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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Menlo Club

Menlo Club is a subscription service that offers men different pieces of clothing, usually t-shirts and shorts. Earlier, the club carried the name of the Five Four Club. It is affiliated with the online e-commerce brand Menlo House. That brand started its business as a men's clothing store online. It mainly focused on casual clothes for modern young men. As you join Menlo Club, you will get monthly deliveries of the affiliated brands such as New Republic, Five Four, and Grand AC, as well as exclusive pieces made just for the club. Can the Menlo club help you to achieve your clothing goals in the casual style, or is it better to choose another direction? We are going to review the facts about this brand to help you make the right decision. The services on the company can be found at their official website It is owned and operated by Five Four Group, LLC. The website also features some other services and products. You can enroll in the monthly membership of the club, access the website from your mobile phone and use software provided by FFG. If you have any questions, you can call the company at (888) 341-2381, send an email at or contact them through their site's Live Chat option. Only people over 18 years of age can use the site and the offered services. Let's find out how Menlo Club works.

Customer Reviews - Does Menlo Club Really Work?

The goal of the club is to provide you with a unique collection of apparel pieces. When you make an account on the site, you will be directed to provide certain information about your clothing preferences through a short quiz. You will need to choose whether your style is "forward," "classic," "casual," or "mix" as well as specify your top, bottom and shoe sizing. You will also answer the question whether you prefer a straight slim, or relaxed fit. As you join the club, you will get a curated package of products from affiliated brands on a monthly basis. Over one year, you will receive two of Grand AC athleisure, two deliveries of New Republic footwear, and eight deliveries of Five Four apparel.

What can you find in your Menlo Club order? Usually, the items include sunglasses, socks, shirts, shoes, belts, jeans, and jackets. The company collaborates with such designer brands as Robert Geller and Hotel 1171 to provide you with exclusive pieces. According to the website, you will get an average of two items each month and if you need to can change the size for free. The membership also includes access to curated content. It is important to know the terms of this subscription service. As a matter of fact, there are no refunds and returns for the deliveries, because each item is chosen specially for you based on your style preferences and size. If you have faced size issues, you can exchange apparel within thirty days of getting it. To do it you will need to fill out the Size Exchange Request Form. You can cancel your subscription service at any time, but remember that you need to do it before the fourteenth of the month; otherwise, you will be charged for the next one.

It is a wise idea to take a look at customer reviews about Menlo Club available on third-party websites. This will help you to realize whether this club is worth subscribing. Ask Men provided an insightful review. The site praised the exclusiveness of the offered clothing and appreciate the company's collaborations with well-known designers. However, the Club seems to do almost nothing to establish branding themes or messages with their packaging. They also noted that the boxes lacked personal stylist aspect. There is a wide variety of clothes to choose from. However, the options for refunds or returns are limited.

Dealmeister contains a great number of reviews on Menlo Club. Many women report that they presented the club's subscription as a gift to their husbands. Most of the men were pleased with clothing they received saying that it was the right style and fit. There are also reports about the professionalism of the company's customer service the reps of which are responsive and helpful. They can offer appealing membership perks. But some customers noted that they lacked personal input about the styles suitable for them. They wanted deeper brand's presentation. In general, it can be concluded that Menlo Club is perfect for younger men who need to improve their style. Many customers reported that the clothing was good for going out to dinner and dates, but tended not to be professional for office. The clothing is similar to such brands as American Eagle.

Another advantage of the Menlo Club is that you may buy gift cards through the company's site. These cards can be redeemed through their Services for a monthly club package during a definite period of time. Gift Cards cannot be redeemed for credit or cash. The company does not carry responsibility for stolen or lost Gift Cards. FFG has the right to close accounts and ask for alternative payment forms if a Gift Card is obtained in a fraudulent way or used on FFG Services. It should also be noted that surcharges and taxes may apply to your gift card. Gift card purchases cannot be refunded. Let's read some of the actual clients' testimonials.

"I was very happy with my last Menlo Club box. I paid for it only $60 and instead received so many useful items including a sample of Liquid I.V.'s Hydration Multiplier. It's a non-GMO electrolyte drink that promises you to recover faster and to increase your hydration. I liked its Lemon Lime flavor. I also received Lorenzo tee perfect for working out, lounging, or pairing with jeans. Paulo classic fit shorts feel great and feature a wide elastic waistband. I also got Franko slides which I am using around the house. I can quickly slide them on when I take my dog out or when I go to my car. They are lightweight and dry fast."

"I gave Menlo Club subscription as a gift to my husband and he remains pleased with the service. Last month he received Norin Polo made from 100% cotton jersey with a relaxed fit. It is gray in color, so it pairs well with his denim and dark pants. Celso Henley in white looks great on John. He doesn't have many shirts of this style because collars usually look too open for him, but, this one is ideal. The white color looks good with his skin tone. The shirt is thick and seems to be durable. The second item was high-quality Bastien Tee in Burgundy. It has a great fit and construction. In fact, my husband received four jersey shirts in one box. It seems strange at first but then it turned out to be great! Buying them separately would cost us more than $60."

"I have recruited my dad to Menlo Club John to help him add new clothes to his wardrobe. My mom died last year and I thought it would be a good gift for him. It's his first month of being the member of the club and he received a backpack, a top, and a pair of sneakers. Roberto long-sleeve polo is great for fall but it can be also worn on a hot day with the sleeves scrunched up. New Republic Ray backpack in navy features a large main compartment and has a padded laptop pocket inside. There is also a smaller zipper pocket for small items. New Republic Ellroy sneakers are great for the summer. They look well with shorts and pants."

My Final Summary

Looking through the facts and customer reviews about Menlo Club, it is clear that this is a smart option for men who want to create their wardrobe but have neither time nor much money to do it. The company offers exclusive menswear at an affordable price - $60 per month. Most clothes are in a professional-casual style and separately may cost more than $60. The majority of the club's members are satisfied with their monthly deliveries. They have the right to exchange their items if they have wrong size. But these clothes cannot be returned for any other reason. The company does great job to define your clothing preferences before sending you anything. However, some customers say there is less personalization than expected for what they receive. It should be noted that the Menlo Club apparel is priced more affordably than those of competing brands. So, you may save a great amount of money on this service. If you appreciate casual style and offered brands, you can join this club.

Where To Buy Menlo Club?

Generally speaking, this is an affordable men's clothing club. Your subscription will enable you to receive stylish boxes with shoes, clothes, and accessories on a monthly basis. The services are located on the website You can get two or three items depending on your personal style for only $60 a month. The company claims that they have a limited supply of items. If you want to pause your membership, you should contact one of our Member Experience reps on or before the 14th day of the month. Otherwise, you will be charged for that month. You can contact the company by telephone at 1-888-341-2381, by email at; or by Live Chat on the site. You may pause your membership for up to three months. After that, your monthly charge will be $60.00 again.