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Maxi Rider

The Maxi Rider is an exercise machine that involves both cycling and rowing and can be used in home surrounding. While using it, you may feel as if you are using an exercise bike and a stationary rowing machine simultaneously. The machine has been created in such a way as to enable you to work your lower body, your upper body, and your core at the same time, while strengthening your muscles and burning calories. In addition, you will be able to drop one movement to focus on just the lower or upper body. While some exercise machines provide only cardiovascular, aerobic exercise, using them doesn't lead to significant muscle development. It is lifting weights that will certainly boost muscle development; however, it will not improve your cardiovascular fitness. But Maxi Rider promises to provide you with both benefits. The cycling and rowing movements it offers provide cardiovascular workout, while the magnetic resistance levels of the machine will enable you to create resistance with your own body. The latter workout is similar to lifting weights. At the same time, your actions will help your body to burn calories and fat, which will cause decreased size of any fatty areas on your body.

As a matter of fact, there is no information about the manufacturer of Maxi Rider on the official website of the product, which is a bad sign. Their As Seen on TV Commercial page is However, there are many promising claims about the machine. Let us take a look at some of its features. The device is suitable for both men and women because it is customizable and adjustable. People of almost any size can use it comfortably; however, there is weight limit (330 pounds) but most adults fall under this index. If you are larger than that, you should not attempt to use the machine, since it can be risky for your health. It should be remembered that some parts of the device could break due overloading. Like other exercise machines, Maxi Rider features a padded seat to increase your comfort level. In this way, you will be able to tolerate using the device for a longer period of time. Let us take a look at what real users of the machine are thinking about their experience of using Maxi Rider.

Customer Reviews - Does Maxi Rider Really Work?

There is a very limited number of testimonials left by real users of Maxi Rider. We have encountered both positive and negative opinion. What customers like about this machine is the ability to use it for only thirty minutes a day. If you use this machine, you will not need to use it for too long. Thirty minutes will be enough to activate your EPOC (excess post-oxygen consumption) levels. When this index is activated, you will be able to burn calories for several hours after you have done your workout. The human body continues working in order to restore pre-workout oxygen levels. But if you are not able to manage a 30-minute workout at first, don't worry. Any number of minutes will be sufficient. You will be able to increase the duration of your workout gradually. Another advantage of Maxi Rider is the fact that it comes with a specially created meal plan. You are not obliged to use it, but if you wish you can benefit from it. This meal plan can be downloaded digitally. If you want to lose some body weight, you may find this meal plan helpful. Besides, this will prevent you from getting bored with using cycling and rowing motions.

Using Maxi Rider may not be simply if you don't read step by step guidance (assembly manual). First of all, you will need to assemble the machine in the area you want. After having assembled it, ensure that it is resting securely on the front and back parts of its base, otherwise, it may tip over as you work out. The machine allows you to select the most comfortable seat position, which is very important when exercising your upper body. In this case, you will need to adjust the seat in an upright position. If you want to focus on your lower body, adjust the seat so in a more recumbent position. Check your manual for any pins or other fasteners the machine features in order to prevent the seat from tipping or jiggling as you are working out. It is up to you to decide which level of resistance is the most suitable for you. To do this correctly, you will also need to follow your manual's instructions. There are eight levels of magnetic resistance offered by this machine. If you don't know what level of resistance to choose, it is better to start with the lowest level and exercise. Do not start with a very hard level, otherwise you risk straining your muscles and getting pain during the next several days.

After customizing your device for yourself, you will be able to mount it. Sit on the seat and put your feet on the pedals. The pedal's straps should be positioned securely over your shoes. Hang onto the arm handles. For a full-body workout you will be pedaling while moving your arms back and forth. The movements are similar to those when rowing a boat. You may drop your arms to your sides if you want to exercise only your lower body. In this case, you will be just pedaling. Once you have exercised for thirty or as many minutes as you can, stop moving your legs and arms slowly and place your feet on the floor. Move one leg to the other side to dismount your device. All of the directions sound to be quite easy to perform, but let us take a look at what real users of Maxi Rider think about it.

"I ordered Maxi Rider from the commercial page of the product. When I opened the package I saw that it was missed some parts. So, I contacted the company for replacement! They told me they would charge me for the missing part saying that the package is not under warranty and it was sold as it is. According to the package's label, there should be all of the parts. I think I was cheated. I am going to return the purchase, unless this problem is solved."

"Maxi Rider is an awful bike. I don't want any other customer to be misled, that is why I am writing this review. It is real challenge to deal with this company regarding returns. I ordered a bike and assembled it as described. The last step was assembling the pedals and that was when I realized that the threads on the machine were too big for the pedal screw. The customer service rep told me they would send me a new one. I disassembled that machine and returned it. Five days later I received a new bike. This time it was the tension control that didn't work. All levels had the same tension. I am very disappointed with this product."

"I bought Maxi Rider from the official website but there was a faulty part. This is a brand new product! So, I requested replacement of that part, but I still haven't been responded. Be aware of this company and their nonsense customer service. What a waste of time and money!"

My Final Summary

Maxi Rider seems to be a great idea but the experience of using it is mainly disappointing. The product is associated with a great number of disadvantages and complaints from real customers. Many of them have received a package with missing parts and were forced to pay for the replacement. Others received the machine that doesn't work as it should. For example, the pedaling isn't smooth but jerky on all levels. The machine operates too loud. The gears create noise like they are grinding. The bike itself is very expensive, while the company's customer service department is unresponsive. Another negative point is that the device requires batteries for work. It doesn't plug into a wall outlet. The necessary batteries are not included with the machine. You will need to obtain a set of batteries on your own. This machine does not fold up to get a more compact size. So, it will take a few feet of your space. Do not buy Maxi Rider. There are better alternatives at lower prices.

Where To Buy Maxi Rider In Stores?

You can purchase Maxi Rider from As Seen on TV Commercial page ( at the cost of $418.80. The shipping is free.