Marathon Seat Covers Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Marathon Seat Covers

Marathon Seat Covers are custom high-quality waterproof seat covers for SUV's, pickups, and some passenger cars that can be ordered online from The company that manufactures these covers started operating in Bozeman, Montana in November of 1978. they do not only make but also retail and sell their covers directly to the customers and retail customers. The company has a small number of dealers across the US and Canada but they all make orders from their factory. They have earned their perfect reputation for high quality of products and great customer service. The company has many sponsors such as Steve West, Ted Crush, Covercraft, Wildcomm, as well as vendors including Eastman Corp, Top Value, Brookwood, Schott Performance, Decal Factory, Halco, Excel Sewin Supply, MCC. At present, the company employs 30 people, each of whom focuses on satisfying the needs of every customer. The operating hours of Marathon Seat Covers office are from 8:00 am till 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

To choose the necessary seat cover you will need to go to, enter your vehicle's make, model and year. Marathon Seat Covers are available in different colors and patterns. You can track your order on the official website too. After placing your order online, you will be called by one of the customer service reps to confirm your order details. If you are asking for samples include which ones you need and limit to six swatches. Add your full shipping address. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact their customer service department by calling at 800-735-2769 or by using a form on the official website. You will need to indicate your name, e-mail, phone number, your order number and your message. To find out whether Marathon Seat Covers are worth your attention or not, let us take a look at more details about the product and at what actual customers think about it.

Customer Reviews - Does Marathon Seat Covers Really Work?

There is a great number of testimonials left by actual customers of Marathon Seat Covers and most of them are rather positive. People like the fact that this is not a "one size fits all" product. The company makes each cover unique to fit exactly your vehicle's seats. Their two-piece design reduces that unattractive "hammock" effect. In addition, the entire seat is 100% covered, including the back. The manufacturer uses the most durable and high-quality fabrics. You can choose from a great variety of colors to complement the interiors perfectly. It is interesting to know that they print Camo fabrics on 500 and 1,000 denier Cordura nylon. Fabrics Corduraare coated with polyurethane and treated DWR, which makes the materials tough and waterproof. Blue Denim Weave Cotton Twill is treated with DWR and a stain repellent. It is actually a 600 denier solution dyed cotton twill. This fabric is a bit stretchy and features a denim look print.

What customers appreciate about Marathon Seat Covers is that they can be easily installed inside your vehicle. They have simple "Touch-and-Go" hook-and-loop and fasteners. Your seat covers won't interfere with your seat's motion; they allow tumbling forward, sliding, folding, and laying back. Installation is usually rather quick and takes from one-half hour to two hours. You can view some installation videos on the company's site. You can get matching armrest and headrest covers for a custom look. You can also add different bow holders, gun loops, and knee pockets that are sewn onto your seat covers. It is easy to take care for your covers as they can be machine washed. Use mild detergent and lukewarm water. Do not add any bleach or liquid fabric softener. The fastening straps should be coiled and bound with a rubber band, then placed into a plastic bag with a rubber band. This will prevent the straps from flailing the seat covers in the tumbling process.

Marathon Seat Covers are custom made and the term of producing them depends on factory volume. For more detail contact the company's customer service department. Marathon offers discounts to Military people and First Responders, as well as Policemen and Firefighters. Each purchase comes with a 10% discount. To give you this discount, the company must verify your eligibility. You need to email them from your First Responder or military email address. Or you can send them pictures of one of the following IDs or documents: CAC card, VA Card, PCS Orders, Spousal Military ID, DD214 Discharge, Department issued ID. Marathon's CORDURA Nylon seat covers come with a four-year warrantee, while Blue Denim Weave Cotton Twill fabric comes with the warrantee from manufacturing defects for a three-year period. Marathon is glad to cover all product's defects. In fact, orders are non-cancelable but the company reserves the right to determine eligibility for returning the product. Some products are accepted with a 50% restocking fee. Marathon will unlikely sell that seat cover due to its uniqueness. For this reason, it is vital for the customer to be certain about the order they are placing.

According to the majority of customer reviews, Marathon Seat Covers have high quality and usually provide perfect fit since they are made based on your unique design. Many people claims that these covers are a better value than those offered by other companies of the kind. Since the fabrics are soaked in special substances they provide more protection. The covers are easy to install and look nice on seats. Customer service reps are all helpful and knowledgeable. If you have any concerns or issues, just contact the customer service department and your issues will be solved successfully. The official website of the company is said to be easy to navigate. Let us read some of the actual customers' testimonials available on third-party websites.

"I shop online for exclusive items only and this is my second set of Marathon Seat Covers. I am pleased with my ordering experience from the company. The quality of the product exceeds all of my expectations. It is less expensive than seat covers from other brands. These are the best seat covers I've ever seen. They are not baggy or loose. I am grateful to the people I dealt with. I do recommend Marathon Seat Covers to every car owner."

"I am positively impressed with Marathon Seat Covers, their high quality and perfect fit. I also had excellent experience with a sales rep. She explained to me how to easy install the covers fast and easily. Judy was knowledgeable and helpful in some other questions of mine as well. It was a pleasure to deal with this company in general. I am your customer forever."

"Marathon Seat Covers are perfect. These folks know what they are doing. I am pleased with the ideal fit and high-rate craftsmanship. The product is easy to install and take care of. There is almost no maintenance, I can easily sweep of the hand to remove any dirt. I look forward to making more orders from this company in the future."

My Final Summary

Marathon is a manufacturer and retailer of seat covers for SUV's, pickups, and passenger cars. The major mission of the company is to satisfy the needs of each of their customers when it comes to vehicle protection, organization, and cleanliness. They seem to know how to provide you with stylish, durable and easy-to-install custom seat covers that do not only protect but also enhance the interior of your car. Marathon Superhides Seat Covers are manufactured from genuine Cordura Nylon fabric. You are free to choose from over thirty colors and camouflage patterns. The material's color lasts longer than any other material for seat covers available on the market. Cordura Nylon is a very durable fabric used for making the outdoor equipment, hunting gear, motorcycle jackets and pants, tactical gear and Military backpacks. The material is coated with a DWR top finish and a polyurethane backer for 100% waterproofing.

Marathon Seat Covers fit like they are supposed to since they are patterned directly off of the seats. They take a lot of care to cut their covers with an aerospace grade computer controlled machine. Each cover is made by humans in the factory in Bozeman, MT USA. It means that your covers will custom-fit to your seats without sagging or wrinkling. The backs of the seats are covered too. Another advantage is fast and secure installation. From that very moment start enjoying waterproof Cordura nylon covers that will protect your seats from any dirt and hunting dogs. They wear like iron. In addition, the company offers three-year limited warranty. The only drawback of these covers is that they are more expensive than covers from other companies but they prove to be worth each penny. Marathon Seat Covers are associated with high customer reputation online. With all of the higher mentioned advantages and disadvantaged we do recommend seat covers from the brand.

Marathon Seat Covers Pricing and Rates

Every set of Marathon Seat Covers is unique, so it has a unique price too. To learn the price, you will need to call the company and make your order first. But if you are not satisfied with the cost, you can refuse from your order. Adding headrest covers will cost you $40 per pair, while adding armrest covers costs $20 each or $40 for a pair. Map pockets are priced at $16 each the for back of the front seats. Usually, it takes 5-8 days for an order to get to your destination, depending on your location and time of the year. The company normally ships to their customers in Hawaii and Alaska via the United States Postal Service. All packages to continental U.S. are shipped through the UPS Ground or United States Postal Service for $15.00 for the first row and $5 for every additional row. At present, Marathon offers discounts for First Responders and Military people. They regularly offer specials on some covers that are "In Stock" on their website