Mint Reviews - What Is It?

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Mint is a free finance service online that has many similarities with Quicken. This service can be accessed with any mobile device or browser. You don't have to install any local software. This simple personal financial program is web-based and has more than 15 million users. is free to sign up and is available for everyone. It will take you only a few seconds to add a new account. These can be personal or banking accounts, loans, credit cards, and investing brokerage accounts. seems to download your financial data without any problems. Your financial data gets updated automatically every time you go to their website. You can see your financial information in a web interface that is easy-to-use and has nice graphs. The service appears to be very functional and helpful for things like creating goals, budgeting, and gathering your financial accounts together. Mint's dashboard provides a quick summary of your personal finances.

The service can be used for bill payment, as well as for budgeting and tracking expenses. This is the main feature of Mint, in fact. Budgeting is very easy to setup: you will just need to download and sync your transactions that will get auto-categorized into predefined categories. Subcategories can also be created, but the top level ones cannot be modified. You can make changes to your transactions, as well as make adjustments from time to time. The service will remember repeating transactions. Its second function is creating and managing goals. It can be saving for a new home or paying off credit card debt. This function will help you to control your monthly budgeting.'s service can be also used for monitoring your credit scores. This free option makes keeping track of your finances extremely easy.

Customer Reviews - Does Mint Really Work?

You can see a great number of users' reviews about the Mint's service. Fortunately, the overall customer feedback appears to be quite positive. People like the ease with which they can use the site online. For example, if you want to view your payment history, credit score, age of credit accounts and much more you will just need to click on the "Show Details" button. You can also upgrade to a premium version. The whole service seems to be trying to meet the financial needs of large masses. It is strong with tracking expenses and budgeting; however, its investing area is very simple. The customers like the fact that Mint offers access to their financial data both through their mobile device or official website. They have mobile apps for iPad, Apple's iPhone, and Google's Android. For the goals of better security, they have also rolled out the Touch ID sensor for iOS that is able to read your fingerprint and unlocks your phone, so you can quickly access to the app.

Mint QuickView is a companion app that was released in 2012, but it is only available for Apple's OS X operating system. It also allows checking your personal finances. It can be easily installed from Apple's App Store, as well as syncs up with your account. This application will alert you of any changes to your finances through badge notifications. As you can see, Mint is able to keep an eye on your finances in a secure and reliable way. It is easy to sign up for alerts that will be sent directly to your smartphone or via email. You can get alerts for over budget on a category, late fees, bill reminders, large purchases, rate changes, etc. You will be able to find out whether you are on track for the month or over your budget, track and pay your bills, see your balances and automatically categorize them. In addition, this service gives you an opportunity to monitor and get your credit score for free.

Mint has no hidden fees but they make money by offering their clients different ways of saving money or making money with the help of different financial services in which the company gets a referral fee. Recently they have introduced ad banners in different parts of the website. In addition, you can sign up for premium access to your credit report. Besides, the company sells the aggregate financial data to different providers including the average credit card balance, consumer spending, how many retirement accounts an individual may have, etc. You should be aware of the fact that they do not share your individual information with anyone. Let's take a look at what their customers think about Mint.

"I started using mint six years ago and I simply fell in love with it. If I face any issue, I resolve it through email support. Fixing a problem usually takes no more than a day or two and I am happy with this tech support. The last issue I had was that one of my main accounts was unable to update, so I contacted and they helped me to solve this problem. Currently I am satisfied with the app."

"I can say for sure that mint is better than Personal Capital. Mint is the only budget cloud that allows me to change the transaction date, which is important for me. This is my favourite finance app and I have not had any issues for more than a year. I would certainly recommend this app to my friends."

"Mint is a great application! I like the way how it keeps track of my investments automatically and credit scores. Besides, it is completely free. I have never had any reminder or syncing problems unlike Quicken. Mint is always available on my iPhone. I mainly use it to keep track of expenses for my taxes, but I can do so much more on this application. No more expensive Quicken updates!"

My Final Summary

Mint is associated with a great number of advantages. This application provides weekly summaries via Email, so you can find out what has happened with your finances lately. It also alerts ways to save money on transaction fees and pending bills via Email or SMS. Mint informs you how exactly you are spending your money in a graphical format. Credit Score Tracking has also become available with this service. You can see and monitor your payment history, account usage, credit score, and errors. The app automatically syncs your financial data and always validates your use before logging in by cell phone SMS message or your email message.

With the integration of Mint Bills, the service can now inform you of upcoming bills and provides you the ability to make payments online. There are some drawbacks too but they are very insignificant. Some users lack investing features but this can be done with a number of other apps. Some people report having synchronization issues what may take a long time to get resolved. In general, Mint has a positive customer feedback with thousands of satisfied users. This service is great for creating and tracking your goals, budget and credit score. The alerts are a useful feature. We do recommend using Mint for its goal and credit score features as well as basic budgeting.

Mint Pricing and Rates

As it was already said, Mint service is completely free. They earn money on additional features mentioned higher in this review. You might signup and give it a try. Mint is the secure future of the financial industry.