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Lizard Cam

Lizard Cam is a mini-camera secured to eleven feet of tubing that can safely connect to any smartphone. This is a high-definition small HD camera the footage of which can be watched in real-time on a smartphone screen. The advantage of this camera is that it can be used to see places that are difficult to reach (behind appliances, vents, toilet, drains, etc.). This waterproof camera contains a LED on the end and is compatible with any smartphone (Windows, Android, or iPhone). The manufacturer of this device is badly known and is not reputable in the country; however, the product has an official website which is It was registered in October 2017, which means that the product is quite new. You can reach the customer service by calling at the phone number: 1-855-668-1655. You can track your order status at The postal address of the Telebrands Customer Care is 79 Two Bridges Road; Fairfield, NJ 07004. The company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Lizard Cam is associated with few customer reviews since this is new item. The Concept of an Endoscope is not new, though, and has technology advances. The video commercial of Lizard Cam states that the camera is "HD" which makes us think that it could be either 720p or 1080p. This advertisement provides major specifications of the camera. If you are thinking about getting this camera and having it in your home, you need to read this review to the end. It will help you to find out whether this is a worthy product or not. It is not a new invention and the modern market offer many other types of endoscope cameras of different lengths definition qualities and from various manufacturers. Let us take a closer look at the features of Lizard Cam, as well as at the real customers' testimonials on third-party websites.

Customer Reviews - Does Lizard Cam Really Work?

This camera features a small camera that can record in full high definition and allow you to view the places that are difficult to reach. It can be used with almost any tablet or smartphone including Android phones, iPhones, or Windows phone. All you will need to do is to plug the camera into your phone or device's USB port. You will see anywhere you can fit the snake. The camera comes with various attachments that will help you to use it for different purposes. There is a magnetic and hook tip that can be used if you want to retrieve a tiny object from a vent or drain. A mirrored tip attachment can help you to see around 90-degree corners. Every purchase comes with a special bonus, a free storage bag that will allow you to store your camera when you are not using it. The secret of this device's success is that its serpentine tubing can easily bend or flex. This will help you to fit the camera into almost any space. The snake has bright LED lights that can illuminate almost any space. At present, the product is available as a double offer, which means that you may choose to double your offer. This will allow you to buy the second camera for a discounted price.

As it was already mentioned, Lizard Cam has not so many customer reviews online. It is no surprise, since the product is quite new on the market. What most buyers appreciated was the ideal advertising: A lighted camera on the end of a snake that will give them an opportunity to see behind large objects and in tight spaces. It is very easy to use the Lizard Cam, according to the manufacturer. You will simply sync the unit up with your smartphone and direct the line wherever you want to look. The camera's LED lights can illuminate your path as you direct the snake into hard-to-reach spaces (in a refrigerator, for example). Lizard Cam transmits the video to your synced smartphone, so you can see the action in real-time. Most users report that the image is not very high quality but it is enough to see what is going on. The LED's are bright, as most customers say. The uses of the cam are endless, but the included extras are often useless. Some people report that the camera is not as durable as desired. It does not hold up to everyday rigors, especially when it comes to the flexible snake. A few customers are not pleased with the sudden increase of the price tag. At first, the price of the product was $19.99 with $6.99 shipping, but then it changed to $39.99, which is much higher, even with free shipping. The original price made Lizard Cam a good deal compared to the competition, but now it is more expensive than cams of the kind.

Most people find the camera's design too simple, so, it does not live up to some consumers' expectations. At present, Lizard Cam is not a hot-selling As Seen on TV product. Based on the recent website registration and the product's changing price, this camera is currently being test marketed to check whether consumers are interested in the product. It should be kept in mind that test marketed items are often slow to ship, which means that you may need to look into the alternatives available on the market. The most common complaints about Lizard Cam were that the order has been cancelled after it has been ordered or it took a month to arrive. It is a wise decision to take a look at the available real users' testimonials available online.

"I ordered two units of Lizard Cam after I saw their ad on television. I have been waiting for a few weeks now and I haven't got my order yet. I did not receive any shipping information either. I hope I didn't get ripped off. In any case, I cannot recommend buying this product to anyone."

"I placed order of LizardCam on Telebrands website six weeks ago. I checked the status of my order today and it informed me "order cancelled." I immediately called the company's customer service and talked to a heavily accented male. I could hardly understand him, but I could hear that all orders were cancelled because of product troubles. Avoid this company!"

"I saw Lizard cam on TV for $19.95 at 4a.m. on MSNBC. Then I went to their official web page and it said that the cost was $39.99. I don't know what sort of scam this is, but I don't think that it is worth dealing with."

My Final Summary

Taking into account everything we have learnt about Lizard Cam, this product does not seem to be a good option. It has too many negative points. It requires a smartphone to work. Not all people have a smartphone or tablet and if you don't, you won't be able to use this camera. You may be able to use the magnet, hook, or mirror attachment, but you won't be able to watch the image without a tablet or smartphone. This product only comes in green (a bright shade), which looks not appealing. The device could easily break in half if you accidentally drop something heavy on it, or run over it with a small wheel. A broken camera will not work anymore. Remember that the Lizard Cam is waterproof, but it may get damaged due to overheating or freezing. It may simply crack near the fireplace or in icy water. Taking into account all these advantages and disadvantages I cannot recommend buying Lizard Cam. I would advise you looking for other available options. The modern market is full of alternatives.

Where To Buy Lizard Cam In Stores?

The pricing of the product has changed recently. Earlier it was $19.99 plus 6.99 shipping for a total of $26.98. At present it is $39.99 with free shipping. You can benefit from an optional double offer for a separate fee of $19.99 which is $59.98 in total to. The purchase comes with three attachments (magnet tip, mirror tip, and hook tip) and a storage bag. Lizard Cam can be bought from the official website or Amazon. There is 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, which means that if you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may return it within 30 days. You will get a full refund but the original shipping and return shipping are not refunded.