Long John Silver's Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Long John Silver's

Long John Silver's is the largest seafood chain of restaurants in the country. It has about 1,000 locations serving high-quality wild caught Cod and Whitefish. In addition to unbelievably delicious fish and seafood, their menu also includes white-meat chicken, sides and desserts. The company was established in 1969 by a restaurateur and enterprising businessman Jim Patterson. The man just returned from his vacation where he had tried an exceptional Fish and Chips meal. He decided to create a restaurant chain giving the same pleasant seafood experience to thousands of other customers from the coast to the rest of America. Within the next several decades Long John Silver expanded across the country, providing more and more people with perfect-tasting chicken, fish, shrimp and other foods. Five years ago the chain was purchased by a group of operators and owners. These people had been with the Long John Silver's for many years. Today, the company continues its growth by providing the same pleasant seafood experience to every guest. The official website of the restaurant is website ljsilvers.com for you to check their menu and other details. If you have any questions, compliments or complaints, call them at the phone number (707) 553-1449. The address of the headquarters is 1015 Redwood St; Vallejo, CA 94590.

Customer Reviews - Does Long John Silver's Really Work?

During our research of Long John Silver's, we have found numerous reviews from true visitors of this restaurant. Most of them are highly positive. The clients feel grateful for tasty organic food they can eat in one of many locations across the country. It is high time to take a look at the actual customers' testimonials found online. One American reports that this is exactly the type of food he prefers. They also have typical prices, so you don't have to overpay for your favorite food. So, if you like chicken and fish, this place is perfect for you. The restaurant is said to be comfortable and cozy. Another woman writes that she was staying at the Best Western Hotel and the restaurant was within walking distance of it. Since she felt the strong need for fish and chips, she hurried to have dinner in that place. She was more than happy with her meal. Besides, the woman claims that the staff was behaving in a professional and friendly way. What is important, the restaurant was clean.

One TripAdvisor member also expressed his subjective opinion about Long John Silver's. He says he often visits this restaurant when he is traveling for business. The customer is fond of eating their fantastic fried fish and chicken. Every time he finds his way back to this place and every time the food is fresh and delicious. The room of the restaurant is always clean. The customer was offered free water when soda was turned down, which was a nice touch! He had the special beer battered cod that was hot and tasty. The hush puppies and fries were also delicious and fresh. His fish meal was completed by Malt Vinegar. The man is sure that fast food can be healthy and tasty, especially when it is cooked at John's. A female customer says in her testimonial that the restaurant offers friendly high-quality service, as well as fresh and delicious food. Every time she enters the restaurant, all tables are clean. The only negative thing was that her pies for dessert were still frozen. However, they ate them later. What is good about this chain or restaurants is that they offer takeout service, so that you can take your favorite food with you and enjoy it whenever and wherever you want. Here are some actual customers' testimonials found on third-party websites.

"Some people think that fast food is bad for them but it is not about Long John Silver's. They cook their food in such a way that it contains almost no oil. I don't know what secret is behind their recipes. I never see oil dripping from my food at this restaurant. In fact, this is one of my pleasures to dine at Long John Silver's. I don't do it very often, so I don't think it is bad for me. I really can't pass up the flavor of their chicken and fish when I visit my relatives in the Western MD area. It is certainly not good as a steady diet, but it is suitable for an occasional treat. The cole slaw is so delicious, just like other food!"

"I don't like writing reviews online but I cannot stay aside when my favorite place to eat is being discussed. Long John Silver's serves high-quality and the most delicious fish and chicken I have ever tried. I have never been disappointed with this restaurant. The wait staff are all polite and kind. I like the crispy crust of their food that is never greasy. Both the floors and tables are always clean. I do recommend this place to everyone!"

"Long John Silver's serves great chips, chicken and fish. Their food is so good that I sometimes take my kids to eat there. They like fast food so much! As a mother I do appreciate that their food is always fresh and not oily. I usually get the fish, chips, fries and hush puppy. Everything is good tasting, and the customer service is fast. This is my favorite place to dine at."

My Final Summary

Long John Silver's is also known as LJS. This is a popular chain of seafood fast food restaurants located on the territory of the United States. At the same time, there are more than 1,200 their restaurants in other countries of the world. If you enjoy eating fish and chicken, this is the perfect restaurant for you. These foods have brain-boosting benefits for your health. Long John Silver's has a number of advantages. Their prices are different than those of other fast food restaurants but they are generally affordable and reasonable. These restaurants mainly sell meals, not individual items; however, there are some individual items for sale. Based on our research, the majority of customers are pleased with the quality of food, customer service, and prices. Some of them are sure that Long John Silver's can feed the entire family, including children. It is a good place for a family who loves seafood. Their dishes are always fresh and low-fat. Their menu prices are affordable and we will take a look at them in the next part of out review. The customers are pleased with the variety of foods, as well as kid's meals, drinks, desserts and specials. The chain or restaurants was founded in 1969, so the staff has enough experience to cook and serve perfect food for the whole family. Since fast food is not considered to be healthy, you are not advised to consume it on a regular basis. Summing all advantages and disadvantages of Long John Silver's, I do recommend this restaurant. If you like fish and chicken, it should be on the top of your list.

Long John Silver's Pricing and Rates

Each of the restaurant from the chain has a wide variety of dishes that vary in price. There are Platters, Meals, Combos, Family Meals, Baked Meals, Sandwiches and Tacos, Sides, Add-a-Piece, Kids' Meals, Drinks, Desserts and Specials. Since the restaurant offers so many foods, we will take a look at the prices of the most popular ones. The price of 2 Fish and 6 Shrimp, 2 Fish and 3 Chicken or 2 Fish, Chicken and 3 Shrimp is $8.79. 2 Fish or 3 Chicken costs $6.89. Fish and 2 Chicken is priced at $6.99. 8 Shrimp can be ordered for $7.49. 8 Pcs., 2 Family Sides and 8 Hushpuppies are priced at $22.99, while 16 Pcs., 4 Family Sides and 16 Hushpuppies will cost you $36.99. Baked Cod is priced at $7.59, while Baked Shrimps (8 Pc.) cost $7.59. 2 Fish Tacos - Combo can be bought for $5.99. Fish Sandwich costs $3.69. As for the Sides, Individual Cole Slaw, Green Beans, Rice, Sweet Corn, Natural-Cut Fries or Onion Rings are priced at $1.89. The same dishes for a family will cost $3.99.