Logan's Roadhouse Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Logan's Roadhouse

Logan's Roadhouse is a restaurant chain that initially started its business in 1991 when the first branch was opened in Lexington, Kentucky. Even though it was new at the scene it started developing pretty fast and has grown into one of the most popular restaurants in the South of the country. By 1999 this restaurant chain became a subsidiary of the CBRL Group that also owned the Cracker Barrel chain. The ownership changed several times over the years and in 2010 the business was bought by Kelso and Company. The headquarters moved to Nashville, Tennessee. At present, there are more than 250 locations in over twenty states, which proves that good food doesn't need to be expensive. Logan's Roadhouse is famous for its delicious steaks. You can choose a classic cut called the New York Strip Steak, The Logan, the Black Angus Sirloin or you can opt for a large Porterhouse steak. Constant customers just go crazy about the Country Fried Steak, the pork chops grilled of the mesquite wood, the Coastal Carolina Shrimp and Teriyaki grilled chicken. All of these foods exhibit the affordable prices, which allows anyone to come in and enjoy a good meal despite levels of income.

Logan's Roadhouse is also known for its tasty sandwiches, particularly the Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich, Fried Cheese and Bacon Cheeseburger, and the Steakhouse Sirloin Melt. The staff delivers the best service to their guests to give them a sense of friendliness, warmth and individual pride. The company's team is convinced that they are the best choice for their customers' everyday authentic Roadhouse, providing high-quality steaks and unbeatable beverages. Their menu includes Chili-Crusted Bone-In Ribeye, Seasonal Specialties, Appetizers, Steaks, Burgers and Sandwiches, Combos, Salads and Soups, Chicken and Seafood, Ribs and Chops, Desserts, Beverages, Fast Lunch, American Roadhouse Meals, Kids' Menu, Sides, Healthy and Hearty. If you want to share your experience of visiting Logan's, or if you have any compliments, questions or concerns, complete the contact form provided on the official website of Logan's Roadhouse. That's https://logansroadhouse.com. You can also contact the customer support at the phone (877) 644-6905(844).

Customer Reviews - Does Logan's Roadhouse Really Work?

Based on what we have learnt about Logan's Roadhouse from the customer feedback online, this chain of restaurants really proves to be worth your attention. The majority of clients remained pleased with their experience of attending one of their restaurants across the country. They like Logan's Roadhouse food, a kicking bar and customer service. All guests are usually left highly satisfied with their experience. They say in their testimonials that the food makes great value. Their menu includes Chili-Crusted Bone-In Ribeye, many seasonal specialties, delicious appetizers, high-quality steaks, fresh burgers and sandwiches, unusual combos, unique salads and soups, tasty chicken and seafood, crispy ribs and chops, marvelous desserts, refreshing beverages, a wide variety of fast lunch options, healthy kids' menu, etc.

Many customers report that they are amazed with Roadhouse Trio Pick 3 made from potato skins, hand-breaded chicken tenders, zucchini fries, buffalo hot wings, mozzarella sticks, onion petals or hand-breaded pickles. Bacon on a Stick is a bacon addict's dream. It is 12-hour smoked bacon grilled in a brown sugar glaze with spices. The dish is served with crispy fried onions and original BBQ or Bourbon BBQ sauce to your choice. Cedar Plank Salmon Dive is a salmon fillet marinated in sweet and savory glaze and grilled on a cedar plank. It is served with one side of your choice. Chili-Crusted Bone-In Ribeye has bold flavor, bone-in Ribeye is seasoned with a blend of spices and grilled on mesquite wood. It is served with one side of your choice and a creamy peppercorn sauce. This sauce also tastes well with sweet potato fries. Roadhouse Surf and Turf is a 6 oz. USDA, a skewer of wood-grilled shrimp and grain-fed Sirloin on a bed of rice pilaf. It is served with one side of your choice.

There is a great number of testimonials from true visitors of Logan's Roadhouse. They are mainly satisfied with what the restaurant offers. Let us take a look at the opinions online. Thus, one man reports that they ate at this restaurant because it was close to the hotel they were staying at. They were pleased with excellent service. The food was always hot and arrived quickly. It was also very delicious. The man says he would gladly eat there again. He also appreciated casual atmosphere, so if you want to relax, this is the right place to go. The customer especially liked the steaks and his wife liked the salmon a lot. The couple had a nice romantic dinner. It should be also noted that they noticed professionalism of the wait staff. They actually seemed to enjoy their job.

Another customers tells in his review that they used to visit e restaurant in Chico when he was going to Chico State. They were in Redding for the night, they were looking for a restaurant to visit. The customers were pleasantly surprised with the quality of food. It was really good for the price. They had the Kickin' Salad and Shrimp. The customer service was also kind and attentive. However, the man added in the end of his review that it is better not to let them take your credit card without your accompanying them. He was concerned with the chance of stealing his credit card information. Nevertheless, it is nothing more than just a concern. There have not been any cases of the issues of this kind. Another female customer reports in her testimonial that they had dinner at Logan's Roadhouse together with her husband. They are both in their 70's and are usually being ignored by the younger staff at other restaurants, but not here. They were surprised with the interest shown by the waiter. The staff made their meal a pleasant experience. The food was great and the prices were decent. The couple liked steaks and ribs. They were pleased with the size of portions too. Here are some more customer reviews found on third-party websites.

"Logan's Roadhouse serves very yummy meals and perfect drinks. They have really nice drink specials, especially cocktails. I had the ribs, steak, and mashed potatoes. The food was high-quality. What’s more, there is a great variety of options to choose from. The fun part was that we could throw our peanut shells onto the ground. We went to Logan's Roadhouse in Redding and were pleased with the service. Wait staff was awesome. I think it is a great place for making parties. There is a lot of room!"

"Logan's Roadhouse offers good service and food. We were staying at the Red Lion Inn and this restaurant is located across the street, so we decided to have dinner there. We got seated and ordered the drinks first. There were served in two minutes. I had the Onion Brewski Sirloin dinner and my wife had the country fried steak. All food was great. The man who served us was polite and attentive. He made sure we were taken care of all the time. We also ordered a Mississippi brownie for dessert. It was marvelous. The restaurant and the restroom were well-smelling and clean. If we visit Redding again, we will eat there for sure."

"We were eating at Logan's Roadhouse, while watching game four of the NBA. We were pleases with the service despite the fact that the place was busy that night. Our server was as fast as jet. He made us feel like we were dear guests in his own house. It was pleasant. I had ribs and Tri tip. My son had a burger done just as he asked the server to have it done! The food was so delicious! Oh, the hot bread rolls were outstanding too!"

My Final Summary

Based on our thorough research of Logan's Roadhouse, this restaurant seems to be worth visiting. Most customers eat there for the sole purpose of enjoying the best Southern food and perfect customer service. Most of them have had positive experience. The restaurant is suitable for having a casual dinner or to have parties. Southern American dishes can be rather expensive but they are reasonably priced at Logan's Roadhouse. You can enjoy your favorite dishes for a low price without compromising the quality of food. You may be sure that the texture, taste, and presentation will meet your requirements. At least they do with many actual customers. Logan's Roadhouse has a wide choice of foods - from a simple Smokehouse Steak Sandwich to the ribeye. This chain of restaurants was founded in 1991 and today it have over 100 locations nationwide. If you want to learn more information about Logan's Roadhouse or to find the closest location to your place, you can visit their website at logansroadhouse.com. Taking into all advantages and disadvantages of this restaurant, we do recommend Logan's Roadhouse to dining at.

Logan's Roadhouse Pricing and Rates

The official website of the restaurant contains a great variety of dishes to any taste. Since they are diverse, the prices vary significantly. Let us take a look at the pricing of some dishes. When speaking about appetizers, Made-From-Scratch Loaded Potato Skins cost $7.99, Brisket Nachos can be ordered for $9.99. Anything and Everything Salad is priced at $11.49. Loaded Potato Soup (Bowl) costs $3.99. Logan's Famous Baby Back Ribs are priced at $14.49 (Half Rack) or $19.49 (Full Rack). Chopped Steak (10 oz.) costs $11.99. Wood-Grilled Chicken can be ordered for $11.99. Grilled Meatloaf is priced at $13.49. Ribeye (12 oz.) can be bought for $18.49. Filet Mignon (6 oz.) costs $18.49. Onion Brewski Sirloin (8 oz.) is priced at $14.49. Coastal Carolina Shrimp can be ordered for $14.99. Entree Sides such as Rice Pilaf, Sweet Potato, Baked Potato, Mashed Potatoes, Cinnamon Apples, Sauteed Mushrooms, Steamed Broccoli, Grilled Mushroom Skewer and Grilled Vegetable Skewer are all priced at $2.99.