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Mc Square

Project Mc2 (Mc Square) is a team of four smart and cool girls who go on missions for NOV8, a secret organization that is also known as "innovate". They use spy skills and love of science to take on anything. The company behind this project also manufactures a number of sets and different products for conducting experiments on your own. In this review we are going to focus on Project Mc2 Ultimate Lab Kit which allows you to conduct your own experiments at home, just like the girls from the project. The first thing you are going to see after the arrival of your purchase is a large lab bag that unzips to reveal the fun science pieces you can play with. They can be conveniently stored in this bag. Besides, the set includes many different lab pieces for conducting different science experiments, including those in chemistry. There is a real working microscope that offers numerous opportunities for discovery. The company also offers many other science experiments which can be found on their official website

Project Mc2 Ultimate Lab Kit is currently available at the price of $53.90. It includes a real working microscope with 4x power with over thirty additional pieces, including three glass slides, two test tubes with stand, beaker jar, funnel, three lab flasks, pipette dropper, 15 pH strips, petri dish, Project Mc2 ring, safety goggles, and two sticker sheets to decorate and examine. This set allows to conduct more than fifteen different experiments all of which can be found in the included booklet. You can also create experiments of your own! Other product of Project Mc Square include Project Mc2 Ultimate Spy Bag, MC2 Project Bubble Gum Chemistry, Project Mc2 Super Spy Kit, Project Mc2 Rock Sugar Jewelry, Project Mc2 Experiment with Doll - Camryn's Blueprint Skateboard, Project Mc2 Experiment with Doll - Adrienne's Volcano, Project Mc2 Soda Can Robot, Project Mc2 Core Doll- Adrienne Attoms.

Customer Reviews - Does Mc Square Really Work?

Project Mc Square Ultimate Lab Kit is associated with 395 customer reviews found on Amazon where it can be bought at the same price as on the official website. The kit allows you to conduct different kinds of experiments in the home surrounding. Since the product comes in a convenient bags, all of the science pieces can be stored in it. The set includes a real microscope with 4x power for you to conduct over fifteen different experiments you can find in the booklet. There are also over thirty additional pieces. For conducting experiments, you will need additionally some household ingredients. You will be able to test around the house with the included pH strips.

The booklet allows you to conduct checked and safe experiments. For example, to conduct Crazy Colors Milk Experiment you will need to follow the next steps. Pour some milk into the petri dish. Add one drop of different colors of food coloring all over milk and place one drop of liquid dish soap all above. Observe the reaction. To conduct Lava Flask Experiment, fill your full with water (flask 1/3), add any food coloring you like, fill the rest of the flask with vegetable oil. Break an effervescent tablet into four pieces. Put one of those pieces into the flask and watch what happens. Let us take a look at what real customers are writing about their experience of using Project Mc Square Ultimate Lab Kit.

One mother reports that they really wanted to love their purchase. It was one of her daughter's desired Christmas gifts and she was excited to get it. When they opened it, they saw that the experiments were basic and there was nothing to fancy. They required many additional materials to complete. My worst part was that the microscope required button batteries, which were not included. They had to look for the batteries in their kids' toys in their house. Her daughter still liked this kit, but the woman was hoping to get more in the experiment section. They faced some failures while conducting experiments. For instance, when they tried to divide a flower stem into four pieces and place one part of the stem into each section of the flask, the equipment was a horrible fail. The colors mixed in several containers because they were not sealed properly. The entire container leaked, and food coloring water was everywhere. To the customer's mind, this kit is not worth $50. It is better to invest this money in a real science book!

Another customer writes in his testimonial that he bought Project Mc Square Ultimate Lab Kit for his ten-year old daughter. After two days of playing with it she was already bored. It is nothing more than a fancy red bag containing plastic science tools. There were no supplies to conduct any "experiments" and no batteries for the microscope. All of their fifteen "experiments" were basic and could be found on the internet for free without that expensive set or the plastic science tools included in it. The man's daughter had already done some of the experiments at school in her science class. There was no educational explanation for the suggested experiments to teach children about science. The man wishes he would have invested in a kitchen science book or a real microscope. That set was definitely not worth the money. Let us take a look at the actual users' reviews found online.

"Project Mc Square Ultimate Lab Kit is nothing more than a set of cheap plastic tubes. There is nothing special in it to conduct experiments with. I regret having bought this set for my son. I should have purchased some other science kit. Waste of 50 bucks! As a mother I am very disappointed with having given such a Christmas gift to my child."

"Project Mc Square Ultimate Lab Kit is a waste of money. And I don't like the idea behind this product. After your children open it and start playing with it you realize really soon that they cannot use it because you have to buy a lot of stuff for their experiments. Then you go to the store and buy everything they need just to play with it for a couple of hours and leave a mess for you to clean up. You are left with this ugly set and all the stuff you bought from the store. In a word, I will not buy anything of the kind anymore."

"I was terribly disappointed with the Project Mc Square Ultimate Lab Kit, especially after reading a lot of positive reviews. Once the package arrived I noticed that all of the beakers were tiny. The experiments in the booklet were basic and few. They also offered to download the apps but those were nothing more than games which modern kids play too much! In fact, o was buying something to replace games. It is wiser to buy a lab kit by learning resources. Buy at your own risk."

My Final Summary

The oversized Ultimate Mc Square Lab Kit is manufactured as the kit that allows you to conduct experiments in the home surrounding; however, it is not quite what you may imagine. To play with this set you will need to buy a lot of stuff from the store, as well as the batteries for the microscope. The majority of actual users are not satisfied with the kit saying that the experiments it offers are too basic and few. The microscope itself is more like a toy, which makes it useless. It is not a real science kit for your kids to conduct experiments. Both parents and their children are mostly disappointed with what they have bought. They say it is not worth the price it costs. Some customers even reported that their set came without any booklet. Since this kit is not what I expected, I cannot recommend Project Mc Square Ultimate Lab Kit.

Where To Buy Mc Square In Stores?

Project Mc Square Ultimate Lab Kit can be ordered from the official website of the company or from a number of retail stores. Amazon sells one set at the price of $53.90.