Luminess Air Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Luminess Air

If you have ever wanted to have pearlescent glowing skin at one touch of a button, your interest might be excited by Luminess Air, an at-home makeup application airbrushing kit. The device is easy to set up and maintain. And it promises to provide you with smooth results for the money you might pay for a one-day spa package; however, the with a better and longer-lasting stunning results. Before we take a closer look at Luminess Air, we need to define what airbrushing is. Well, this method of applying foundation has been used for many years for professional artists before film making, theater performances, and other special events. It is appreciated for delivering blendable coverage of supreme quality with the use of a minimal amount of the product. This method's work is based on the same principle as spray-paint, which is responsible for invention of this method, by the way. In order to imagine how airbrushing works, think about painting a wall with a sponge roller or brush, which applies thick and uneven coats of paint. And now think about the even coverage produced by fine mist, which can be received from spray-on methods.

Luminess Air uses a small tool that looks like a pen and holds the foundation in a tiny reservoir. It sprays the foundation on the skin in a spray-dot pattern, which reduces the risk of any visible brush strokes. As a result, you get a natural look, even color and glowing skin. Luminess Air can be used on a daily basis. The basic kit includes everything you may need to apply airbrushed makeup: compressor, nozzle and stylus, blush, two 0.55 oz foundations, bronzer, primer / moisturizer and glow. Before ordering a kit, you’ll need to select your skin shade from 5 groups. The kit comes with two foundation shades that can be mixed to achieve a desired look. The company behind the product offers a color match service to women who have issues choosing the necessary shade. All you will need to do is upload a recent picture of your face and submit it through the official website of the company. You'll soon receive suggestions. The site also offers a lot of "How To" videos that help users to use the device, provide application tips and give advice from professionals. The foundation that comes with Luminess Air is said to be oil-free and beneficial for sensitive skin. Let us take a look at what actual users are saying about their experience of using the device.

Customer Reviews - Does Luminess Air Really Work?

Our research has showed a great number of customer reviews about Luminess Air on third-party website and most users are highly pleased with their purchase. According to the customers, applying makeup with this system has the next benefits. A flawless and delicate finish feels like you are not wearing makeup. At the same time, your wrinkles and fine lines are considerably minimized. The device is absolutely hygienic, since neither brushes nor your hands touch your face. The system can provide you with the desired level of coverage from light to maximum to deliver the look of younger skin, with much fewer age spots, blemishes, large pores, redness, and acne. Luminess Air is suitable not only for use on your face but also on your body. It is easy to set up the device, then plug it in, deposit foundation into the stylus's reservoir, and start an application process. The only drawback, though, is that you need to clean the unit after every use to avoid gunking up the device; however, it is super easy as well. You'll need to place a few drops of water into the reservoir, and spraying the system onto a cloth until the remaining product has been pushed through the nozzle.

If you are for any reason not satisfied with your product, you can return it for a full money refund. Based on the company's reputation online, most people are pleased with their customer service experiences. The shipping is usually fast and takes only a few days. We have found a lot of positive testimonials about Luminess Air on YouTube, the site full of tutorials where home-beauty-buffs band loggers show their experience with the device. There are also a lot of customer reviews about the device on Yelp. Thus, one woman reports she fell in love with the product. She is close to her 50's, she has dry and skinrosacea. According to her words, she has been using the system for about a year and has found that she absolutely loves it. The woman does not like applying makeup and would prefer not to wear it at all but she has a job that requires nice makeup. The woman says she has made all mistakes while applying makeup, and she has discovered that with the device she has no issues to worry about. When she bought the system she created wet streaks and uneven tones but when she learnt how to use the device correctly. She follows all the instructions carefully and now her face looks perfect. She prefer to use the 4 in 1 foundation because it ideally covers her rosacea. The woman claims that you will need some practice applying it, though. She has not used the eye shadow or the blush because she is scared but someday she is going to get the courage to try that too.

Another user of Luminess Air says it gives her best makeup ever. Besides, this airbrush system provides an absolutely natural look. The customer is in her sixties and has been told that she doesn't look that age. She often gets this type of compliments due to the use of the method! The device is quick and easy to use. This system is perfect for those who have a busy schedule. According to the user, the first time she used the device she was hooked. She learned that she needed to put the blush under the foundation to get a more natural look. There is everything you need to get started in the starter kit. However, the woman wonders where to order the foundation only. She is going to reach the customer service department by phone to ask this question. Let us take a look at some more customers' testimonials found online.

"Luminess Air is a perfect makeup applicator. I ordered it online in a fast and easy manner. As soon as my air brush arrived I tried it and it worked pretty well. Color #3 covered all blemishes and age spots on my skin perfectly. The bronzer is nice too. The eye shadow was easy to use and it makes my eyes very beautiful. I often get compliments from men even though I am in my 60-s. Due to this device my wrinkles become less visible. Luminess customer service reps are helpful."

"Luminess Air is an outstanding product. I got double exposure to the tan-bed and the sun, I walked several miles a day but nothing really worked. I though I was unlucky and simply had to accept this fact. But now I have my Luminess Air brush. It works well in removing all of the flaws from my face. My friends dropped their jaws when they saw my face. The device covers any scars or tats I have on my face. I do recommend this airbrushing system to my friends."

"I hardly ever order anything by phone because I usually don't understand what they are telling me. The situation is different with Luminess Air. I just spoke to Chris, a representative of the company. He was comprehensive and explained everything to me inn easy language. He also answered my questions and was tolerant to me. I had the most pleasant experience on the phone ever. I am looking forward to receiving my system soon and trying it out."

My Final Summary

Summing up, Luminess Airbrush appears to be a worthy makeup system created by a well-known reputable brand. The company lives up to its promise of providing professional, easy-to-use and high-quality makeup. Its airbrush makeup system includes all the necessary tools to get started. Besides, you can choose from a great variety of makeup colors, so it is stress-free to find the proper color range for you. The majority of customers are pleased with the customer support. Separate attention should be given to the consistent, attentive and professional representative of the customer service department. Probably the only concern you may have about this product is a bit confusing pricing policy. But if you read it attentively, you will understand everything. Be patient to wait for shipping and learn the final cost of the product. Overall, this airbrush makeup system has a similar priced to other systems of the kind available on the market. With their wide range of makeup, you can get a natural look without any flaws on your skin. Luminess Air kit is not cheap; however, it is absolutely worth the price. With all these pros and cons in mind, we do recommend this airbrushing system.

Luminess Air Pricing and Rates

The Luminess Air Everyday system is priced at $199 and can be bought in the website's Online Shop section. You can buy foundation refills for $18-$40, depending on the line you choose. The company offers many models and kits. It is important to mention that the website offers an upgraded kit for a 30-day trial for $19.95. The fine print says that after 30 days if you love the device, you will need to make five monthly payments of $59.99. The overall price will be $299 for this upgraded kit. It is unclear, though, if the initial $19.95 fee to try the device is deducted from your total cost or not. According to the return policy of the company, a dissatisfied buyer can return their purchase for a full refund within 30 days, minus shipping and "initial trial cost." To return the device, clean it thoroughly. Returns must be authorized by the customer service department before they are sent in. A 1-year manufacturer's warranty covers buyers if their product breaks.