Miracle Bamboo Pillow Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT USE Miracle Bamboo Pillow Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Miracle Bamboo Pillow

Miracle Bamboo Pillow is an "As Seen on TV" product that claims to have an outer layer manufactured from viscose fabric that derives from bamboo. Bamboo is a special material that is softer than cotton, stronger than silk and naturally provides hypoallergenic and antimicrobial properties, as well as heat dissipation. This sort of a pillow is said to combine three units into one: a supportive yet firm pillow when folded in half, a soft pillow that can be used while watching TV or reading and a medium support pillow for sleeping. The filling of the pillow is made from shredded memory foam that is claimed to be supportive and soft, while providing the necessary comfort when sleeping.

What makes the Miracle Bamboo Pillow different from others is that it promises to help you sleep better at night, thus, feel better during the day and live a better life. This is due to its ability to conform to your body shape and to support your comfort all night long. It is claimed to be suitable for all sleeping positions - on your side, back, or stomach. It will adjust to your body in any position for custom support. This is probably the reason why people who have bought the product call it the most comfortable pillow in the world. Although this product is said to be resistant to germs, odors, and dust mites, it is machine washable, according to the company. If you are looking for a good night's sleep, you should continue reading this review where we will compare the Miracle Bamboo Pillow to other brands and try to understand whether it is worth your attention.

Customer Reviews - Does Miracle Bamboo Pillow Really Work?

Can this pillow really help you get a better night's sleep, and is it worth your money? Let's try to answer these questions by considering the following information. Perhaps the most important thing you need to know about the Miracle Bamboo Pillow is that it is associated with mixed customer reviews that can be found on a number of different websites online. Most customers highly appreciate their purchases saying that the pillows have high quality, are comfortable to sleep on and to perform some kinds of activities (reading or watching TV). Some website, though, gave the product somewhat lower customer satisfaction ratings. Thus, there are complaints of the product's not performing well. Some customers are not quite pleased with the pillow's quality. Tastes differ, so do buyers' opinions. Before ordering the Miracle Bamboo Pillow you are recommended to check as many customer reviews online as possible.

Although the product's URL was first registered in March 2014, at first the pillow did not have any online customer reviews. Later, it became more popular and received the first testimonials from customers. Before we proceed, it should be mentioned that the Bamboo Pillow is made by the Ontel Products Corporation located out of Fairfield, NJ. This company holds a C rating with BBB, but it offers a number of other products too. Some people are satisfied with the customer service and the website, while others found it difficult to locate orders and process refunds. The majority of customers are pleased with the shipping times, but some people mentioned that they were waiting for their orders for too long. Most users loved the quality of the Miracle Bamboo Pillow, while others found it to be poor.

There are a few reports that the manufacturer of the product shares personal information of their customers with third parties. Actually, if you take a look at the company's Privacy Policy, you will see that they can use the consumers' information to contact them for marketing purposes, as well as they can share it with other organizations for marketing purposes. It means that you may sometimes get phone calls or emails from other companies. Nevertheless, many people claim that this is the best pillow they have ever had. Thus, one customer reports that he has tried many different pillows throughout years but every time he used to turn and toss all through the nights. He also used to wake up with a pain in his back and neck. Finally he has found relief with his new Bamboo Pillow. Let's read some other customer reviews to check whether this miracle pillow really works.

"I have lately suffered from waking up in the middle of the night due to my head and neck soaked in sweat despite I sleep in front of a fan! With the Miracle Bamboo Pillow the situation has changed. This pillow is not too hot, it is comfortable and supportive. I have not woken up in sweat for the past month and I feel happy. I saw this pillow on the internet by accident and I decided to give it a try. It turned out to be a wonderful pillow. I do not have sweaty nights any more. If you have difficulty sleeping, try this pillow you will not regret."

"I purchased my MiracleBamboo Pillow at a fair price a few years ago. I was disappointed at first thinking that it would be too hard to sleep on, but as soon as I laid my head onto it I understood that did not fail in my choice. For the first time within a month I had a great night's sleep on this pillow. It was not hard at all, but it was supportive enough for my head not to sink too deep. I am a side sleeper and this pillow gives me a perfect night's sleep. I am amazed with this pillow and I do recommend it to others."

"I bought my new Miracle Bamboo pillow because I have had pain in my neck, shoulders and hips. I was sure the reason was that I slept on my side, but I had a bad pillow and mattress. So, I bought this pillow of a standard size from Harmons. The first time o slept on it, the next day I woke without any shoulder or neck pain. This pillow is very supportive and comfortable. My 7-year old daughter fell in love with my new pillow, so I ordered one for her too. You should buy this product!"

My Final Summary

Considering all that has been said about the Miracle Bamboo Pillow higher, it can be concluded that this product is just amazing! It has a relatively high price but it is definitely worth the money it costs. There is a number of positive customer reviews online, which means that people are satisfied with the product. Sometimes the official website offers great discounts on their product. Thus, you may even buy two pillows for only $50.

The customers claim that their purchases usually arrive without any delays. The pillow itself is firm and supportive enough as to provide you with good night's sleep. You are not going to feel like your head is sinking into the pillow. The Miracle Bamboo Pillow is claimed to be comfortable and cooling. So, if you don't like your current pillow, you toss and turn all night long, try this pillow. I would undoubtedly recommend the Miracle Bamboo Pillow to both adults and children!

Where To Buy Miracle Bamboo Pillow In Stores?

This luxury class pillow can be ordered on the official website of the company or from some of the most reputable retail stores online. There are two models of the product that vary in price slightly. Queen costs $69.95, while King can be bought for $79.95. You will also need to pay for the shipping $14.95 regardless of which model you choose. You will also get an opportunity to receive a second pillow in the same model for free. Before placing an order, take into account the fact that the company does not provide refund policy on their official website. For more detail contact the customer service by calling at (844) 270-8414. You may also receive answers to your questions. All pillow purchases come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.