MaxiGlide XP Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY MaxiGlide XP Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

MaxiGlide XP

MaxiGlide XP is a hair straightener that is created with the purpose to detangle, straighten, hydrate, and smooth all of your strands from the root. The manufacturer claims that it is the most effective straightener that is able to eliminate the concerns linked to hot brushes and heating irons. This device is designed with the use of a patented technology that is responsible for providing shiny, soft, attractive straight hair at home surrounding. Is this really true or does the manufacturer just try to attract as many customers as possible? There are enough reviews available on third-party websites to answer this question, but we will look at them a little bit later. At present, let us take a look what the company's claims about MaxiGlide XP Digital are. The device is claimed to be intelligently designed, since it features fine 120 detangling pins that hydrate and straighten the hair in just one pass. The Controlled Steamburst Technology is responsible for the hydration and softening of the hair for a healthy look and touch.

MaxiGlide XP promises to be versatile with its temperature settings from 190 to 430 F, so that it can be used for any hair type. The device is claimed to be safe due to its protective ridges which are always cool. They help to reach hair roots without burning the scalp. The manufacturer of the product is not very reputable in the company, but it has a quite informative official website. Their site is very educational when it comes to the styling tool, but still it does not answer some questions that potential consumers may want to find answers to before making a purchase. There is customer service team that offers both an email address and a phone number, so you can contact the creators of the MaxiGlide XP. You can call 888-629-4875 to talk to a company's representative. Consumers who prefer not to talk to someone directly can send a message to Is this hair straightener really effective? I hope user reviews will reveal the facts.

Customer Reviews - Does MaxiGlide XP Really Work?

The main appealing feature that the MaxiGlide XP Digital possesses is that it doesn't burn or fry hair like a regular iron does. There are many components that differentiate this hair straightener from others available on the market, including the straightening technology. The SteamBurst mechanism on this styling tool is responsible for flattening hair with steam, not intense heat. Here the manufacturer does not mention that the heat is used too, so there may be some risk of burning. This is what is reported by the real users in their online testimonials. The same principle of a steam cleaner is used to flatten clothes. Presence of steam does not mean safe straightening of hair. According to the manufacturer, it is the steam what straightens hair, not pressing the hair between hot plates. That can theoretically minimize damage of the strands, but the users will still press their hair. The consumers report that certain level of hydration does not completely protect their hair. It's good that there is no soaking effect. The device is said to feature the brush with bristles designed to separate and detangle your hair. The manufacturer claims that only one stroke is enough to reduce tangles. To ensure that the device is safe to touch, there are protective ridges on the brush. They also help the device to be cool while you are straightening your hair to the roots.

According to people's testimonials, using MaxiGlide XP is not as easy as claimed by the company. According to the demonstration videos, you will need just to turn it on, and brush through your hair. However, there are no detailed directions on how to do this, so people are misled thinking that there is nothing difficult about using this device. Full instructions are available on the package and you can read them only after buying the product. This is the time when most people regret having purchased this hair straightener. The product comes with different toiletries as a bonus. Let us take a look at the real customer reviews available online.

"I saw Maxiglide XP steam straightener advertised on TV and after hearing that it comes with a money back guarantee I decided to give it a try. I purchased the device from I was looking for something that would be suitable for my curly dry hair. I followed the DVD instructions but the MaxiGlide failed. It took as long to straighten my hair as it does to blow drying, then to flatten it with an iron. But what is worse is that it didn't hold outdoors. I decided to return the device only to realize that it is not returnable - "As Seen On TV Guys". What a rip-off!"

"Earlier, I have used one Paul Mitchell Express Ion Smooth flat iron, and 3-4 Chi flat irons. I have to confess that those irons work better than MaxiGlide XP. I decided to try this product because irons break really fast. I found that it pulls on my hair, it is quite heavy. The only thing I liked was those little features like the auto- turn off, and the ability to adjust the temperature. I need something easier on my hair. I do not suggest this hair straightener."

"MaxiGlideXP has a great concept; but before buying this product you should think about pulling kinky hair through tiny sharp spokes. This really rips the hair out of my scalp! I have tried different products to get my hair to glide through the plates but each time I was unlucky. The same happened with MaxiGlide XP. After using it my hair looks like it has been through a weed eater. I wanted to get straight healthy hair when I was buying that device!"

My Final Summary

Based on what we have learnt about the MaxiGlide XP I cannot say that it is a good option for your styling routine. Its ability to hydrate fails, while the product provides poor straightening. This is definitely not something that you would pay over $100 for. It is better to go to the hair salon to get high level of performance. As a specialist, I can say that the only way to keep your hair beautiful, thick and healthy through years is to use treatments specially created to support its health. These can be high-quality moisturizing treatments and conditioners. The MaxiGlide XP does not prove to make it possible to support your hair's health, based on many customer reviews. It is not suitable for curly hair. With all these drawbacks, I cannot recommend the MaxiGlide XP to buying.

Where To Buy MaxiGlide XP In Stores?

You can buy the device from the official website of the company: You can get MaxiGlide XP for one payment of $99.99 plus $14.99 shipping. In this case, you will also receive one-payment bonus items including Carrying Case, 1-Month Supply of theEND (0.34 oz.), 1-Month Supply of beyondSTRAIGHT (2 oz.), Detangling Brush, Full Size MAXesse Shampoo (12 oz.), Full Size Leave in Conditioner (8 oz.), Full Size MAXesse Conditioner (8 oz.), and Full Size Deep Conditioner (8 oz.). You can also buy the hair straightener doing three payments of $33.33 plus $14.99 shipping. Doing so, you will get the following bonus items: Carrying Case, 1-Month Supply of theEND (0.34 oz.), 1-Month Supply of beyondSTRAIGHT (2 oz.), and Detangling Brush.