Lovesac Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


Lovesac is a sectional that was created based on the idea of modularity. It is made from individual pieces that connect to each other, can be added, moved, rearranged, reconfigured, or removed. Everything depends on your needs. This kind of sofa can be bought as just a seat and side but it also has many configuration options - you may additionally buy sides, seats, and pillow inserts. The Lovesac base doesn't actually have legs, there are feet each of which is made of high-density MDF (medium density fiberboard) and wood veneer. All feet are an inch or two off the ground. They are simply screwed into the bottom of the couch. You can add an additional inch in height to make the couch look more traditionally. Each seat comes with shoes. The latter are divided into four sections with round peg holes for feet to fit well. Since the feet are already pre-installed in the seat, you won't need to assemble them. If the shoe is used, you will need to line up the markings and put the foot into the shoe. Each seat has a steel U-shaped clamp which you should use in places where a foot can't go. Seats are made from the following materials: Sinuous steel springs, Hardwood for the base, Italian webbing, Plywood, High-density MDF rub plates for additional longevity and strength. The frame is made in such a way that each seat can stand alone. That's needed for maximum changeability, which means that the Sactional can be used in different configurations. As you can see, this is a rather versatile product that can be used in a room of any size. Each seat cushion can be made from one of three different fill layer materials: standard foam (a middle support layer is between two layers of high-density foam), Lovesoft (a blend of resilient material that does not change its shape, so you can forget about fluffing), down blend (goose down and feathers are mixed with synthetic fibers). Each seat is 35" wide, 18" tall and 29" deep. It weighs 45 pounds.

Customer Reviews - Does Lovesac Really Work?

During our research, we've found a great number of customer reviews about the product. People are usually pleased with the variety of options to choose from. In fact, there are more than 250 different material and color options you can choose from when buying the best Lovesac for you. There is no need to list all of them, it is suffice to say that there is any color you may think of. But, we will list available fabric types: Phur, Velvet, Leather, Outdoor, Polylinen, Chenille, Microsuede, Tweed, Weave, Denim, Canvas, Jacquard, Faux linen, Linen, and Twill. 189 choices are machine washable, while 18 onees are dry clean only and 41 are spot clean only. There are three different arm options: Standard, Rolled and Deep. Standardly designed arms act as armrests and backs for the sofa. Deep arms are the same ones but with extra depth. Rolled arms make a couch look more traditionally, while deep arms are perfect for taller people and lounging. You can use the seats in a normal way or you can turn for the deep configuration. The buyers of Lovesack are pleased with back pillows that are usually made from the same fabric to provide a cohesive look of the sofa. They are made with a poly-fiber 3-chamber insert that perfectly fits inside the pillow cover. The pillows may be in a deep side configuration to fit well with the different dimensions of the deep sides and seats.

The customers claim that it is easy to assemble a Lovesac Sactional Sofa. The average amount of time they need to assemble it is about 15 minutes. However, the time may vary depending on the number of sides and seats placed in configuration. Each customer is provided with all the pieces needed to assemble the sofa without additional tools. When you get your purchase you will find out that each seat and side are packaged in recycled cardboard, which makes them easy to unpack. The pieces are placed together using a set of shoes and clamps, based on the configuration you have chosen. You just need to line up the feet on the guidelines of the shoe. You can also clamp the pieces together. It should be noted that the original Lovesac couch is made in the USA; however, some pieces are manufactured in China. Flame retardants are not used in the manufacturing process. Some of the fabrics are produced with the use of recycled bottles, which makes them environmentally friendly. The Lovesac collection is made by hand, which is highly appreciated by the customers.

The modular system of the sofa has eleven configurations which can be customized with additional seats and sides. The official website claims that the durability and expandability of their product is equal to four ordinary couches. The manufacturing process with the use of used plastic bottles make the sectional even more appealing. The manufacturer seems to be environmentally responsible. According the customer reviews, Lovesac Sactional is extremely comfortable; however, the notion of comfort is very personal and can vary from user to user. This kind of couch can be purchased not only online, but also from any of more than seventy 70 locations across the USA where it can be checked out before buying. Factors that determine comfort levels of this piece of furniture include weight of users, the activity level, and personal preferences. Heavier people may find the couch too soft, while lighter individuals may find it too firm or that it lacks cushion. To find out more about Lovesac Sactional, we looked at third-party reviews from actual users of the couch.

One woman writes in her testimonial that her husband and she have had a 4*5 set for three years and both of them love it very much. Besides, the woman claims that they will never come back to regular couches! Even though they have two dogs, their pillows, cushions, and their covers look and feel new. In addition to the perfect appearance, the couple are always happy with the comfort of the sofa. The sides and backs are set at proper angles, so it is comfy to sit on the sofa. What's more, the down cushions can hold their form, so they can easily return their form after your leaning against them. Another woman shares her experience online. She says that she has had Lovesac for ten years. The covers are washable but they made a few holes from cigarette burns on the cover. Overall, it is a fantastic couch. It is so comfortable that you can even sleep on it. Here are some other user reviews that will help to determine whether the Sactional sofa is suitable for you or not.

"I had wonderful experience with Lovesac. The staff of the store was very knowledgeable and helpful. The salesman named Brent did not apply any pressure on us. He actually steered us away from expensive items when he heard that we have a dog and three cats. He allowed us to make an individual choice of fill. Brent also made sure we knew what we purchased and how it would work. Thank you very much!"

"We had a very good experience of buying Lovesac; however, we were a bit frustated that the labor day sale did not apply to covers we bought. Being from Canada, I enjoyed help on our trip to Lovesac, Minneapolis. The staff was quick to help us to find the way. Whenever we come to the USA, we will purchase something from them again. All sales people were user friendly. The Lovesac we purchased is amazing. We do recommend the company to our friends."

"I was first introduced to Lovesac furniture many years ago and I fell in love with it almost immediately. Recently I bought a larger home and wanted to get some new furniture too. I purchased two couches from them. Even though they were expensive, they were worth the price. This furniture has high quality. I know I will buy from them again. I need new covers and some more furniture."

My Final Summary

Summing up what we have learnt about the Lovesac furniture, it is certainly worth your attention. Since we focused on their Sactional Sofas, we can say they have a lot of advantages. The modular design comes with many configurations to fit any room shape. There are over 100 fabric options for you to choose from. Most of them are machine washable. Hard pieces come with a lifetime warranty. You are offered free shipping when purchasing furniture online. Even though Lovesac furniture is more expensive than that of other brands, it has higher quality and is more durable than other brands. Shipping and delivery will take about two-three weeks, which may be too long for some people. It should be remembered that customization; however, the manufacturer gives sixty days on trying out their pieces of furniture. If you like your purchase you can return it and get 100% refund. Modular couches have become popular and there are certain reasons why. The set up is fast and easy, and a couch can be moved from one location to the other. It can fit in any room. Due to the portability of furniture, the couch can serve you longer. It is also highly convenient, since you can change it by removing or adding a seat, making a turn with the wedge seat, etc. With all these advantages in mind, we do recommend Lovesac Sactional to buying.

Where To Buy Lovesac?

You can order Lovesac at one of the locations across the country or online on the official website. The company offers free shipping on all online orders. Usually an order is shipped within 2-3 weeks. If you make a purchase in-store, you may face a different delivery time-frame. The manufacturer of Lovesac gives you an opportunity to try out your sofa for 60 days for you to decide whether it is right for you. If you are not satisfied with it for any reason, contact the company's customer support to get a return label and ship it back to them. The shipment is absolutely free if you do it within seven days of your phone time. As soon as the company receives confirmation of your return, you will get 100% refund. Remember to make an order based on your needs and preferences. Pay attention to the fabric choice, an arm type, fill type, add pieces.