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Milk Makeup Blur Stick Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Milk Makeup Blur Stick Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More!

Milk Makeup Blur Stick is a renowned cosmetic product that deals with the appearance of large skin pores. People with large pores are often worried with how they look. The appearance of large skin pores can be an important factor of the level of satisfaction with life. The product we are going to discuss today is claimed to work in decreasing skin blemishes. But before we dive into the product's characteristics let us take a look at the manufacturer information available online. Well, Milk Makeup Blur Stick is manufactured by a badly known and not reputable company. The official website does not provide any contact details about the company but it is obvious to be located somewhere in the USA. The site is low-informative when it comes to the ingredients and possible side effects of the product. At the same time, the website is full of promising claims. Let us take a look at some of them.

Milk Makeup Blur Stick is said not to contain any silicon, oils, or other harsh ingredients that can be irritating for the skin. This makes it gentle to clean the skin big pores and to improve face appearance. The product is enriched with the components which provide a smooth tone and improve the texture of skin decreasing the clogged pores on your face. The product also promises to improve the function of your skin by supplying it with the necessary nutrients. As a result, you are expected to have reduced pores and more attractive face in general. Milk Makeup Blur Stick can be used on a daily basis to contribute into your skin's good appearance. The product has not received great success but it is associated with many positive claims. Will the physiological enhancement of your skin really improve your perception of yourself? Will the product really work as well as advertised by the manufacturer? To answer these vital questions it is important to take a look at the ingredients used in the product.

Ingredients of Milk Makeup Blur Stick - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

As it was mentioned higher, Milk Makeup Blur Stick is claimed to works by reducing the appearance of the large skin pores on the face. It makes these pores not as clogged as before in addition to smearing them with components which reduce their size. You are promised to make your pores look normal and such that do not attract attention of other people. But which ingredients are able to decrease your concerns about your own appearance? Well, the manufacturer does not provide any ingredient list on the official website. They do not describe how the product works exactly or which substances are responsible for the proper functioning of the product.

Milk Makeup Blur Stick

Fortunately, we managed to find some information about the ingredients found in the formula of Milk Makeup Blur Stick. These include Cetearyl 2-Ethylhexanoate, Polymethyl methacrylate, Hydrogenated polyisobute, and fragrance. Unfortunately, there are no dosages or mounts of these substances in the product, which is a big red flag. It means that the risk of allergic reactions is very high and you never know what to expect from the product. There is no information about any other ingredients found in its formula, but this is certainly not the full ingredient list. I have not found any substances that would work to hydrate your skin or reduce the appearance of pores among the ingredients mentioned higher. Let us take a look at possible health risks associated with the use of Milk Makeup Blur Stick, as well as real customer's reviews available on third-party websites.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

The official website of the product does not mention any side effects of Milk Makeup Blur Stick; however, the application of this product to your skin can potentially cause undesired reactions for at list two reasons. First, the manufacturer does not indicate exact substances found in the product's formula. There is risk of harmful ingredients which can lead to negative effects. Second, the dosages of known ingredients are not provided by the manufacturer either. This is another concern associated with high change of such allergic reactions as skin redness, irritation, swelling, breakouts, burning, itching, rash and others. It is unknown whether the product can interact with any other cosmetic products, so it is recommended not to use anything else with half an hour of applying Milk Makeup Blur Stick.

There are not so many customer reviews about the product online. Few third-party websites contain customer feedback, but we managed to find some on Amazon. Most of them carry a negative character. The most common complaint is that the product does not work at all. Several users reported that they didn't get enough coverage for their skin. The product does not appear to be suitable for all skin types. There are a few reports of experiencing side effects and allergic reactions when using this product. Let us take a look at the available testimonials from people who have tried Milk Makeup Blur Stick.

"When I saw Milk Makeup Blur Stick on Sephora.com as a weekly special, I was so excited to get it. I had heard positive things about this product and I was curious about it. I wasn't ready to buy it at the original size price point and I was glad to get it as a free sample. This was until I used it and realized that this product did absolutely nothing for me! I used it several times and the results were the same. I still have large pores on my cheeks. This product did not minimize my pores nor did it blur anything. This product is not worth getting."

"When I received MilkMakeup Blur Stick I was really looking forward to trying it. I don't know what happened to the product but I it would not open. It is still closed. I guess I will have to hit it with a hammer but I will break it completely. I feel so disappointed."

"I am surprised that Milk MakeupBlur Stick has decent reviews. I have dry skin and use many high-quality face creams. This product does not blend well and leaves a weird film on the surface of my skin. The amount of the product is really miserable and is not worth the price it costs. I used it twice and it is almost gone. Waste of money!"

Where To Buy Milk Makeup Blur Stick?

Milk Makeup Blur Stick can be purchased from the official website of the company or from some retail stores. The cost may vary from store to store. For example, Amazon offers the product for $46.52 plus free shipping with Amazon Prime.

My Final Summary

Milk Makeup Blur Stick comes with a number of disadvantages. The product may not necessarily reduce the pores size permanently. Some users report that they have not seen any improvement in the state of their face, while a few of them even reported experiencing allergic reactions. The amount of the product is very small, so that the bottle will be enough for two or three uses only. The product itself is extremely expensive and is not worth the money it costs. Many customers confessed that the product does not work as they were expecting. Cheaper similar products work much better. The manufacturer of Milk Makeup Blur Stick does not disclose its ingredients on the official website, saying only that it is oil and silicon free. If you are interested in a stick, try another brand, for instance, the one from Catrice. Taking into account all pros and cons of Milk Makeup Blur Stick, I cannot recommend this product.