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Mississippi Power

Mississippi Power is a company that was founded on December 31, 1924, and today serves over 186,000 customers across the Pine Belt, the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and Meridian. Their mission is to provide world-class services to their customers and communities on a daily manner. They claim to be generating and delivering high-quality energy at affordable prices. They consider a wide variety of energy sources to provide as much energy as the customers require. Their energy resource plan is approved by the Mississippi Public Service Commission. To provide electricity for many future generations they use the technology of gasification and combine it with lignite, a special Mississippi resource. They have cooperated with area partners to development three solar farms across south Mississippi. This makes Mississippi Power the biggest provider of solar energy in the state. If you have any questions or problems you can call their 24/7 customer service department at 1-800-532-1502. If your power is out, report about this online at http://mspwr.co/outage. To learn energy savings tips, news, and more useful information, go to their official website mississippipower.com.

Before we move further let us take a look at several pages from the history of Mississippi Power. Initially, they offered limited electric service to only 5,500 customers and only in 1929 the company extended from Tennessee to the Coast serving 40,000 customers. At that period of time, electricity was transmitted to Mississippi from hydroelectric facilities in Alabama. For several years since 1945 the company had difficulties associated with the Depression, manpower shortages and material restrictions during World War II. In 1951 the second generating plant near Meridian started producing electricity. It was named for Lonnie P. Sweatt, the company's second president. The establishment of Mississippi Public Service Commission took place in 1956. Next year, Plant Watson started its operation. It was named for the company's third president, Jack Watson. In August 2014 Plant Ratcliffe started producing electricity from natural gas. In 2017 the company became the state's biggest partner in renewable energy. According to the site of the company, their employee volunteers donate their money, time and energy to maintain the communities they serve. The company has long experience in protecting wildlife and natural resource of the Mississippi region. They put safety first and pay special attention to training of municipal and non-profit groups. The company's phone number is (228) 864-1211. Their headquarters is based at 2292 Beach Dr; Gulfport, MS 39507. You can follow them on such social media as LinkedIn (http://mspwr.co/linkedin), Twitter (http://mspwr.co/twitter), Facebook (http://mspwr.co/facebook), YouTube (http://mspwr.co/youtube), and Google+ (http://mspwr.co/googleplus).

Customer Reviews - Does Mississippi Power Really Work?

According to the official website of Mississippi Power, they want you to be able to control energy consumption in your own home. Based on the customer feedback online, they can really find all the necessary information to use energy at home. It also allows to fully understand your energy bill and find links in order to save energy in your house. There is also much information about other products and services of the company. These products and services can help you to make your home more energy efficient. You can view payment and billing options in your personal account. There are great savings solutions for every customer. Mississippi Power representatives work in such a way as to make paying your bill as easy as possible. The company also intends to help you ensure that your business works efficiently by providing services and programs such as commercial solar energy options and Uninterruptable Power program.

It is easy to manage your account that also gives you access to everything you need in order to understand and pay your bill. Your personal account will help you to find out more about special products for business owners and developers, as well as about how to keep costs low. You will be able to review the latest pricing information too. The company's staff will help you to install energy efficient products. They provide experience and high customer satisfaction from the constantly-operating economic development department in Mississippi. Their team knows the people and the region as they work with other companies in their website selection process. You can access metered data on changing schedules using the company's EnergyDirect program. The management tool is easy-to-use and it can help you to identify ways to improve your business' operation as well as to save money and energy. The Storm Center will help to restore your electric service and your quality of life after a storm. You will be able to stay connected before, during and after a natural disaster, access their convenient outage tools using your mobile device no matter where you are located. Their restoration team will do everything to make your outage as short as possible.

Environmental Stewardship is also very beneficial. The Mississippi state is home to a wide selection of natural resources and wildlife. What customers of Mississippi Power its fostering partnerships to protecting wildlife and ecosystems, restoring habitats, and educating people of all ages on the importance of protecting natural resources. Their employees provide leadership at all steps of environmental issues in their communities throughout Southeast Mississippi. They work by enhancing habits for endangered and threatened species, removing trash from rivers, and preserving the scenic acreage for future generations. The company also works hard to reduce emissions and to renew the rivers in the state, which is actually one of the national award-winning programs. It began in 2005 and since then, community and employee partners have removed about 400 tons of debris from twenty waterways. The company's reps also deal with educating people of all ages about no-npoint source pollution. It concerns trash that indirectly gets into the water. This unpleasant phenomenon can be actually prevented. Let us take a look at what actual customers of Mississippi Power are writing about their experience of dealing with the company online.

"There was an issue with one power line in our area. It was damaged and we lost the power, so I called the toll free number of Mississippi Power to let them know about the situation and to ask for help. At first I was on hold for thirty minutes and then the representative of the company answered my call. She listened to my explanation carefully and then asked me to wait, as they needed some time to fix the issue. In less than sixty minutes we got the power again. Thank you for help. They have nice customer service."

"I am satisfied with the operation of Mississippi Power. I wanted to pay my bill online but I had certain difficulties - the website did not recognize my account number. So, I called the customer service department and the representative was very kind to listen to me. I told her what the issue was, as she gave me instructions on what to do. I followed them and it worked. It turned out to be very easy. I successfully paid my bill. I liked the positive rep's attitude to me. I am pleased with my experience of dealing with this power company."

"Mississippi Power is an honest power company! People working at this company are always polite and ready to help me whenever I have any issues. Their energy is not cheap but it is worth the money it costs. Besides, there are many advantages I can enjoy when using this company. I am not going to change an electric company in the area where we live. I recommend Mississippi Power to everyone."

My Final Summary

Mississippi Power is an electric company that was founded on January 1, 1925, so it has huge experience in the sphere of providing power. At present, the company serves more than 188,000 customers across the Pine Belt, the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and Meridian. They intend to deliver high-rate value to their clients and communities. Mississippi Power allows you to decide which rate is more suitable for your business. If you have any questions you can always contact the company for more details. Call them at 800-528-5196 to talk about your service requirements too. They have a long track record of working with commercial and industrial customers to understand their requirements, so they will help you to determine the right rate for your company. Those having small businesses can get a two-year discount of 15% on base rates if they are locating in a building that has been vacant for 6 months and if they create at least two full-time jobs. Large businesses need to create over 20 full-time jobs and maintain at least 70% monthly load factor to get a monthly discount of $3.50 times the monthly peak kVA. Those who enter a 5-year electric service contract will get a discount period of 36 months. People who enter an 8-year electric service contract will enjoy 60 months of discount period. With all these advantages and disadvantages, Mississippi Power can be recommended.

Mississippi Power Pricing and Rates

The official address of the Mississippi Power office is 2992 West Beach; Gulfport, MS 39501. Median Household Income is $37,243 (National $55,322). Median Rent is $841 (National $949). Median Home Value is $118,300 (National $184,700). The company has a track record of working with commercial and industrial customers to realize their load requirements. They help to define the right rate for any company. Small businesses located in a building that has been vacant for at 1/2 year are offered a two-year discount of 15% on base rates. To get this discount a small business needs to create at least two full-time jobs. Large businesses with more than twenty full-time jobs and a 70% monthly load factor are offered a discount of $3.50 times the monthly peak kVA each month. Those who enter a 5-year electric service contract will get a discount period of 36 months, while customers who enter an 8-year electric service contract, will receive the discount period of 60 months. Mississippi allows for a sales tax privilege on energy used in the process of manufacturing some goods. Energy costs in this state tend to be lower than the national average. Depending on your location, your company may enjoy reduced costs of energy.