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Miracle Bamboo Cushion Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Miracle Bamboo Cushion Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More!

It is a well-known fact that we spend most of our time sitting, whether at school, at work, relaxing at home, in the car, or watching TV. Very often we do not feel as comfortable as desired. Whether you are at the office, at home, or anywhere else, there is a product that promises to support your entire weight, as well as reduce stress on your spine and back. It is called Miracle Bamboo Cushion that provides high-density orthopedic foam that will cradle your body. As a result, you are expected to experience relief from discomfort, numbness, fatigue, soreness, and an achy tailbone. The cushion features a cut-away design that allows your butt to "float" above the seat, relieving the pressure caused by sitting.

According to the manufacturer, the excessive heat from the cushion will dissipate, helping you stay cool long. Miracle Bamboo Cushion features a shell made from rayon-bamboo fabric on the outside. The official website of the company claims that it is as strong as silk, as soft as cotton, and very durable. Its surface is antimicrobial and hypoallergenic, wicks away moisture, and is machine washable and removable. What I am concerned about is that the company behind this product is not reputable and cannot be trusted completely. Will the cushion really provide you with the promised relief? What is special about it? Is it worth the money it costs? Is there any less expensive equally effective solution on the market? Let's explore these questions further in this review.

Ingredients of Miracle Bamboo Cushion - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

Miracle Bamboo Cushion

According to the official website, which is not very informative, though, two basic parts to Miracle Bamboo Cushion include the outdoor bamboo cover and the inner orthopedic cushion. If you have shopped for mattresses, pillows, seating for your home, or anything that claims to improve your sleep or the process of sitting, you have probably encountered some information about memory foam. Without going into detail, let me remind you that it is a polyurethane material able to mold to the shape of your body pressed against it. Memory foam has some advantages, but the biggest downside about it is that it tends to trap heat. To decrease this effect, most manufacturers create a type of cooling gel that disperses heating.

We know very little about the orthopedic foam of Miracle Bamboo Cushion. It is known that it is high-density, but no one knows for sure whether it will make your bum sweat. The manufacturer does promise that the outer bamboo fiber shell will dissipate heat, but they do not explain in what way. Let us take a closer look at this material. We have learnt that Bamboo fabric is manufactured from the soft interior part of the trunk extracted through a steam process (or using enzymes), processed, crushed, and woven into fibers to create a yarn that can be further combined with any materials. Compared to other materials, bamboo viscose is as soft as cotton but at the same time it is more breathable. It also possesses natural antimicrobial properties, making it a proper option for allergy sufferers. However, there is nothing "revolutionary" about Miracle Bamboo Cushion's cover. The ability to sweat depends on an individual user of the cushion.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

Miracle Bamboo Cushion hasn't been tested and is associated with a small number of customer reviews online. However, during our research, we made us best to find at least some testimonials for you to be able to make the right buying decision. If you need more details, type "portable orthopedic cushion" into any search engine and you will see hundreds of different choices. They are not designed identically, but usually they provide the same features as the cushion we are discussing today. Miracle Bamboo Cushion has a lot of competition. If you drop by any big box retailer, you are sure to find a handful of other options. If you buy a local option, you could save on shipping charges. From a price perspective, portable seat cushions vary from $10 to $100+ in price. Miracle Bamboo Cushion costs about $20 plus additional charges and shipping.

If we take a look at actual customer reviews online, we will see that many people persuade potential buyers not to purchase this product. Thus, one customer reports that he bought Miracle Bamboo Cushion at Bed, Bath and Beyond about a week before. According to his words, he has never sat on anything as uncomfortable as this cushion. It feels like sitting on a sack of rocks. It is hard and uncomfortable. The box is made in such a way that you have to tear into it in order to take out the cushion. The customer thinks that this is a ploy to keep you from sending it back for a refund. The man tries to keep others from making the same poor purchase. One woman writes in her reviews that her husband purchased the cushion for her wheelchair. It hurts her tailbone and her back when she sits on it. Besides, it is so slippery that it constantly slides all over the wheelchair together with the user. The woman does not recommend this cushion to anyone, especially those who have pain in their back or butt. Let us take a look at the real customers' reviews left online.

"I was thinking that Miracle Bamboo Cushion would be a good investment since I sit all the time when working in my office. But it turned out that this is the worst $40 I have ever spent. It is better to get a pillow instead. Don't believe the advertisement, it is misleading. It sounds good, but you receive a different product. Save your money and use a traditional pillow better. Otherwise, you will be as disappointed as I am"

"I bought two MiracleBamboo Cushions from the official website at their advertised price of $19.95 each with $7.95 shipping and handling. I tried one of them immediately but wasn't as satisfied. Then I checked my credit card and found out that they charged me $30.00 shipping and handling instead of $7.95. In this way, I paid more than $72 for two cushions. It is too expensive for a product of this kind!"

"I purchased Miracle bamboo cushion in hope that it would decrease the stress on my butt, which often gets numb when I am sitting. The memory foam is too dense for me and it doesn't have the properties of other memory foam articles I have used. Even two cushions used at a time do not help me. The material now has a few holes in random areas. Very low quality"

Where To Buy Miracle Bamboo Cushion?

You can buy Miracle Bamboo Cushion from the company's official website or retail stores online. The product is available on just one size in gray, white, or blue colors. One item costs $20 plus $8 shipping. A second cushion can be bought during checkout for additional $8 shipping, according to the claim but very often they charge you for both items equally. You will find it on Amazon, GNC or Walmart.

My Final Summary

I would not recommend Miracle Bamboo Cushion to anyone since the product has a great number of disadvantages. Based on our research the company behind the item leads a deceptive policy. The product itself does not perform as claimed in the advertisement. It has low quality. Besides, the cushion is associated with a great number of negative reviews. Taking into account the fact that there are hundreds of other bamboo cushions on the market, I do recommend you looking for some other option.