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Mayo Clinic Diet Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Mayo Clinic Diet Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More!

The Mayo Clinic Diet entered the market in 2010; however, it lacks clinical experience and research from the Mayo Clinic staff. The diet comes in the form of an online weekly subscription or a book that can be bought. The program is actually a weight loss and diet program designed by a group of experts with the intention to help the users maintain a healthy lifestyle and weight long. They use the principle of the healthy weight pyramid in the role of a guide informing what to eat and what not to eat. This program intends to teach the customer how to choose correct portions, healthy foods, and develop a consistent exercise routine. The diet may not fit everyone and it can be tailored to your individual needs.

The Mayo Clinic Diet was formulated by a team of medical professionals, but the actual subscription portion seems to be rather expensive. Some customers confess that they could get the same information that on the Internet for free. The diet promises to help you eat well, get motivated, lose weight, and love your life. To accomplish this, the diet is claimed to provide you with proper nutrition information and to help you lose up to 6-10 pounds in two weeks. Even though the program was developed by the Mayo Clinic experts, can it really provide you with the positive results as soon as it is claimed on the official website? Is it worth the money? Before answering these questions, let's take a look at the Mayo Clinic diet details first.

Customer Reviews - Does Mayo Clinic Diet Really Work?

Mayo Clinic Diet

The Mayo Clinic Diet promises to teach you how to eat proper food and control your portions, which can help you avoid obesity for the rest of your life. This kind of a diet does not require special foods or calorie counting, but it is said to be able to decrease your risk for such diseases as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. The Mayo Clinic Diet works over two phases. The first phase claims to help you lose your weight by replacing bad habits with good ones. According to the company, this will give you a chance to lose up to 6-10 pounds in just two weeks. It is considered to be safe and healthy for human body, especially when following fitness tips, personalized workouts, running guides, and more. You are also expected to learn good eating habits that can be used after the program ends. And you will know which bad habits you will need to avoid in future.

The second phase is responsible for further losing weight; usually 1-2 pounds per week. Once you meet your goal weight, you will continue getting expert guidance to maintain your adequate weight. Besides, you will get hundreds of recipes, personalized meal plans, and serving guides across six food groups: vegetables, fruits, whole grains, unsaturated fats, lean proteins, and a small amount of sweets. You will also get weight and habit trackers, fitness plan, and food journal. The Company's Pyramid will help you to balance the foods you eat and manage your calories. Before deciding whether The Mayo Clinic Diet is right for you, you will need to take the following information into consideration. While the basics behind the diet appear to be sound, there are no studies of the diet itself.

The Mayo Clinic Diet has mixed online reputation. People don't like that they need to concentrate on eating mainly veggies and fruits, which is often difficult and triggers strong food cravings. As Linda West Eckhardt wrote in her review, the program is poorly organized and is almost impossible to use in real life. It is recommended to use margarine instead of butter; but the latter is a necessary and healthy part of each individual's diet. It is highly important for brain health. The book has many chapters written by different authors who often contradicted each other, especially when it came to healthy food choices and unhealthy eating habits. This book is a total waste of money, as many customers say. There were reviewers who give five stars to this diet book, while others estimated it with low rating. Who should be believed? It is clear that many of the positive reviews have the same compliments. If you believe this, be sure this book is not for you. If you are looking for healthy recipes, you should search for other options available on the Internet. Many customers confess that many details in the Mayo Clinic Diet book can be easily found elsewhere online for free. The only thing it can do for you is help you stay motivated. The book is based on a version of the food pyramid. You need to eat a lot of fruits and veggies, consume a limited amount of proteins, carbs, dairy products, and fats. Remember to exercise half an hour per day. Let us take a look at the actual customers' reviews left online.

"Be cautious when signing up for the Mayo Clinic diet. They say you can cancel the program. This is true but be ready not to get the refund at all. I failed to get the refund. The company avoids any repayments. What I didn't like was that the program is 100% computer based. I am not a computer savvy, so this was a real challenge for me. I wound not recommend this diet program to anyone"

"I joined MayoClinic Diet program via a 7-day trial but very soon I decided to cancel it because I didn't have time to do anything. The website didn't allow me to log in, and the "forgotten password" link informed me that there was no account linked to my email address. Two days later, my credit card was charged. I was very disappointed"

"Mayo Clinic Diet is very special but not with good peculiarities. Can you imagine it allows bacon? Do they really think that bacon could be a good part of the weight-loss diet? You will never lose a pound eating bacon. It seems like this clinic lacks basic education in the field. My mother has intestinal cancer and we have been looking for healthy diets, as we believe that foods can heal. This diet is not good, for sure"

Where To Buy Mayo Clinic Diet?

The first week of your membership is free, after that you will be charged $4 per week. Remember that you will be billed on a quarterly basis (every 13 weeks). It totals $52 per quarter or $208 per year. Even after cancelling your membership you will have access to The Mayo Clinic Diet website until that quarter has ended. Don't wait for a refund, though. You will not find it on Amazon, GNC or Walmart.

My Final Summary

It seems that The Mayo Clinic Diet doesn't contain the information that can be considered to be groundbreaking or revolutionary. It only says that you need to eat healthy foods, that you shouldn't eat too much and wrong products, as well as you should exercise regularly. If you are new to dieting, The Mayo Clinic Diet may be for you. But if you suffer from any serious diseases and need professional help, you should check with your healthcare provider at first. Many customers appear to be unsatisfied with their purchase. With this in mind, I cannot recommend The Mayo Clinic Diet.