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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Mike's Hard

If you like the taste of a pleasant lemonade you will probably like Mike's Hard Lemonade with a smell lemons. This drink became an instant hit when it entered the American market in 1999. At present, it holds the number two spot in the industry of Flavored Malt Beverages taking 23.4% of the market share. Due to its growing popularity, it is especially important now for this sweet flavored alcoholic beverage to appeal to the consumers. The first place belongs to Bud Lite Lime-A-Rita. Major consumers of Mike's Hard Lemonade are married Caucasian females of the middle aged, according to MRI data. At the same time it appeals to the younger audience of women who live in metropolitan areas. Millennial women like the taste of this beverage because of its light fruity taste. Since these women spend a lot of time online they are away from traditional advertisements. It is believed that guys who drink Mike's Hard Lemonade have fragile masculinity or they just want to get the recommended serving of vitamin C and a serving of alcohol at the same time. There is a category of people who believe that this is mommy's lemonade but in reality this lemonade is rather hard (like beer). There is about 5% in it. The drink can be mixed with Redd's Apple Ale.

Mike's Hard Lemonade was founded by the owner of Mark Anthony Brands, Anthony Von Mandi. He developed his idea for the drink after wine coolers received applause from the public in the 1980s. He also saw that many people liked wine coolers, but few men enjoyed drinking such fruity drinks. He spent several years on research and developed a citrus lemonade with the addition of some alcohol. He decided to use a malt - alcohol base that could be colored and flavored but could have higher alcohol content. They first released a traditional hard flavored lemonade that became an instant hit among the public and quickly grew into a brand in the Flavored Malt Beverage category. The drink saw with a 40% sales increase from 2005 to 2006. The company sold the first 10 million cases without any advertising. Mike's Hard Lemonade was a real success but the company continues to produce many other different Mike's hard products that appeal to consumers. They also added different flavors to the Mike's Hard Lemonade including strawberry, black cherry, cranberry, and crisp apple. There is a variety of products of different forms, flavors, and alcohol percentages including Mike's Harder, Mike's Frozen (11.2% alcohol) and Mikes Lite Mike's Apple Ale.

Customer Reviews - Does Mike's Hard Really Work?

According to the MRI, consumers of Mike's Hard Lemonade are well-educated people of the middle class. They can be found in most suburbs across the United States of America. The MRI data also shows that the consumers of the drink are people aged 25-54 and are more women than men. Most of them have graduated college and have jobs in office occupations. These people share a household income of $75,000-$150,000. The consumers are interested in educational television channels such as The History Channel, Discovery Channel, the News channel and The Weather Channel. Some of them are homemakers and sports fans. They are loyal online. Here is what they are saying about Mike's Hard Lemonade in their reviews found on third-party websites. This is a 5% ABV lemonade designed for people who have had a hard day and want to relax. At the same time is is an ultimate refresher on a hot summer's day combining natural lemon flavors with a touch of carbonation to provide the consumer with a satisfying feeling. In the end, Mike's Hard Lemonade delivers a nice kick.

One female drinker reports that this beverage is just what its name implies. It is an alcoholic lemonade that comes in bottles with 11.2 fluid ounces and is 5% alcohol by volume. The woman likes its attractive packaging. The yellow and black blends well, and there are some interesting little quotables on the box. The bottles are clear and have a lemon skin effect on the neck base. Yellow and black labels adorn the glass. The black and silver screw off cap contributes to the overall design. On general, the bottle looks nice and suits the cloudy lemonade inside it. What the woman appreciates about Mike's Hard Lemonade most of all is that it has a natural lemon taste. It is rather tangy, but you will not cringe. There is almost no alcoholic aftertaste, so if you expect a stronger effect, you will need to look for another drink. As any other lemonade, this beverage is quite sweet. This is the reason why females like it. It is not the best choice for males, though. Some of them may need to force themselves to finish the bottle, since they prefer less sweet alcoholic drink. According to the customer, it is a great idea to have it mixed with tea to make a lemonade tea. It goes really well and can be easily consumed. However, the woman points out that this isn't a drink she wants to have all the time, but it is really good once in a while.

Another female customer reports that she generally doesn't buy coolers but she liked the frozen pouches of Mike's Hard Lemonade. They are very easy to prepare. All you need to do is to throw them in your freezer and wait. The content of the pouches turns into a slushy liquid. Take out the packet and cut the top of it. Enjoy. The pouches come in several flavors but the original one appeals to the customer most of all. These pouches are perfect for a hot summer's day. Unlike other frozen mixed drinks, this one does not require a blender, which is very convenient. These pouches can be used at parties! One woman writes in her testimonial online that she received Mike's Hard Lemonade as gift from her son on a mother's day. She liked this tasty product with a strawberry flavor. The lemonade is not meant to share and should be drunk by one person. It is a good idea to add a straw to the drink and enjoy it wherever you go. The woman liked the lemonade so much that she will buy it again and try other flavors. Here is what other consumers are writing about Mike's Hard Lemonade.

"Mike's Hard Lemonade gets the job done even though it is very light. It has a pleasant taste and is a great option for those who don't drink heavy. This is definitely my go-to liquor as it brings me everything I love about a lemonade, including a bold, hard kick. It has the right amount of carbonation and tastes like tart lemons. This is just what makes it very refreshing. I adore to drink this beverage on a hot day on my patio."

"I like Mike's Hard Lemonade and I buy it from time to time. Recently I saw Hard Mike's Frozen Lemonade in the store and I was impressed. I immediately bought several pouches and brought it home. The best thing about this drink is that it is a slushie, delicious and refreshing slushie! I fell in love with it from the first sip. I highly recommended it to all of my friends!"

"Mike's Hard Frozen Lemonade is more appealing to me than Mike's Hard Lemonade. It is really good, tasty, thick slushie with the taste of the lemonade in bottles. This slushie form is efficient for consumtion on hot summer days. It is convenient for parties too. Becides, this drink has a decent price in LCBO. The slushie is easy to prepare - just freeze, shake, and drink. You will not need any blender. It can be drunk from the bag or placed into a cup. Each pouch contains a good amount of the product. I love this beverage and all of the flavors it is available in."

My Final Summary

Summing up everything we've learned about Mike's Hard Lemonade, this drink seems to be widely loved by consumers for the wide variety of flavors and variations. It has a refreshing lemonade flavor and enjoyable taste. The beverage has become an instant hit when it entered the market. It is appreciated by a younger audience of women ages 18-34 but it is more popular among female consumers ages 25-54. Mike's Hard Lemonade has strong brand recognition; those who consume alcoholic drinks have consumed or heard about the brand. The brand has a unique position as a "Hard" lemonade in the market. The company behind the product is consistently a leading performer in the Flavored Malt Beverage (FMB) category. At present, it is the 2nd best. The brand features a seal stating "Crafted to Remove Gluten," which appeals to people on a diet. The company has an online marketing approach in order to effectively reach their marketing target.

The only drawback of the beverage is that it is often deemed as a "girly" choice. However, there are males who drink Mike's Hard Lemonade too. In reality, it was first developed because of men who were advertising it toward young adult men. The company knows that their customers are mainly suburban, well-educated and with a high income. This is the reason why they are able to buy this beverage that is not cheap at all. In fact, its price is equal to the price of craft beers. They often change their packaging to keep up with the latest trends. Despite the fact that the company originated in Canada but it had its first U.S. headquarters in Denver, Colorado. It has moved to Seattle, Washington. Mike's Hard Lemonade is available in different flavors, but most consumers appreciate its original taste most of all. With all these advantages and disadvantages, we can recommend Mike' Hard Lemonade to those who like citrus-flavored alcoholic drinks.

Mike's Hard Pricing and Rates

Mike's Hard Lemonade has 5% alcohol by volume. One bottle is 11.2 ounces. This works out to 0.56 ounces of alcohol per bottle. The brand is valuable by pricing. At present, six packs are priced at $7.99-$8.99. The price is similar to that of many craft beers. The drink is currently unavailable on Amazon. Drizly.com sells cans for $5.04 - $23.59 depending on the number of cans in the box. This Hard Lemonade comes from Illinois, United States. Its ABV is 8%. It major tasting note is Citrus, which pairs well with nuts and shellfish. Gluten amount is reduced in the drink.