Luma WiFi Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Luma WiFi

There are many reasons for bad WiFi signal, but there is one effective way to cope with the problem. Usually, this could be solved by getting a range extender but this will create a whole new network and still there are risks of signal issues. There is no need to compromise your signal strength with Luma WiFi, a smart system that promises to provide reliable and fast internet. This is done due to the technology that was earlier available to large companies only. According to the company, you will get a safe and family-friendly package. Luma WiFi offers some other benefits too. It provides built-in hacker protection that will make you aware of what kind of data is flowing through your network and who is there. You will be able to see what is happening on each device. Luma WiFi also offers modern parental controls, including restricting access for specific users, time limits, and pausing the internet across the definite area. These functions are handled through Luma's iOS and Android apps. In a word, the product provides a modern WiFi network that is consistent, reliable, and safe. It promises to make you experience the fastest internet in your home.

Is this what Luma WiFi can really do? Are there any vital considerations to remember? Is there any cheaper competition out there? In this review, we will weigh all pros and cons in order to make a wise buying decision. Each Luma module has an octagonal shape that is about 4" tall, 4.6" wide, and 1" thick. There are two WAN and LAN gigabit Ethernet ports, as well as one USB 2 port on the back of the device. Each unit also features a simultaneous dual-band 2.4GHz and 5GHz, quad-core processor, Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, and a LED tri-color light ring. It is easy to set up your system. You will only need to plug the first module into your modem to provide access to your network. It should be noted that Luma cannot replace your modem, only your router. In this way, you will be able to connect any other Luma devices wirelessly automatically. Let us take a look at the experiences that real users have with the product.

Customer Reviews - Does Luma WiFi Really Work?

You can find a great number of testimonials from the users of the product. Fortunately, the majority of them carry a positive character. The first thing that appeals to the customers is that Luma WiFi is easy to set up. According to the customer reviews, you will only need three modules to create a "surround" WiFi mesh network. The company features a wise setup feature that demonstrates you how to optimize your network. You will know where each module should go to provide the best signal. It means that even women can cope with the task. Everything else is handled through Luma's Android and iOS apps. After you have set up the device, it will start using its intelligent network optimization to find out which devices are being used in the house. It can even identify obstacles reducing your WiFi coverage, such as wave frequencies and walls. The device itself will figure out how to minimize this influence and to provide you with the fastest internet possible.

Luma WiFi is completely safe and secure to use. Its "enterprise-grade network security" will protect your system from intruders, whether it's a hacker or just your neighbor behind the wall. It will also immediately alert you of possible virus attacks within your network. You won't even need to use any additional software. Within your Luma network, you will see who is using your network, kind of content is being viewed and how much bandwidth is being used. If you want, you can restrict, add, or revoke network access. There is also a function of the parental control that is easy to use. Every separate individual in your household can have their own account, too. If you are worried that Luma may use your data, calm does. The company claims that the data they collect helps to provide activity information and to generate usage reports. If you wish, you can alter the amount of time this data is stored. Let us take a look at the actual users' reviews left online.

"LumaWiFi is a considerable improvement in the internet coverage in general and in my house. I have tried different extenders and routers, getting pretty good coverage but still there were dead areas. I had to switch access points with different SSIDs all the time. With Luma, I can enjoy complete internet coverage that is much faster throughput and does not require any switching. I have just one SSID and no dead areas at all! The system allocates bandwidth among devices very well. I am glad I got this device and I would recommend Luma to everyone."

"Luma Wifi gives me good WiFi service throughout my home. I have an iPhone and it works well with it. By the way, the setup was simple. The device has all the features it is claimed to have and it works as advertised. Earlier I had a Netgear router but I experienced some problems with internet connection. Now I have no issues at all."

"Before getting Luma WiFi I had the annoyances of my old system. I am generally happy with my purchase. The setup was a breeze. This is a perfect product for folks who are tired of internet issues the way I used to be. I would recommend buying this unit to all of my friends and acquaintances."

My Final Summary

Luma was founded by Dr. Paul Judge and Mike Van Bruinisse who worked together for 15 years in the field of complex networking and security issues. This was the time when the understood that they needed simple, fast, and secure WiFi networks. They worked hard to create Luma Wifi, a reliable and compact system that can cover a large home. There is a number of customers who claim that they are pleased with the speed of the internet, as well as with its mobile app that is extremely easy to use even for first-time users.

Luma offers a wide variety of features and settings which are promised to work well with different types of internet sources. The device utilizes a unique technology but it should be kept in mind that if you love trying something new as soon as it gets on the market, Luma WIFI seems to be one of the best options in this developing field. It has a lower price than the competition. Taking into account all advantages and disadvantages of the device, I can certainly recommend it to usage.

Luma WiFi Pricing and Rates

Luma modules are available in four colors including gold, silver, white and orange. One device is priced at $149 ($199 retail), while you can buy three devices for $299 ($499 retail). Earlier, the product was only available for preorder but now it can be ordered directly from the manufacturer's website. Each purchase will also include an Ethernet cable, a power adapter, and quick start guide. You can cancel your Luma order before it ships. If you have received your order, you will have 15 days to check it and decide whether it is right for you. In order to ask your questions or request a refund, you will need to call customer service at 800-684-LUMA. All units come with a 1-year warranty.