Magic Ears Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT USE Magic Ears Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Magic Ears

Many modern people have various hearing issues of difficult levels. Some of them may not qualify for a standard hearing help. Others may qualify but cannot afford it. In any case, Magic Ears promises to help almost anyone who has these or those hearing issues. This solution comes in the form of a compact audio unit that increases the volume of language within a 100-foot range. At the same time, the device is able to cancel out background sounds. This hearing booster is powered with a battery and works by neutralizing atmospheric noise and making speech much clearer. The official website of the product is It was registered in November 2017. The manufacturer of the product is quite reputable and claims that this invention can detect sounds beyond the normal range of hearing. It is not a traditional hearing device. It works as a sound amplifier, which is similar to a hearing aid. The Magic Ears consists of the earbuds that need to be placed into your ears. They are attached to a miniature sound amplifier that picks up the sound and transfers it to the ears through the earbuds. No traditional hearing aid has this external device. The amplifier is usually built into the ear device itself.

So the major properties of the Magic Ears is boosting voices within a range of 100 feet and reducing environmental noise. It means that individuals with poor hearing will enjoy clarity to their hearing. The device is perfect for watching TV. It also has a compact design. The device requires batteries (two AAA batteries) for operating. The product is inexpensive when compared to the competition, especially traditional hearing aids (which are extremely expensive). The only drawback about Magic Ears is that the external device has to be carried with you wherever you will need to use the Magic Ears. However, for the majority of users this is not a big deal, since it fits well in the palm of your hand. Other people may think that it is a phone. Let us take a look at the actual customers' reviews available online about this unusual hearing aid.

Customer Reviews - Does Magic Ears Really Work?

Magic Ears sounds too good to be true but there is enough feedback on the product on third-party websites and a lot of it is positive. This electronic audio device features a set of earbuds that can significantly improve audio while reducing out noise from the environment. Considering the cosmic price of hearing aids available on the modern market, it is not surprising that Magic Ears has become very popular lately. But this product should not be always used as an alternative to a higher-end hearing aid. It is just a basic sound amplifier. If you have serious hearing issues you are recommended to consult a doctor. You may need another kind of aid. Magic Ears is easy to use. You will simply need to plug the device into the included earphones, push the on/off button, and choose your volume. Most users are surprised that choosing the volume leads to a rather loud beep on each press of the button. Besides, handling or touching the unit while using it will produce a louder sound in the earphones, because the sounds are amplified well. Magic Ears amplifies sound, but it seems to work better in quiet locations. Even though it is a discreet and compact unit, it will still be visible; however, most users do not consider it to be a big problem. The device looks like a mobile phone to the others. Of course, more expensive hearing aids are hidden inside the user's ear, which makes them less visible. But the drawback of traditional hearing aids is that they boost all sounds, which creates undesirable indirect and static noise. This is especially irritating in louder environments, which is why these kinds of audio amplifiers are recommended to usage in a quieter place with minimal sources of sound.

When it comes to the Magic Ears, this device is said to reduce background noises when amplifying sound. So, in a noisy car or a crowded room, you won't be distracted by loud static and other ambient noise. This device is suitable for watching television, according to many customer reviews. Another observation is that sound amplified by Magic Ears is mostly midrange in the audio spectrum, with less bass than the ears naturally hear. It is neither a positive nor negative feature, but it is worth mentioning. Most users do not find this sound unpleasant. After buying the standard Magic Ears you are going to deal with changing batteries because this device operates on batteries. The deluxe version is rechargeable, though. A double offer costs $49.96 for two units with free shipping. Usually the batteries last long, but there is only one report that the batteries drained too quickly.

It should be remembered that hearing is not something you should play around with. If you have any hearing issues you will first need to get a proper diagnosis. Your doctor will define how to treat your hearing loss and only then you will be able to start using available alternatives. That doesn't mean that the Magic Ears is a poor alternative, but it is mostly designed for those who already know the causes of bad hearing and are having hearing difficulty. Not every person with difficulty hearing qualifies for a hearing aid. Those using this device praise it for helping them to hear better. Here are some actual users' reviews available online.

"I am happy with the Magic Ears. I mainly use it to watch TV while lying on the sofa. I can hear TV pretty well. At that time my wife usually cooks something in the kitchen. I can hear her too but those sounds do not interfere with my TV. So, I do recommend this device to everyone who has hearing problems. By the way, the product is not expensive at all when compared to those overpriced hearing aids."

"I got Magic Ears for my 90-year-old mother and she likes the device saying that now she can hear other people talking. I bought it from the manufacturer's website at a very low price. It is definitely worth buying. You do not risk anything, since the company offers money-back guarantee. I do recommend this hearing aid."

"Magic Ears arrived promptly, but I had to buy the batteries separately. When I started using the unit I realized that it improves the sound very well. Now I can hear my grandson talking to me from the next room. If you want to make the world louder, this device is for you. You may get a bit irritated with the noise, though."

My Final Summary

Based on our review, Magic Ears is worth giving a try. You can truly expect the unit to deliver on its claims of helping you hear better. The product seems to be really effective. It has a small form but it is still visible to the people around you. The cabling seems to be pretty easy to hide. The 10x sound amplification appears to be enough for most users. We haven't tested the device ourselves, but, based on real customers' reviews, it operates effectively. It should be noted that other products of the kind are much more expensive, even though they may offer additional features. The unit requires buying batteries separately when it comes to the battery-operated version. There is also a battery charged option, which is more convenient for usage. Compared to the traditional type of hearing aids, Magic Ears is less expensive but it has fewer features. It is up to you to decide which kind of hearing aid is more suitable personally for you, but I would recommend Magic Ears to usage.

Magic Ears Pricing and Rates

Many potential buyers are surprised to learn that the device is very cheap when compared to the competition. It is available at the amazing price of $19.99 plus free shipping on the official website of the manufacturer. Magic Ears can also be found of some retail stores. For example, it costs $19.99 on the Bulbhead website. This site has an optional double offer for $29.98, a deluxe offer for $29.98, and a double deluxe offer for $49.96.