Mattress Wedge Reviews - What Is It?

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Mattress Wedge

Mattress Wedge is a patented foam device that is specially designed to close the open space beneath the headboard. The product has even got an award due to its unique project. It is used to prevent reflux in babies and grown-ups, as well as prevent pillows from being covered with dust. It is claimed to stop different items including toys from meeting a similar fate. The product promotes a good night's sleep. It comes with side pockets that can be used for storing small items such as toys and a TV remote. The official website of the company,, was registered in July 2013. There is enough information about the company on the site

The Mattress Wedge has a shape of a long piece of high-density comfort foam. It is available in different sizes: Full/Queen, Twin, and King/California King. Each model has a triangular top and flat bottom. All you will have to do is put its triangle-side down into the space between headboard and mattress. It is specially designed to cover the open gap and prevent toys, pillows, or any other small things from falling in. The Mattress Wedge can be also used to close possible gap between twin mattresses. Besides, the foam is said to stay warm in winter and cool in summer for you to sleep more comfortably. The product is claimed to be sturdy and light. It also comes with an attractive cover and two removable side pockets. The cover can be washed in a machine.

Customer Reviews - Does Mattress Wedge Really Work?

There are many users' reviews about the Mattress Wedge online. People share their experience of buying and using the product. Most of such testimonials carry a positive character. The users highly appreciate the comfort and support provided by the unit. This is especially important for people suffering from back aches and pains in the rest of the body, as well as those suffering from reflux. Ordering Mattress Wedge you will receive more than expected. Each order comes with the Mattress Wedge you have chosen, four storage pockets and two pillow cases. The cost of the product is quite reasonable, which makes it affordable for everyone who wishes to buy it.

One woman writes in her online review that she bought Mattress Wedge because it was recommended to her by a friend. The woman was always losing her pillows between the mattress and headboard. When she bought this product, she put the case on it and placed it on her bed. The woman did not lose pillows any more. The wedge also gives some lift locating the pillows a small angle. The angle should be slight, though. Another customer writes that the Mattress Wedge solved his ongoing problem with items falling onto the floor between the headboard and the mattress. It is good that there is no need to pay more for the comfort. You can buy it from the comfort of your home. This great product is easy to assemble and install.

One woman has a sleigh bed with a big gap in the middle. Her husband bought a Mattress wedge for their bed as a gift for Christmas. The device manages to decrease their problem drastically. The pockets do not only look cute but can be used for storing eyeglasses, remote and other important items. The product fits their size mattress perfectly and looks like on the picture! Fortunately, the wedge does not fall through the gap in the mattress and can hold up nicely. There is some incline for the pillows that makes sleeping very comfortable. It is high time to check what actual users of this product write about it online. Here are some reviews.

"Mattress Wedge does a wonderful job of keeping pillows from falling down in the gap between my mattress and the headboard. This product also nicely elevates two pillows on my bed. I am so happy that I have stopped placing my arm under my pillow! I often suffered from unpleasant sensations in my arm after doing so. Another advantage is that it didn't smell even though it is made from foam. No weird smell at all. It also features a beautiful machine washable zip cover."

"I agree with most posts about MattressWedge. The product is really necessary for the bed of each sleeper. It is softer than it may look on the picture. I had about 6-7 inches of space between my mattress and the wall. I even had to roll up the blanket into it. But the bed wedge solved this problem just perfect. The wedge sits just like I need it! So, if you have space like I did, do not hesitate and get one unit for your bed too."

"I bought Mattress wedge to use on a Short Queen bed in our Motorhome. My husband and I are tall people, so, our feet used to hang off the bed. You can imagine how painful and inconvenient this can be. After we used the wedge at night, both of us realized there was a terrific difference. It provides us with some extra length that we need so desperately. Our feet hang off the bed no longer, and we feel fresh and rested in the morning. We highly recommend this product to everyone who has a similar problem."

My Final Summary

If you are annoyed with the "gap" in your bed that makes you often lose your pillow in the middle of the night, the Mattress Wedge will be a great solution for you. Due to the two node pockets that come with the product you can keep the most important things in it. So, you won't need to strain and reach for a remote or mobile in the dark. These pockets are suitable for children's toys too - rubber balls or dolls. The Mattress Wedge is a great addition to the contemporary children's bed designs.

Don't worry about the money you will have to pay in order to forget about the gap in your bed. The cost of the product is less than $20. People suffering from reflux will benefit from this product too. Such a low cost for a worthy product sounds to be really ridiculous. Today, Mattress Wedge is available on the official website of the company, as well as at some reputable shops like Wal-Mart and Amazon. You will pay less for shipping and finally enjoy a better night's sleep. I certainly recommend Mattress Wedge to usage.

Where To Buy Mattress Wedge In Stores?

As it was already mentioned, Mattress Wedge can be bought from the official website and a number of retail stores on the Internet. You can buy one product for $19.95 (Twin), $29.95 (Full/Queen) or $39.95 (King/California King). Purchasing the wedge you will need to pay $9.95 shipping and handling. Besides, when you are purchasing Mattress Wedge, you are expected to get a "free" unit for an additional cost of $9.95. In fact, you are paying $19.90 in shipping in addition to the cost of the unit. The company will ship your order to your threshold within 30 days. As soon as you get it, you have 30 days to check whether you like it. If you don't, you can return the product, minus the $19.90 in shipping. To request a refund you will need to contact the company's customer service.