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LumaRx Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY LumaRx Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More!

Nowadays, there are many companies offering professional-quality IPL hair removal with no need to leave your own home. The industry of self-service hair removal has significantly developed over the last several years, with the four leaders being Infini'Silk, Silk'n, No!No!, and Tria. LumaRx is another at-home hair removal device that works with the use of intense pulse light (IPL) technology. It claims to make hair removing procedures easier and less frequent. The idea of using IPL technology is considered to be safe and effective. It has been used for more than 20 years already. LumaRx also promises that their products were created with customer safety in mind. They have been FDA cleared for use on female body and facial hairs. The proprietary ComfortFilter technology is used to block harmful infrared energy and UV energy. It is important to note that all IPL hair removal devices in the USA need to get FDA approval. Each of them has built-in safety mechanisms that make the laser pulse only when there is total contact with the skin.

To understand how LumaRx works we will need to take a look at what IPL Hair Removal is. Well, this is intense pulse light (IPL) that uses different wavelengths (from 500nm to 1,200nm). The latter scatter and target the hair's pigment when they reach the skin. The pigment of your hair absorbs the heat that kills off hair at the root of the follicle. And your fair skin reflects the rays, so an IPL device won't harm it. IPL hair removal devices work better for those people who have a stark contrast between skin and hair. People with dark skin and dark hair are at a higher risk of burning their skin. If your hair color is as light as your skin, the IPL's sensor will not detect it. When using an at-home IPL hair removal remember that you will need more than one treatment. The matter is that only 20-40% of the hairs on your body are alive! Hair grows in cycles, and you will need to perform up to 12 IPL treatments to remove all follicles of your hair.

Customer Reviews - Does LumaRx Really Work?


LumaRx is meant to remove body hair for both men and women on different parts of the body, including legs, bikini line, chest, underarms, arms, and stomach. But the device is only approved for female facial hair, such as growth on the sideburns, neck areas, cheeks, chin, and above the lips. It means that men cannot use LumaRx to substitute their daily shaving. Additionally, this device is only designed for use on light to medium skin tones. The reasons were described higher in this review. If you don't know whether you have sufficient contrast between your hair and skin, the device comes with a built-in skin tone tester. But to get it you will need to buy the whole set. If you are ready to start, you should be aware of the fact that using this at-home IPL hair-removal unit is rather straightforward. The process involves three steps. First, light energy reaches the hair root. Second, this energy stops current growth of this hair follicle. It will prevent future growth too. Third, within 7-10 days, this hair will fall out. It is recommended to treat you problem areas every two weeks, that is three times during one month. LumaRx can be used for periodic touch-up treatments. We are unable to attest to the level of instruction that comes with the product, but its official website doesn't list any instructions or cautions on how to use the device.

There are many customer reviews about LumaRx online. They carry a mixed character, which shows that the product is quite contradicting. The greater number of product's reviews can be found on Amazon; however, even this website may contain a great number of fake reviews. Amazon tries to police scammers, since the representatives of its team are very familiar with the signs of suspicious reviews. Many of LumaRx reviews are fake, though. The first reason why I think so is that many of these testimonials were posted on the same day. Then, it is unbelievable that 25 out of 26 reviews rated the product with top marks, especially when some reviewers state not being completely satisfied with their purchase. Too many happy customers are another red flag, when taking into account the fact that other at-home hair removal devices have much lower ratings. The majority of five-star testimonials have been posted within the last several weeks - hardly enough time to understand whether you are satisfied with a device or not. it does not mean that LumaRx is a bad product, but I encourage you to look at the available testimonials objectively before buying the product and make your own conclusion. But today we will focus on verified reviews only.

"I bought Lumarx in January 2016 and tried it eight times. I always used the highest setting and even went over the same skin area two times. However, hair would come back in a month! Besides, the procedures are very painful. Don't put yourself in pain and don't waste your money. It is not worth the money it costs. I do not recommend this product to anyone"

"I have been using Luma Rx for over six months. I used it mainly on my face, above my upper lip and on my chin. My face is still covered with dark hair. I always used the device on the highest setting. I have already used the entire laser cartridge. I need to get more cartridges and they are expensive. I don't know what to do, since I haven't noticed any significant difference. Waste of money!"

"As soon as I bought LumaRx I returned this item. It burnt my skin like hell and I did not see any difference in the growth of my hair. I have black hair and a slight tan. Besides, this device is extremely expensive. I spent less on a Groupon which covered my legs, arms, underarms, and upper lip. I didn't feel any burning when doing the procedure at the salon. I am glad I returned the device. There are better deals available on the market"

Where To Buy LumaRx?

You can buy the product on its official website. One unit of LumaRx costs four payments of $99.75 ($399 total). At the time of writing this review their website was experiencing a glitch. As a result, there is no information about any additional fees or shipping costs. LumaRx can also be purchased on Amazon.com for a higher price of $449. The device will require new cartridges periodically. This significantly depends on the frequency of using the unit. Replacement cartridges are not available at the moment. When buying the product on its official website you will get a 90-day guarantee.

My Final Summary

Summing up everything we have learnt about LumaRx, it can be said that this device is not worth the money it costs. It is associated with many complaints from buyers such as lack of results, side effects and high price. Even though the product holds a rather high rating on Amazon, it seems that most of positive reviews are fake. If you suffer from excessive hair on your body or face, consult your dermatologist to discuss possible methods of treatment. People, who have used LumaRx, say that it does not do what it promised. There are more dependable hair removal options at present. Taking into account all advantages and disadvantages, I cannot recommend LumaRx.