not hundreds of stations and premium channels. The dish is made from plastic. The man asks everyone not to waste their money. Another guy says that he lives 30 miles from Houston. He set up the LiveWave Antenna and it picked up sixty channels, most of which worked so bad that they could hardly be watched. He was shocked with the fact that even the local network channels worked bad. He is sure that this antenna is a scam. Let us take a look at some more testimonials online.

"LiveWave Antenna is definitely a scam. I ordered it a month ago and I am still waiting for my purchase to arrive. I only received a message promising that my order was coming. I decided to cancel my order but I cannot reach the customer service on the phone. I also emailed to the address provided on the official website but I didn't get an answer. I certainly would not recommend ordering anything from this company."

"LiveWave Antenna is junk! I bought three items and I installed one of them only to see if it works. After a channel search, I did not get any digital channels but only one analog channel. The return policy seems to be a joke. They told me that the return shipping would cost me $80.00, while three antennas cost $92. Of course, I will not return them, because I don't think they will give me the refund. They are scammers."

"I placed my order on February 3, 2019 on the official site of LiveWave Antenna. I ordered just the basics for my son but when I talked with my son I ordered an additional antenna. Afterwards, I have tried to reach the company by phone but I have been placed on "waiting" every time I called them. I waited for forty minutes to an hour! Guess what! No one answered my call! I am now trying to cancel my order on their website. Stay away from this company! I am sure it is a scam!"

My Final Summary

At first, this device may seem to be intriguing because of the power it promises to show after being plugged into a wall outlet and connected to your TV. However, the major drawback here is the fact that there are no details about the item's range and explanation as to how it uses your home's electrical wires to create a huge antenna. Because of the missing information about the antenna and because of its high price tag, it is risky to buy this antenna. If you are not afraid of that risk, you should pay attention to some more drawbacks. The majority of antenna buyers have sent it back to the company; however, they have not received a refund or exchange. You can buy an extended warranty but it can be a mistake. By the way, you may need to pay up to $80 for shipping the product back. A lot of customers are sure that this is a total scam. It is impossible to contact the company's customer service too. LiveWave Antenna cannot be recommended to buying.

LiveWave Antenna Pricing And Rates

At present, there are several options for purchasing a LiveWave antenna. You can buy it for $39.95 or you can save your money by buying many antennas, if you need them of course. Two antennas cost $73.75, three antennas are priced at $92.19, four antennas can be bought for $110.63 and five antennas can be ordered for $132.14. You can also choose to buy a lifetime warranty for $9.22 (defects in workmanship or materials). If the antenna stops working, you can make a warranty claim. If you damage the antenna yourself, you may have it repaired at your own expense. You will also need to pay for the shipping. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, there are limited return options. You have thirty days to request a store credit or an exchange to get a new antenna. You will need to email