MasterCard Black Card Reviews - What Is It?

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MasterCard Black Card

The MasterCard Black Card is a credit card that provides high-rate travel benefits and perks for customers with high credit scores and incomes. This card belongs to the group of three cards in MasterCard's Luxury Card program. The other two include the Gold and the Titanium cards. All of these cards offer their own benefits that include rewards points on purchases, travel reimbursements, and cash-back redemption bonuses. To learn what exactly you are going to get with this card, we will discuss upfront points bonuses, different perks, the card's rates and fees, as well as expert and user reviews of the card. The MasterCard Black Card (MBC) comes with a number of benefits as it is a part of MasterCard's program. But before focusing on those impressive benefits, we want to say that the MasterCard Black Card does not offer an introductory bonus, but it comes with a number of travel perks. This gives you a definite number of bonus points if you spend a certain sum of money in the first three months of owning the card.

The Mastercard Black offers three major benefits: concierge services, Priceless and VIP travel. Concierge representatives are available 24 hours a day to help cardholders to book concert tickets, restaurant seats, and travel arrangements and so on. This program also includes luxury gifting. It means that different reputable manufacturers will send you their products for free. It can be, for example, Bang and Olufsen earbuds. The Priceless program entitles cardholders to diverse experiences around the world, including access to participation in Pro-Am tournaments. As for travel perks, cardholders get upgrades and discounts at more than 3,000 hotels and enrollment in Lounge Club, which allows you to use airport lounges in nearly 500 airports in more than 200 cities around the world for free.

Customer Reviews - Does MasterCard Black Card Really Work?

There is an enormous number of customer reviews on MasterCard Black Card online. The cardholders are highly happy with all the advantages offered by their card. For instance, they are pleased with the Rental Car Program. It means that you can get rental car upgrades in certain companies. Other perks include a $100 statement credit that can completely cover application costs for the federal Global Entry program (check-in at airports in the U.S., Canada, and some other countries). You can also benefit from travel rewards (2% points-to-dollars redemption rates).

According to the customers' words, earning points has never been easier. Cardmembers receive 1 point for every spent dollar. They can redeem these points for rental cars cash gift cards, airline tickets, hotel stays, or just apply them to their credit card statement. You can double the value of your points by booking travel through the Luxury Card travel portal. This makes the MasterCard Black Card the leader in redemption bonuses for travel. Using your points for cash, you will get a 1.5% redemption rate. It means that 10,000 points can be redeemed for $150. Another thing cardholders like about the card is great cash back redemption. Though the card has no up-front points bonus, you will receive a 1.5% cash-back redemption rate on the points that you deposit into your bank account. Other luxury credit cards offer 1% cash back rates, which makes the MasterCard Black Card very unique. A 0.5% does not sound like much, but the more you spend the more you earn. Spending $50,000 a year will allow you to earn the difference between $750 and $500.

The MasterCard Black Card has got mixed users' reviews from personal finance websites. Value Penguin gives this card 83 out of 100, reporting that it offers perfect luxury benefits. Wallet Hub contains more than 840 reviews on the card with an average rating of 2.4 stars, saying that the card's rewards are decent and worthy. Another website,, gives the card 2.2 out of 5 stars, while reviewer John Ganotis gives it 4 out of 5 stars. He says that the card has great benefits. Besides, it is made of metal, which makes it more preferred among users. Let's take a look at the real testimonials left by true card's holders online.

"I got my MasterCard Black Card five days after I applied for it online. I stopped my choice on this card because American Express Platinum is not accepted by anywhere and it is not a credit card but a charge card. American Express comes with fewer perks. I love MasterCard because it is accepted everywhere and allows me to earn wonderful rewards. I also like the option of choosing between paying in full and monthly. It is always nice to have choice. The card is worth its annual fee."

"I have had my Mastercard BlackCard for about three months already and I have been completely satisfied with it. My 25,000 bonus points were posted right away. I appreciate their customer service too. In fact, this is the first card I am 100% satisfied with. I have had zero problems with this card. At first the annual fee seemed to be a little high but then I understood that the card is more than worth this money. I do recommend this great card to everyone."

"I have had Mastercard Black Card for a couple of years now. What I like most of all is their customer service. The representatives of the company immediately answer my phone calls and consult me politely. I always understand answers quickly. They are professional and helpful. I am ready to pay the high annual fee for this card and I would recommend it to my friends."

My Final Summary

The MasterCard Black Card is known for its travel rewards and excellent customer support. In our opinion, its greatest advantage is its double redemption bonus when points are redeemed for buying airline tickets through the travel booking website of the Luxury Card. The airline fares on this site seem to be reasonable. Even though the card doesn't have an introductory points bonus, it offers many other benefits, including a 1.5% redemption rate. In general the card has a high average rating on different websites online.

This card is good for people who travel a lot as it offers excellent travel benefits. The MasterCard Black Card is a perfect choice for someone who is looking for a luxury card offering enough benefits to enjoy a travel credit and airport lounges during their travels. If you appreciate cards made of natural metal, this card could work out for you. It has to be mentioned that this card has a high customer reputation. Most cardholdres are happy having this card. Taking into account all pros and cons, I do recommend the MasterCard Black Card to everyone.

MasterCard Black Card Pricing and Rates

APR for the MasterCard Black Card is 15.24%. You won't have to pay for balance transfers for the first fifteen billing cycles. Adding another user to the card will cost you $195. Avoid late payments; otherwise you will face a late fee of up to $37. There is no penalty APR and foreign transaction fees.