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Monday Project Management

Monday is the name of a product that was earlier known as dapulse, one of the collaboration and communication apps for teams leading on the market. It syncs information in a single hub that is fast and easy to access, and empowers team members and agents to make vital decisions together. Due to its compactness, Monday Project Management is the leading solution in the category of project management software, and winner of Expert's Choice, Supreme Software, and Great User Experience Award. Monday's major field of action is helping departments and teams to perform in the best way and streamlining contribution. Another positive thing about is that it gathers and displays progress data in a clear manner, enabling all team members to keep track of common operations and projects. Monday Project Management makes sure they will have the incentives to contribute to assignments and tasks, even if those are not directly linked to their function in the company.

Being an end user of this platform, you will enjoy a well-organized interface, that reminds of our profiles on beloved social networks, and major methods of interaction. Even if you haven't used a similar app before, Monday Project Management does not require preparation or training. The company still offers a great number of training materials for new users. These can be found on their official website or YouTube channel. One of the most distinctive advantage of Monday's compared to other systems of the kind is the advanced scheduling capability, which helps companies to get rid of too much paperwork. This capability makes sure that there are no manual entry errors, making the brand more reliable and trustworthy in the eyes of potential buyers. Satisfied users are pleased with timely delivery, responsiveness and high speed of the system, and the unique combination of activity and project management with collaboration characteristics. Team members can gather together on a single board to discuss any urgent topics.

Customer Reviews - Does Monday Project Management Really Work?

Monday Project Management is associated with a great number of benefits and unique capabilities that can improve the performance of any business. These highlights make it a preferable option compared to similar platforms. It is considered to be the most transparent PM and collaboration system, whose development team has gathered many vital features in an easy and compact package. From your first meeting with Monday's shared and private boards, you will understand that it is the best choice for your business.

According to many customer reviews, can really enhance the productivity of your business. It is notable for its easy access and the option of constant monitoring. It uses a unique Board concept, which ensures that it provides deep insights on your tasks or projects, or even the whole company's performance. The main Board lists all tasks and projects together, connects them to the responsible team members. An interested party can be project beneficiaries or external partners that don't possess a account, but will be invited to follow with certain notifications. They can have definite competences based on their role, including the chance to dismiss or approve a project without being permanent system's users. Monday Project Management allows to monitor the performance of individuals and teams, and saves enough time to managers be able to do more important operations.

Monday is very sensitive to customization, and allows the user to configure almost all options until they get a brand platform. They categorize projects and tasks in custom sections, and abide to your rules and policies. No matter how many changes you have implemented, the company will follow all changes, including re-positioned agents, modified statuses and dates, or fully dismissed actions. Monday Project Management is devoted to easy collaboration. Collaborators can trigger discussions, ask questions, add comments on any updates, and take part in forum sessions. To simplify exchange of information, allows to follow a live Facebook/Twitter activity feed, upload different files and leave notes. The company is always there for you, so that you will feel a part of a large family. Agents constantly offer innovations, share issues and boards, and make sure you are optimizing the opportunities of their system.

Monday Project Management is excellent for analytics and reporting, since is able to gather and keep projects and tasks well-organized in a historical spreadsheet, so that you can find them easily whenever you need them. The figures of the history record are organized, clear, and translate instantly to operable metrics. The service is smartly integrated. In fact, has become part of an established software ecosystem. It is connected to Zapier, Dropbox, Google Drive, and other management and sharing tools. It comes with open API architecture that allows developers to create their own integrations. can solve many of your problems. It helps to keep everything on the same page. If it is a large organization, all departments can highlight their most vital projects and goals for the coming quarter. Anyone working in the company can go there to check how other departments are doing their job. If something is stuck the manager can contact the person responsible for that matter really quickly. This reduces the need to ask someone for a meeting. If it is a small company, the service helps to create a board in which the workers can choose whom they want to share it with. Other workers in the company will not be able to see the board. It is high time to take a look at the real customers' reviews about Monday Project Management available online.

"Monday Project Management is very helpful! We are happy that we stopped our choice on it. In fact, my team and I were in between ClickUp and Monday. Custom statuses are what helped us to make the final decision. We are thankful for the great platform!"

"Monday Project Management is perfect for managing different kinds of projects and tasks. It is also suitable for group activities and for managing team members. I do recommend this solution for teamwork. Go for it and you won't regret."

"Monday Project Management is a perfect solution for our large company. It is flexible tool for keeping track of everyone's progress and streamlining projects. The platform is easy to use and offers a lotof beneficial features."

My Final Summary

Summing up everything we have learnt about Monday Project Management, it has a number of important features. It is a great collaboration tool for many employees that offers a visual display of progress. It provides easy collaboration and communication. The app has a big screen display. You are expected to receive email notifications and email updates regularly. The platform integrates with Google Drive, Dropbox, and Pipedrive. The knowledge base completely searchable, auto generated, and is full of documentation. New employees can be easily added to the platform. There are both personal and public boards. You can leave live comments, copy and paste from Adobe. The program has a highly customizable interface. You can work with people who are not located in the office. You can create a board with the Columns at different stages of the project. Taking into account all advantages and disadvantages of Monday Project Management, I do recommend this service to usage.

Monday Project Management Pricing and Rates

Monday provides a free trial, and 4 SMB and enterprise pricing plans for you to choose from. Take a look at the details and select the most suitable plan for your business. Basic plan costs $25 per month and needs to be billed annually. It offers 5 GB of storage, filter by person, simple search function, iOS and Android apps, two-factor authentication, ability to add unlimited boards and 24/7 support. Standard plan costs $39 per month (billed annually). It includes everything found in Basic plus more powerful search, 50 GB of storage, ability filter by anything, add updates via email, create your own account templates, share boards with guests, external integrations. It allows limited number of guests and full API. Pro plan is priced at $59 per month. It offers everything found in Standard, plus private boards, unlimited storage and guests, tags, google authentication, detailed activity stats, and user profile customization. Enterprise plan costs $118 per month (billed annually). It contains everything found in Pro, plus VIP support with account manager, Higher API rate limit, one-on-one training, advanced security features, two-factor authentication, Audit log and Single Sign On.