Magic Bax Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Magic Bax Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Magic Bax

Stretched lobes may become a real problem for people with bad piercings or as a result of many years of tear and wear from wearing heavy earrings. There is a way out because the modern market offers MagicBax earring lifters which promise to support your earrings against your earlobe in a secure and simple way. These items are claimed to improve sagging and the appearance of your ears and earrings. Little is known about the company behind the product. There is an official website but it contains too little information about the manufacturer. This is the first red flag. According to the site, the device is easy to use. You will simply need to slide any earring post into these lifters' hypoallergenic and non-irritating back and you will be able to support your earrings in a comfortable manner. Your earrings are promised to look more beautiful in the matter of a minute. Make sure that the heart is facing up. Will MagicBax really help you to feel more confident or is it a waste of money? To answer this question we will study real customer reviews but at first we need to check what is known about the company behind the product.

Well, we have done our own thorough research and found out that the manufacturer of the product is called Allstar Products and is headed by CEO Scott Boilen. The company has been in business since 1999, and within these years has developed into one of the largest As Seen on TV companies available on the market. The company makes a number of other products. Thus, some of their recent releases include Multi-Cut, Sleep Styler, Lo- Orbitrim, and Bak Trax. From a company perspective, Allstar held a B Better Business Bureau rating, with 49 closed complaints. Most of these negative opinions revolved around poor customer support, negative experiences of buying the product. MagixBax is based on a rather simple design, which is why I have some doubts whether it could really help lift earrings that are drooping. Is it a must-have beauty breakthrough, as advertised on the official website? Before spending your hard-earned money, let's take our time to discuss the problem of stretched earlobes more deeply, as well as take a look at the real customers' reviews available online.

Customer Reviews - Does Magic Bax Really Work?

What makes earlobes stretched? According to NaturallyHealthySkin, like all skin on the human body, ear skin is made from the proteins collagen and elastin. The latter provides the skin with elasticity, or the ability to get to its original shape after being stretched. And collagen provides the skin with strength. It is clear that there are limits to this stretchiness. For instance, if someone wears heavy earrings really often, they can pull on this lobe hole and cause it to stretch permanently. Sometimes, big weight can make the hole tear and not heal completely. As a result, an individual gets a larger opening than earlier. As an individual ages, their body produces less collagen and elastin protein. This can also contribute to our sagging and less supple skin, causing once small holes to grow larger. In other cases, people could purposely stretch their earlobes.

Whatever the cause, MagicBax lifters are designed to provide a bigger rear surface area by replacing "stock" earring backs and raising the front. This makes them sit more flush against ears. These lifters have a lot of competitors. We will quickly discuss the MagicBax earring lifters to understand whether they are worth buying. According to the official website, the product works well on any person, of any age, and with any shape of ears. It should be remembered that if you have large lobe holes (for example, from gauging), MagicBax will unlikely provide enough support. If your earlobes are too large, any size back could fall through the hole. Before buying the product of this kind you should have realistic expectations. Choosing the company from which you are considering buying earring lifters, pay attention to the quality, functionality and certainly the price. It would be great if the company provides at least 30-day refund policies, realistic shipping charges and has no restocking fees. What are real online customers saying about the company and their product? Are the complaints more frequent than praises? There are not so many customer reviews about MagicBax earring lifters, which is not a good sign. Let us take a look at the available ones.

"I ordered Magic Bax earring lifters because they were offering a "special" buy one get a second pair free. In reality, it does not mean that you are getting another pack of backs for free. The matter is that it is the same earring case that comes with two pairs of earring lifters. I called the customer service to listen to their explanation, and they admitted that it was false advertising. Poor marketing was used to convince stupid people to purchase this thing."

"I had bad experience of buying MagicBax earring backs. I used them on my best pearl earrings only. They did not lift up my earrings, but one of the lifters pulled out the post of my pearl earring. My earrings are very expensive! I tried these lifters on another pair of earrings but they sagged. This product does not work for me!"

"I bought Magic bax earring lifters about a month ago but I have tried to use them only a few times. They are made from cheap material and are not worth the money they cost. I regret purchasing this product. Buyers beware! I would not recommend this product to anyone."

My Final Summary

Taking into account what we have learnt about MagicBax earring backs in this review, it seems that this product is not a good option for those who have sagging or too large earlobes. Although we didn't test these backs ourselves, but based on real customer reviews, it is not worth purchasing. There are complaints about poor quality of the product, high price, and poor customers service experiences. The product is manufactured by an unreputable company and is associated with mostly negative online customer testimonials. The manufacturer offers a 30-day refund policy but it does not seem to be working well.

The company uses dishonest marketing maneuvers to attract as many buyers as possible. Consumers themselves should be more careful and take plenty of time to figure out whether the company is reputable and whether their product will work for them. Be ready that you will lose your $6.99 on shipping if you are dissatisfied with the device, plus whatever it will cost you to return the product to the manufacturer. Think twice before requesting your refund, especially if your location is too far from the company's. Based on what we have learned about MagiBax during our research, we cannot recommend this product to buying.

Where To Buy Magic Bax In Stores?

There are three purchasing options available for MagiBax on the official website. Two pair sterling silver costs $19.99, while one pair sterling silver plus one pair 18K gold plated are priced at $24.99. You can order two pairs 18K gold plated for $29.99. No matter which option you will choose, all orders come with $6.99 shipping. During checkout, you will have an opportunity to upgrade each 18K gold upgraded to 24K gold, and each sterling silver set to platinum plated, for an additional $5 per pair. The company provides a 30-day money back guarantee. In order to request one, call the customer service department at (800) 510-8196.