MaxiGlide Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


Straightening hair may be a difficult process. To uncurl naturally curly hair, people may use an iron or get a chemical treatment, which can be damaging, though. MaxiGlide XP Digital is another styling tool meant to transform your hair from curly to straight, with no strenuous heating process provided by most tools. The product has a steaming mechanism that leaves hair healthy and hydrated, according to the manufacturer. Does the MaxiGlide XP Digital really offer a chance to get hair with silky texture? We will try to answer this question further in this review but at first let us take a look at the information available about the manufacturer of this device.

Even though the official website of the product is quite educational, there is little information about the company behind the device. It is probably based in the USA. If you have any questions concerns about making a purchase, you can reach the customer service team by calling at their a phone number 888-629-4875 or writing a message to The official website contains a lot of claims about the iron itself. MaxiGlide XP Digital styling tool is said to be specially created for those people who are not pleased with their hair. It features a brush that makes it possible to straighten any hair type. It also has patented components, like the steam that infuses hair with hydration as well as the detangling pins to eliminate the curls in just one brush.

Customer Reviews - Does MaxiGlide Really Work?

The manufacturer of MaxiGlide XP Digital is meant for full-bodied hair that is said to get the look that is as good as after a day at the salon. The main appeal about the iron is that it doesn't fry or burn hair the way a regular iron does. There are many components that separate this tool from others available on the market. The major one is the technology that straightens hair. The SteamBurst mechanism on the device helps to flatten hair not with intense heat but with steam. By the way, a steam cleaner uses the same principle to flatten clothes. This method is said to straighten and relax hair at the same time. Using the steam for straightening hair is less damaging to the strands than pressing the hair between two hot plates. The consumer using the device is promised to enjoy a new level of hydration without soaking their hair.

To ensure that the hair is not just steamed but it is properly straightened, the brush features bristles that are designed in such a way as to separate the hair as it goes through it. Unlike a traditional brush, you will need only one stroke to eliminate tangles, according to the manufacturer. Unfortunately, many users report difficulty brushing their hair with this kind of brush. To ensure that the device is safe, the brush also features protective ridges that guarantee that the device remains cool during usage. The company behind MaxiGlide XP Digital claims that this kind of iron is simple to use. There are some demonstration videos on the official website showing how to use the device correctly. You will need to turn on the unit, and brush through your hair. Each package comes with full instructions on how to use the device and bonus toiletries included.

There are many customer reviews about MaxiGlide XP Digital online. They have a mixed character, which means that there are both positive and negative testimonials. Let us take a look at some of these reviews. One woman reports that she spent a lot of money on this product but it doesn't even work when she plugs it in and tries to turn it on. Another user says that this is the worst flat iron she has ever had in her life. Initially she was very excited to get her purchase. To her mind, this flat iron is not worth the money it costs. It does not get her hair straight but what is worse is that it pulled her hair out and caused major breakage. The woman had to come back to her regular flat iron. Here are some of the actual customers' reviews found online.

"MaxiGlide has a great concept; however, this product pulls kinky hair through small sharp spokes with great difficulty. There is risk that it will simply rip your hair right out of your scalp. I cannot use this iron because I appreciate my hair a lot and I am afraid of damaging it. I tried different products for straightening my hair and I liked them more. If you want to have healthy hair use a heat resistant comb, a heat protectant, and chase the hair with a titanium-plated flat iron."

"I received my Maxi Glide in the mail for my birthday in order to treat my thick wavy hair. However, I was disappointed with this product for many reasons. First of all, I have to comb through my hair a hundred of times just to get the iron through my hair. The device has teeth, which makes the process extremely difficult. Second, it leaves my hair frizzy. Maybe the result will be different if you have thin hair, but I wouldn't recommend this device."

"I have curly hair. Maxiglide is an okay product, but I prefer straightening my hair with a ceramic flat iron and temperature gauge. This device doesn't have it. Besides, it simply breaks my hair because of the little teeth on the iron. I don't think this is a good device for straightening hair at all! By the way, it takes forever to heat it up."

My Final Summary

A flat iron is a good addition to any woman's styling routine, but the MaxiGlide XP Digital is not as good as claimed by the manufacturer. Many people who have purchased it report that they are not satisfied with the results. The device is difficult to use due to the small teeth it has on the iron. It is not suitable for think and long hair. The product is also said to be not worth the money it costs, despite its ability to hydrate hair while straightening it. The only way to keep your hair straight and beautiful through years is to treat it with salon methods that support its health. Taking into account everything we have learnt about the MaxiGlide XP Digital, I cannot say that it will support your hair healthy or well-styled.

Where To Buy MaxiGlide In Stores?

To buy the tool, you can go to the official website of the company. The total cost is based on the package you will select. There are two options for you to choose from, the Great Deal and the Best Deal. The first one requires making three payments of $33.33, plus $14.99 shipping. The straightening tool comes with a one-month supply of theEND, a one-month supply of beyondSTRAIGHT, a carrying case and a detangling brush. The Best Deal will cost you the whole $99.99 upfront, as well as 14.99 shipping. In addition to the products come with the Great Deal, you will also receive a full-size bottle of MAXesse conditioner, a full-size bottle of MAXesse shampoo, a full-size leave-in conditioner and a full-size deep conditioner. The company offers a return policy that presupposes a shorter time frame than other companies offer. If you are not satisfied with your purchase you can benefit from a grace period of 15 days to request a return for a full refund.