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Modsy is a virtual service specially created for people who want to change their home design in a professional way but without the need to invite a professional designer to their home. The service was launched in 2016 by Google alum Shanna Tellerman. The official website of the company claims that they provide something between hiring an interior designer and decorating a room yourself. The program utilizes a 3D visualization technology taking into account your style preferences. It offers style ideas and shows you specific furniture fits in your space. As a onetime purchase you'll get two stylistic renditions of your room and numerous opportunities that will help you to personalize the design on your own.

How does Modsy work? Well, the program simply uses photos of your home you have previous downloaded. You will also need to share your style preferences. Then the service renders a 3D design that matches your desires and wishes. This allows you to visualize your room with furniture from famous brands, so that you will be able to see how they would fit within your specific space. You can request that the design includes pieces of furniture you have already for an additional cost. You can also change the walls or floors to match your desired renovation plans. Unfortunately, the company behind the service is not very popular or reputable, which means that it cannot be trusted to the fullest. We have done our deep research on how Modsy works and this is what we have learnt.

Customer Reviews - Does Modsy Really Work?

To start the process for a 3D rendering, you will have to inform Modsy about your project through the site. Specify the room you are renovating and the changes you want to have. Room options include bedrooms, living rooms, office spaces, dining rooms, bedrooms, and entryways. The program does not support physical changes to bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens, and outdoor areas. You will need to send the photos of your space to the service for the company to have an idea of how your room looks like. Send them at least eight photographs clearly showing every feature in the area from ceiling to floor. These photos will be used to render possible models of your room, so you are encouraged to provide as many details as possible about the way you want to use the space. For instance, the site states that it is wise to note whether you want to have a TV in your living room or not. There is no need to empty the room before taking photos, so long as the pictures showcase important details like the windows, floors, and fixtures. Modsy offers using the panorama feature on your camera and using natural light. After you submit your room's photographs, the service team will review them within 24 hours. After that you will get an email about whether your pictures are approved or not.

After your photos are uploaded, the site will ask you to take a style quiz that will allow the designers to learn your style preferences. The quiz requires you to choose the room designs you like from about a dozen, and designate if you love specific furnishings within these designs. At the end, Modsy will label your style preferences. For example, it may be called "vintage farmhouse." If you don't like it, you will be suggested to take the quiz a few more times or sending them your concerns. It is up to you to define a budget for your project, which will give the designers an insight into furniture options that will be the most suitable for you. Over the next several weeks, the team of Modsy designers will create two custom 3D renderings for your room with furniture that corresponds your specifications and your style quiz results. The number of revision requests you can make is based on the package you buy, but you will have unlimited access to the software for you to be able to make changes once you get it.

There is a very limited number of customer reviews about Modsy online. We have encountered some positive and negative opinions about the company and their service. For example, one woman named Mackenzie Schmidt highlighted in her review on how easy the company was to work with. The furniture was shown to scale, and it was convenient to have everything done. But some people were not as pleased with the service saying that they had some difficulties with navigating the website, downloading photographs and receiving the desired results. It may not be easy to commit to purchases. The process of buying furniture may be stressful. A few reviewers reported that it was hard for them to shift the screen for various perspectives, as well as adding additional features like a brick fireplace or wooden floors to the existing space. While most clients appreciated that their designs were saved online on Modsy website, some people reported that their designs were lost for no reason. Many customers noted that the company had a limited selection of furniture offerings. Modsy claims to be working with select brands only. Since the majority of the retail stores are situated in the United States, this can a drawback for those outside the country. Let us take a look at what actual clients of the service are saying about it.

"Modsy website is not as simple to use as you may think. Personally I had many issues with it before I succeeded. You have to do everything on your own; they only summarize your data and provide you with the results. And they take a lot of money for this! I was disappointed that the company had a limited collection of pieces of furniture."

"Please, do yourself a favor and pass on Modsy. This service is not worth paying such money. I was not pleased with the results they provided. It is better to use you own imagination while creating a design of your room. Their customer service representatives seem to be completely incompetent. Making your life easier and avoid doing business with this company."

"Modsy service says that and that they make purchasing all the furniture much easier. But for me it was the main downside. I had a chance to visualize what they have chosen for my room and I did not like many of the offered choices and changes. They did not seem to follow my preferences in many aspects. I do not recommend their 3D rendering of the room."

My Final Summary

Even though we haven't tried the Modsy service ourselves, our research shows that their service may not provide you with proper interior design options, even if you inform them your preferences in detail. This is the major complaint from many customers of the company. If you want to make significant changes to your room's decor you are recommended to invest into a professional designer. The Modsy program is limited in the rooms it allows you redesign (bathrooms and kitchens aren't options). The service also provides limited decor ideas. Many customers report that the company's team do not often meet their specified style preferences. Compared to other virtual interior design services, Modsy is more expensive. To get access to the program you will have to pay $59. Since it gives a limited number of design options and guidelines I cannot recommend Modsy.

Modsy Fees and Rates

At present, Modsy offers three packages. Modsy Essential costs $59 for a room. Modsy Plus is priced at $79 for a room. And Modsy Premium can be ordered for $169 for a room. The latter includes a pre-design consultation, designs delivery in 4-7 days, and live style sessions to adjust them. The company will provide you with a plan, and if you aren't satisfied you can request a refund by contacting the company at