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Mack's Prairie Wings

Mack's Prairie Wings is a store located in Stuttgart, Arkansas, USA. This location is not far from the Mississippi River, an ideal place for hunting for ducks. The company was founded by a family 75 years ago. Today, this hardware store sells guns, ammunition, and hunting gear eventually expanding its variety of products every year. When a mail order catalog was added, the company's business significantly took off. The size of the warehouse and store is 125,000 feet now. The current COO of the company is Eric Chin who claims that they get customers from different countries of the world. They intend to provide them with a unique experience, so when they leave they continue shopping online. The store's staff know all of the principles of face-to-face customer service attracting great numbers of customers. To deliver a perfect experience across its retail and online channels, Mack's Prairie Wings made a commitment to NetSuite, across inventory management, SuiteCommerce and financials for ecommerce, and Bronto for commerce marketing. The results have been amazing. With SuiteCommerce InStore, the store is able to issue 10,000 transactions in two days. Their associates use iPads to move people through the lines more quickly while depleting the inventory record. In fact, the company has seen 30% growth in 6 months after installing SuiteCommerce. The company's bounce rate is down 68%, mail conversion rate is up 200%. Revenue from email is up 111%. The Mack's Prairie Wings online store can be found at It allows everyone to shop by categories such as Waterfowl, Shooting, Hunting, Casual, Marine, Bargain Blind, and Brands. If you have any questions or concerns, call at the company's phone number (870) 673-6960. The address of the store is 2335 N Hwy 63; Stuttgart, AR 72160; United States.

Customer Reviews - Does Mack's Prairie Wings Really Work?

There is a great number of customer reviews about Mack's Prairie Wings on third-party websites. Most of them have a positive character as the customers of the store are pleased with the wide variety of products. The official site offers a great number of categories of products. Waterfowl includes Decoys (Goose Decoys, Duck Decoys, Motion Decoys and Decoy Accessories), Calls (Goose Calls, Duck Calls, Call Accessories and Lanyards), Blinds (Dog Blinds, Layout/Field, Material and Accessories, Boat), Waterfowl Gear (Seats, Bags and Backpacks, Waterfowl Gear Accessories, Game Carriers), Clothing (Waterfowl Jackets, Pants, Vests, Shirts, Gloves, Bibs, Headwear, Youth, Women's), Water Dog (Training Supplies, Dog Vests, Kennels, Water Dog Accessories, Dog Stands, E-Collars, Collars and Leads), Waders (Waist, Chest, Hip, Youth, Women's, Waterproof/Accessories/Repair). The category of Shooting includes Ammunition (Handgun Ammunition, Rifle Ammunition, Rimfire Ammunition), Shotgun Ammunition, Guns (Black Powder, Rifles, Shotguns, Handguns), Storage (Gun Safe Accessories, Rifle Cases, Shotgun Cases, Gun Racks), Accessories (Firearm Sights, Shotgun Choke Tubes, Gun Holsters, Gun Cleaning Supplies, Gun Slings, Other Gun Accessories, Ammunition Storage and Magazines, Tactical Gun Parts, Hearing and Eye Protection), Shooting Targets and Accessories (Clay Shooting Accessories, Target Throwers, Targets, Shooting Rests), Optics (Scopes, Binoculars, Range Finders, Optics Accessories and Mounts).

The category of Hunting includes Archery (Bow Cases, Bows, Bow Sights, Bow Stabilizers, Quivers, Bowfishing, Crossbows, In-Store Bows, Broadheads, Arrow Rests, Arrows, Arrow Accessories, Releases, Archery Targets, Accessories), Decoys (Deer Decoys, Dove, Predator, Turkey, Other Decoys), Clothing (Women's, Hunting Jackets, Youth, Hunting Vests and Hoodies, Hunting Hats, Hunting Pants, Hunting Shirts, Hunting Bibs, Hunting Gloves, Rain Gear, Turkey Apparel and Accessories, Base Layers), Scent Control, Blinds and Stands (Climbing Stands, Ground Blinds, Towers and Blinds, Treestand/Blind Accessories, Ladder and Tripod Stands, Fixed Position Treestands), Hunting Gear (NavigationBags and Backpacks, Lights And Batteries, Coolers, Stools/Chairs, Cutlery and Knife Accessories, Traps and Accessories, Body Warmers, Insect Repellent), Calls (Predator Calls, Turkey, Deer, Other Calls), Game Processing and Mounting, Feeders and Food Plots, Game Cameras, Scents and Attractants, Footwear (Tactical Boots, Hiking Boots, Work Boots, Hunting Boots, Snake Boots, Women's/Youth Hunting, Socks, Boot Accessories, Boot Dryers). The category of Casual involves Men's (Pants, Vests, Jackets, Shirts, Headwear, Shorts, Grooming, Bags and Luggage, Accessories), Women's (Accessories, Handbags and Totes, Sweaters and Sweatshirts, Jackets and Vests, Shirts, Pants, Sleepwear, Shorts and Skirts, Women's Headwear), Youth (Pants And Shorts, T-Shirts, Shirts, Accessories, Infant-Toddler, Jackets), Footwear (Youth Casual, Women's Casual, Men's Casual), Home and Gift (ToysFood and Kitchen, Decor, Jewelry, Gifts, Sunglasses). The category of Marine includes War Eagle Boats, Fishing Gear (Reels, Rods and Poles, Lures, Apparel and Accessories), Propellers, Life Vests, Boat Oil and Lube, Outboard Motors, ATV and Automotive, Trailer Accessories).

The majority of customers of Mack's Prairie Wings claim they have had the best experience in the store. The staff members are always friendly and helpful. Besides, the store offers only high-quality merchandise. You will certainly find what you are looking for, especially in the gun department. Even if they don't have something, they will order it for you. One man reports they went to the store on August 11th during their Fall Festival event. They came from Georgia and did not know what to expect. They intended to buy equipment for duck hunting. According to the customer's words, that place was absolutely huge. They were pleased to find out that the store offered personalization on your merchandise for free. There were just about anything you may need for hunting. The man recommends everyone who needs hunting equipment to go to Stuttgart store! It is an amazing place for every sportsman, too. It has everything a waterfowler is looking for. The staff understands everything concerning the outdoor lifestyle and makes sure there is something interesting for both men and women. You can even have a custom rifle built for you in gun department. One customer had this kind of a project finished earlier than expected. It was absolutely great. Here are some more customer reviews found online.

"I like the location of Mack's Prairie Wings at Stuttgart, United States. This is the greatest store for waterfowlers of all times. They have a plenty of guns, gear, decoys, shells, and equipment. You can see tons of ducks hanging from the ceiling and full-size huge game mounts in the store. There are a lot of handguns, rifles, and shotguns for you to choose from. I especially admire their bargain cave, fishing section, and bow/archery department. The staff in the store is helpful and polite. This is a must visit store for sure!"

"Mack's Prairie Wings has the widest choice of guns I have ever seen. What's more, they have highly educated staff in the field. Unfortunately, I don't remember the name of a young man who recognized the trigger mechanism I was looking for in just thirty seconds. I had it bent in my gun, so he found the necessary part and replaced it really fast. It cost me only 23 dollars for labor and the part itself. I spent less than ten minutes in the store. I wish I remembered the name of that gunsmith."

"If you are a waterfowl hunter, Mack's Prairie Wings is a paradise for you. You have to visit this store because it has everything related to ducks and duck hunting. You can buy shoes, clothes, and gifts there too. If you need ammunition or waders you will like this place. It has a great selection of these products and all of them are available. I stop at this store every time I am in the area. don't forget to take a selfie with the huge mallard out front!"

My Final Summary

Mack's Prairie Wings is a great store for everyone who needs anything for waterfowl hunting. Those who have shopped there for a long time are happy with the great selection of guns, ammunition, outer ware and even clothing including men's and women's clothing for outside and inside. There is a large selection of decoys and waders of a lot of sizes too. Mack's is a great place for women who can shop for home decor items, beautiful clothing, paintings, jewelry and everything a duck hunter wants. Even children will find a lot of interesting things in the store in Stuttgart. They have games for all age groups. The store often offers huge discounts - up to 40% off, so anyone can get a super deal. You can go shopping online at You will be pleasantly surprised with the quality and prices of the products. So, if you are a duck hunter at heart, a boater, waterfowler or a deer hunter, I highly recommend you stop by Mack's Prarie Wings and check them out.

Mack's Prairie Wings Pricing and Rates

Since the store sells a great variety of different products we will take a loot at most popular items only. If you are looking for blinds, you can opt for MOmarsh Invisiman Blind for $299.99 instead of $329.99, MPW 8 Foot Swamp Blind Camo for $249.99 instead of $399.99, MPW Two Prairie Layout Hunting Blind for $79.99 instead of $99.99, MOmarsh Invisichair Shallow Water Blind for $269.99 instead of $299.99. Avery Outdoors Quick-Set Duck Boat Blind Set - 14-16 Foot is priced at $599.99. Avery Marsh Foot Attachment costs $16.99. You can buy Banded Axe Combo Boat Shore Blind for $399.99. The price of Avery 12 Foot Boater's Telescoping Decoy Retriever is $29.99. When it comes to shotguns, you may choose from Stoeger 31838 M3000 12 Ga 3" 28" - Max 5 for $475.00, Browning 018718205 Cynergy WW 12 Ga 26" 3.5" Burnt Bronze SGB for $2,049.99, Benelli 10303 SBE 312 Ga 26" Realtree Timber for $1,799.99, Benelli 11231 M2 12 Ga 28" 3" Tungsten/Timber for $1,399.99, and many other guns provided in the store. Do you need a bow? No problem. Genesis Kit LH Blue costs only $209.99. Bear Archery Cruzer G2 Shadow Series Compound Bow 12-30 15-70 RTH Package - RH Shadow Series or Bear Archery Cruzer G2 Compound Bow 12-30 15-70 RTH Package - RH AP Pink can be purchased for $399.99. Bear Archery Wild Compound Bow 60-70 - RH Realtree Xtra Green and Bear Archery Cruzer Lite Compound Bow 12-275-45 With RTH Package - RH Purple are priced at $299.99 for a unit. Bear Archery Threat Compound Bow 60-70 With Ready To Hunt Package - Xtra or Bear Archery Threat Compound Bow 60-70 Ready To Hunt Package - LH Xtra can be bought for $599.99.