Micro Touch Solo Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT USE Micro Touch Solo Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Micro Touch Solo

The MicroTouch Solo is a combination shaver, trimmer, and edger that promise to groom with micro precision. It bills itself as a "Smart Razor" that is able to provide effective styling power in many different modes, each of which is designed to manage a definite style of facial hair. But does it really provide an all-in-one grooming solution? We are still to answer this question. The manufacturer of the product is not very reputable, so I would not be so naive as to trust this company immediately. The official website is low-informative, yet it makes loud claims about the efficiency of the product. According to the manufacturer the device can be used for more than just beards, but it can manage body hair too.

The unit features dual German stainless steel blade design that is claimed to be safe to the touch while allowing you to shave all your body. There is also an ultra-flex pivoting head that possesses good maneuverability for you to use the blade on all contours of your face. In order to find out whether the MicroTouch Solo is really effective, we will first take a look at how the device works to deliver its functionality. After that we will check what real users think about their experience of using the unit.

Customer Reviews - Does Micro Touch Solo Really Work?

As it was already mentioned, the MicroTouch Solo can work on any surface of your body, providing a close shave while. It is also said to allow a number of upkeep methods such as moustaches and edging beard lines, as well as stubble and trimming lengthy beards. The product comes with three plastic guides which can change the length you would like to trim, helping you to maintain the look you have been dreaming of. The device also features a built-in high intensity spotlight under the pivoting head. According to the manufacturer, it allows you to see what you are doing while using the product. It can be quite useful, since it can be really difficult to see some areas even in a well-lit room. However, the manufacturer does not say how bright this light is, but there is an explainer video showing that it is bright enough to enable you to see your entire face.

Using the MicroTouch Solo is quite simple, as the official website claims. You will need to choose the mode of operation you need. If you are looking for an ordinary shave, you can use the device without any instructions. Just run it up and down along your hair until you see the desired results. The company says that there is no need to use water, soap or shaving cream, since the product is not expected to cause razor burns. However, some users report facing these unpleasant issues when using the product. The company also claims that the MicroTouch Solo won't give you any ingrown hairs or nicks from regular usage. To trim your beard you need to decide which length of air you want and use one of the three guides, based on your preference. The manufacturer states that the unit can tackle even very tough and burly beards in just one pass. Unfortunately, not all users can confirm this claim saying that their stainless steel blade failed to perform to tough hair.

Theoretically, the device can be recharged but we are not told whether the product comes with a rechargeable battery system, or whether it uses traditional batteries. We decided to reach out to customer service in order to clarify. We were informed that they did not know that either and suggested us to "Google it." Upon doing so, we found no information about the type of battery the MicroTouch Solo uses. This is a big drawback for the company. If we take a closer look at the real users' reviews, we will see that many of people are not satisfied with their purchase. Some of them even call the product to be a piece of junk and call others not to waste their money! One guy reports that he likes to keep his beard trimmed short, so he decided to try the MicroTouch but all it did was rake through his beard, cutting nothing off. The man tried the "shaver function" to shape his beard but it did nothing again. Many other customers say that the product is cheaply made. One user confesses that he could purchase a similar device at a local store at a lower cost. Besides, he would be able to return it. Instead, he bought the MicroTouch Solo directly from the manufacturer and used it for a month. After that the product broke when the man was trying to remove one of the guides. It was not the user's fault, though. The blade is held on with tiny plastic nubs which broke. They cannot be replaced anymore. The guy regrets having wasted $24.95.

Another user writes in his review that the device does not charge fully, the red light stays on no matter how long it is being charged. He is also shocked with the fact that it rips the hair out of his face. It is not suitable for facial hair. It may be alright for thin hair on arms or legs, though. He had to switch to the Philips one which works much better. The commercial of the product is made so perfectly that it made one man buy two of these things. After getting his purchase, he realized that he hated it. He wanted to return the product but the customer service told him that he had to pay the shipping and handling fee. That's another $15 to $20. The man is sure that it's a scam.

"Micro Touch Solo will never give you a clean shave. I hoped that this razor would give me a clean shave but I was very disappointed. Besides, it always leaves stubble behind. This is a lousy device that was misrepresented. I would like to get my money back. If you are looking for a clean shave, this razor will not work for me. Do yourself a favor, do not buy this product. I would not recommend this device to anyone."

"After using Micro Touch solo for the first time to shave my chest, it dulled the blade. When I tried to cut my beard hair it did not work at all. Probably my chest hair is too thick and the device failed to do a good job. I thought that the blade for such money would have lasted longer."

"Micro TouchSolo is a lousy product. It is very disappointing that the representatives of the company are allowed to be deceptive about their products. On TV, the advertisement said that it works perfectly; however, the product does not do a good job trimming or shaving. When you shave your beard, it feels like you are using sandpaper. It may cause skin irritation."

My Final Summary

The modern market offers hundreds of different personal groomers but the MicroTouch Solo does not appear to provide high functionality. It is not as convenient as claimed by the manufacturer. Many people who have tried the product report that the device leaves a lot of hair behind and quickly loses it functionality, especially if you are using it for coarse hair. The only advantage of this groomer is that it works without water or cream; however, it can cause tearing effect and as a result skin irritation. With all this in mind I cannot recommend MicroTouch Solo to buying. There are many different products of the kind available on the market. They offer similar functionality, have more positive customer reviews and cost less.

Where To Buy Micro Touch Solo In Stores?

At present the product is available via the product's official website and Amazon. It costs $44.99. Each order comes with the three guides and one additional replacement cutting head. It is unknown how many there are additional cutting heads, but we found out that they are available as a two-pack for $9.99. The company claims that most orders are shipped out within 30 days of the date of placing. The manufacturer provides return policy that involves a 30-day money back guarantee.

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