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LunaBella Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY LunaBella Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More!

LunaBella is skincare product specially designed to fight aging signs on the user's skin. This product is presented in the form of serum that is claimed to hydrate your skin making it more vibrant and smooth. The serum contains tiny absorbent molecules that can deeply penetrate your skin releasing all the active ingredients that can repair possible damage of the skin at a cellular level. How does LunaBella work? Well, according to the manufacturer, the serum works by promoting natural collagen production. This is an essential protein used to support the structure of your skin. Upon its absorption, the collagen molecules penetrate deeply under the skin surface. This skin care product also promises to hydrate your skin maintaining its smoothness. It contains Argireline, an ingredient that works by inhibiting muscle contraction. This process contributes to the formation of wrinkles and fine lines during facial movements like frowning and smiling. Before buying this anti-aging skincare product you will need to know the information about the company behind the product. The manufacturer behind the product carries the name of LunaBella Skincare. The serum is available on the manufacturer's official website. The latter is low-informative and contains little information about the company itself and the ingredients used in the product.

Ingredients of LunaBella - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

The manufacturer of the serum does not provide the full ingredient list in the product on the official website. For this reason, we had to do our own deep research and this is what we found out. The first ingredient in the serum is Argireline, which is an anti-wrinkle peptide that is believed to be able to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. However, there is limited information about this compound, so you never know what to expect from it - positive or negative effect. Another ingredient in LunaBella is Gatuline, a compound that rebuilds damaged skin cells, takes part in cell turnover, and supports the health of skin tissue. Unfortunately, this compound is badly studied. Gatuline In-Tense is another chemical that has been recently synthesized. It is derived from concentrated oil from the flowers of the paracress plant. This plant is thought to be rich in alkylamides, analgesics which are known for their importance for the immune system.


In general, Gatuline In-Tense is used to raise skin density by promoting the contraction of the connective tissue between collagen cells called fibroblasts. As a result, you are expected to have more reflective and tighter skin that is more reflective of UV rays and looks younger. UV ray reflection does not allow the creation of free radicals that can disrupt cellular organization and cause damage of cell membranes. Gatuline In-Tense has been studied by the only laboratory, the one that synthesized it. However, this laboratory has not provided any data about possible side effects associated with the use of this ingredient. There is neither short term, nor long-term safety information about the compound. Trylagen is a combination of a peptide and a protein used to repair damaged skin cells and restore collagen levels. Trylagen PCB is a recently synthesized combination of wheat proteins, soy, peptides, and pseudoalteromonas ferment extract. This compound was designed to boost collagen production, retention and organization. Unfortunately, there is lack of information about the effects of Trylagen PCB. There is only one clinical study; however, it was conducted by the laboratory that manufactures the medication. There is no information about its safety but there are some reports of side effects from real users.

Vitamin A and C are responsible for the nourishment of your skin. These are believed to be able to slow down the aging process and to maintain proper skin's moisture. Antioxidants are helpful for preventing damage of your skin due to oxidation and free radicles. Collagen boosters are considered to be able to effectively maintain your skin's elasticity and enhance collagen production. The disadvantage of these ingredients is absence of dosage information, which does not allow determining the exact effects of these ingredients.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

According to the official website, LunaBella serum has no side effects; however, it is a wrong statement because some of the product's ingredients may lead to such allergic reactions as skin redness, irritation, burning, rash and itching. A very limited number of users have provided their testimonials about using the serum. Few of them have given positive feedback about it. Even though the majority of the product's ingredients are natural, there are many reports from customers who have experienced adverse reactions. Thus, the manufacturer's claim that it is produced from safe components is not quite true. The only thing most people liked about the product is that it is easy to use. All you will need to do is to cleanse your skin with mild face wash before using it. Pat your skin to dry it. You will need a small amount of the serum and apply it on the skin area. It can be a dark spot, fine lines, and circles around your eyes, wrinkles or any blemish on your skin. Apply the product gently with your fingers until it is well absorbed with your skin. It is high time to take a look at the real users' testimonials about LunaBella.

"I am almost fifty and I ordered Luna Bella to reduce my wrinkles and fine lines. The advertisement sounded to be very promising; however, the product did not do what it is claimed to do at all. On the contrary, I had skin itching and irritation. I do not recommend this serum to anyone."

"I don't like the fact that I am trying to review LunaBella and I can see only two "verified" purchases. Nine of eleven are unverified. What I want to say is that this product did not work for me as I expected! It is quite expensive for a product of this kind."

"I have tried a lot of similar creams. Luna Bella was one of them but I am not satisfied with it. I did not see any difference when I was using it alone. It turned out to be a little bit more effective when used together with an expensive moisturizer. In any case, I cannot recommend this product."

Where To Buy LunaBella?

This skin care product can be purchased from the official website of the manufacturer and from some retail stores online. The cost may differ depending on where you are buying it from. For example, Amazon offers one bottle of LunaBella Collagen Serum at the price of $28.45 plus free shipping with Amazon Prime.

My Final Summary

LunaBella does not seem to be a worthy skin care product since it has a lot of disadvantages. The first one is the absence of exact ingredient concentrations on the official website. According to the real customers' reviews, this product is not effective. The manufacturer of the serum is also not clear. There is no information about the money back guarantee policy, so you may not be able to get a refund in case of buying faulty or ineffective products. Some people who have tried LunaBella repot having faced some allergic reactions. With all this in mind, LunaBella does seem to be an ultimate solution for people who want to improve the condition of their aging skin. If you want to effectively combat the aging signs and to brighten your skin, you will need to look for another skin care product that would provide you with real results without side effects.