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If you hate cleaning your cat's litter box, today you will be offered a great solution. Company located in the USA and called Luuup has done this daily chore cleaner, easier, and less wasteful. It comes with three sifting tray system that helps to decrease the need for extra plastic baggies and a scooper. This is the most funded pet product in the world as the system has raised over $2,000,000 from 16,000+ backers. The product is backed by Dini Petty, a Canadian daytime talk show host and a former self-piloting traffic reporter. After retiring the woman paid much attention to the concept of a sifting litter box. Her son helped to redesign Luuup, implementing new technologies. They also took into consideration the suggestions from shoppers who used to buy the original product. The new version has been improved a lot. As a result, Luuup has become the cleanest and smartest litter box you will ever buy.

Luuup features three identical sifting trays that are placed within each other. In order to clean the litter box, you will need to take the top tray and shake it gently to let the unused litter sieve through. As a result, only the clumps remain. These are easy to throw away. This technology helps to eliminate the need for a separate scooper. After you empty the tray into the garbage you can rinse it with water and let it dry. Due to the design with curved corners, litter will not clump or cling to the tray's base. It means that Luuup is very convenient to use. Due to the ability to throw litter clumps into the garbage, you won't need additional plastic baggies for waste. After you have tossed the clumps away, just turn the tray 180 degrees and put it at the bottom of the stack. You can lay the trays side by side, with the newest tray nesting on the bottom. This cycle of nesting trays has inspired the creators to find out the product's name.

Customer Reviews - Does Luuup Really Work?

A lot of people have written their reviews of this product online. Some of them are extremely happy having this system, while others have some complaints. One person says that they have several cats and love them dearly but they hate dealing with their litter boxes. That man confessed that Luuup has become a great assistant in the problem. If you are a cat owner, you should try this system too and experience its benefits. Ordinary litter boxes have to be located in easily accessible places for regular cleaning but, at the same time, they cannot be too open. Every day you have to deal with unpleasant cleanliness issues. Boxes with a lid are not comfortable for cats, as the pet will feel trapped in the enclosed space. Luuup does allow cats not to feel trapped, as it has an open top. The only disadvantage of this system is that it leaves pet's litter visible. There are cats that tend to kick their litter causing spray. The method with Luuup has showed success in solving this problem too.

To clean the tray you will need to wipe out it quickly with cleaner and a paper towel. Then you can return it to the bottom of the stack. Usually, it doesn't require any more cleaning. Most users of the Luuup are very glad to have given it a chance and experimented with the system. Many customers are satisfied with the product. You won't have to waste your time with any other litter. Those who have tried it are sure that it would prevent any sticking to the side. The system also helps to control odor. As soon as you start using it you will notice less tracking compared to other traditional covered litter boxes. This litter stays cleaner. Let us have a look at the reviews of real people who use Luuup.

"I bought Luuup a week ago and I really love it. As I received it and opened the product I liked its design. I immediately started experimenting with the system. My cats got into it before I managed to set it up completely! As soon as they were finished, I did the chore which was a quite easy task. I am sure this will be the responsibility of my kids soon. I don't have to keep the shovel in the site. You have to try it."

"I was very excited to see my Luuup for the first time, but I was not disappointed. The upper layer kept the litter well, so I could remove it easily. I have used it for a week already and I am satisfied with the product. The only precaution should be taken into consideration. Use the whole jug of Tidy Cats and you will prevent any issues with litter going through the grates. Cleaning of the box is very is also not difficult to rotate the tray to the bottom of the stack. The clumps will be sifted to the trash bag without any mess."

"When I first purchased the Luuup I understood that my daily routine would be significantly simplified. I was right. The box is easy to use and to clean. I would recommend using two sets together. You are expected to come into contact with only one tray to get rid of the cats' waste. I have three cats and I really appreciate the technology hidden in these litter boxes. None of the litter boxes I have even used were as successful as the Luuup. It takes only 5 minutes to clean the tray and to make it smell fresh. By the way, my cats love it too."

My Final Summary

The Luuup is an ingenious way to simplify the task of daily scooping as it greatly helps cat owners to keep their pet's boxes clean and fresh. To my mind, this is truly the cleanest and smartest litter box of its kind. Of course, it is a matter of personal preference, however, people who have tried it, find it really helpful. The sifting litter tray relieves the need to stoop over boxes. Besides, Luuup has large slots and rounded corners which decrease the risk of such problems, as clumps stuck in grates. If your cat dirties the lip of its litter box or has poor aim, cleaning the box might be a big trouble. Luuup was released quite recently but it has gained positive reputation among its users. Do not hesitate purchasing this product. It will be good investment into your home.

Where To Buy Luuup In Stores?

Like many other modern inventions, this product can be orderedonline from the official website of the manufacturer. The cost of the Luuup significantly depends on the number of units. One Luuup Litter Box costs $38, two Luuup Litter Boxes cost $76, three Luuup Litter Boxes cost $114, four Luuup Litter Boxesare worth $150. Finally, you can buy six Luuup Litter Boxes for $228. Each purchase comes with an anti-microbial spill guard that will keep your litter box system really clean. You will have to pay the shipping costs, the amount of which depends on your location. What about returns? This is where funding should be considered. If you pledge money in exchange for the products, you have a 10-day period after making a purchase to ask for a refund.