Medical Alert Systems Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Medical Alert Systems

The risk of getting an injury is the greatest fear of elderly people when left at home alone. And it usually becomes the major factor why their families decide not to leave their elderly one at home without supervision. However, not all families can afford themselves to live with an old person under the same roof. This is when efficient medical alert systems come to help. These systems can significantly extend the time when seniors live alone and to keep them out of nursing homes for a long period of time. But can the medical alert system detect problems when a senior has faced some danger and the phone is out of reach? As a rule all you will have to do is to push a single button. Many seniors forget about their fear of staying at home alone as soon as they start using this kind of system.

The dispatchers of Medical Alert Systems are trained to handle different kinds of situations, including a variety of health issues the elderly can face. The dispatchers are able to get important information from confused customers in the matter of a few seconds. In addition, medical alert systems are able to detect the client's fall (up to 95 percent of falls). Most of such medical alert systems have the size of a key ring; however, some systems may need additional equipment (larger in size) in order to operate. Some alert systems work through a landline telephone. The company will certainly offer all the necessary equipment, as well as a monitoring service. The majority of companies install the proprietary equipment themselves. So, you do not need to have the necessary technical skills. Medical alert systems give the security and peace of mind to the children of seniors.

Customer Reviews - Does Medical Alert Systems Really Work?

It is not a joke when an elderly person falls down and gets a serious injury. This can be devastating not only to them but also to their relatives. You may forget about the difficulty of talking to your loved one about your need to get a medical alert device, because the ConsumerAffairs community teaches you how to start this conversation. The effectiveness of Medical alert systems is beyond question as these provide great monitoring all the time, not only when something happens. The dispatcher at the other end can talk to the injured person and decide what can be done. Besides, if the panic button is hit, an ambulance will be immediately sent to the elderly person who needs help. The system is usually easy to maintain, you will only need to change out batteries in case if the system provide a notification that the batteries are running low.

Over time, any equipment gets worn out or damaged. It may need repair or even replacement. Usually, it is the company that offers free maintenance services. Most monitoring services need lines running throughout homes. It should be remembered that some systems work only inside the home, while others can be taken with you wherever you go. Portable medical alert systems provide more safety. It is important to know the distance at which you can go from the unit. Besides, some companies have an application that works via a smartphone and offers the same services. There are different types of medical alert systems? A monitored medical alert system offers a live person who tracks the activity of an elderly person on the other end. This helps to ensure that there are minimal 911 calls and false alarms. Unmonitored systems come with the numbers pre-programmed to call when an elderly person needs help. It is not necessary to get a guaranteed answer. The Monitored system with fall alert is able to automatically detect falls. If the owner of the system falls and doesn't trigger the alert, the monitoring company will be notified by the system. The latter will then contact the customer and learn whether anything bad has happened. Unmonitored systems with fall alert starts calling when a fall is detected.

There are numerous user testimonials about the Medical Alert Systems. Most customers are satisfied with the services offered by those companies. As there are many different systems they carry different names too. For instance, MobileHelp provides medical alert devices functioning both at home or on the go. It offers such mobile devices as GPS tech. it uses state-of-the-art equipment and follows consumer friendly policies. The customers like the caring service focusing on providing subscribers and their relatives with peace of mind. The company provides protection both at home and on-the-go. Let us take a look at the real users' reviews left online.

"Medical AlertSystems are the best invention for the elderly people, to my mind. I have chosen Life Alert as a provider of medical alerts for my elderly mother. It is endorsed by former U.S. Surgeon General C. Everett Koop. Why did I choose the? Because of their great experience - they were founded in 1987 and employ several hundreds of people in the United States. Thanks for your service!"

"I decided to start using MedicalAlert Systems after my elderly father fell down in his house and broke his leg. I am quite satisfied with the services of Bay Alarm Medical, the company that has been in business for more than 60 years and has live operators on staff around the clock. These people help to ensure that their clients are taken proper care of."

"I started to use Medical Alert Systems because we had to move into another town with our family and our elderly parents stayed in their old house. Philips Lifeline is a great medical alert service provider in the country and I stopped my choice on them. They have worked since 1974 and have served more than seven million people since then. The company offers a lot of service options made to meet the specific needs of any customer."

My Final Summary

There are many different Medical Alert Systems on the modern market. There is no need to talk about the necessity of using this kidn of services for elderly people living alone. But let us take a look at the leading companies offering these systems. Philips Lifeline is an industry leader in monitored medical alert systems. It has more than seven million subscribers and forty years of experience. They offer two-way communication due to the number of technicians who always initiate contact when the assistance button is pressed. This allows to promptly assess the situation and send dispatchers if help is needed. They have affordable pricing and offer the monthly subscription that costs less than $30 per month.

Life Alert is more than a medical alert system as it provides protection against home invasion, carbon monoxide poisoning, smoke, fire, etc. Their service is available nationwide with call centers throughout the country and 200 percent more staff per customer than a traditional security company. They provide monitored service that can notify fire departments, police, and hospitals in case of an emergency. Life Alert offers on-the-go coverage due to the ability to use a cellphone emergency button. This service is more expensive but it does offer more benefits. Thus, Medical Alert Systems Seniors are a perfect option for elderly people living alone, persons with severe epilepsy, persons who have retired recently, persons with uncontrolled diabetes and other serious diseases.

Medical Alert Systems Pricing and Rates

The cost of the service often varies from company to company. You should remember that the more stable the pricing, the more useful the system is. A monthly fee may be more affordable than an annual payment.